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Edvard Munch: Symbolism in Print Princeton University Art Museum McCormick Hall, Princeton, NJ Through June 8 Edvard Munch is best known for his 1893 painting The Scream. Like the majority [...] Read »
Get Lectured: University of Hawaii at Manoa, Spring '14
Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2014 Archinect's Get Lectured is up and running again for the Winter/Spring '14 term! As a refresher from our Fall 2013 guide , [...] Read »
Guggenheim Spoof Site Targets Abu Dhabi Controversy
A spoof Guggenheim website,, went live this morning with a satirical Sustainable Design Competition for the global museums embattled Abu Dhabi branch. The website, a slightly [...] Read »
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If you've never heard of a keyhole garden before, you might find the concept rather fascinating. Rather than planting in rows (or even in long, rectangular raised beds), which require a great [...] Read »
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Wind Power Costs are Almost Exactly the Same Natural Gas, New Study Shows
The electricity costs of wind energy and natural gas are virtually identical when the price of carbon emissions is included, according to a new study on the federal tax credit for wind power. [...] Read »
Rizzoli Bookstore to Likely Lose Their Manhattan Home
New York City will soon lose another one of its bookstores—at least temporarily. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has denied landmark status for 31 West 57th Street, the century old building [...] Read »
Skyscraper Expert Gordon Gill Talks High-Performance Facades
Architect Gordon Gill has one simple rule for facade design: seek performance first, and beauty will follow. Gill, who will give the opening keynote address at next month’s facades+PERFORMANCE [...] Read »
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Located amidst the subalpine forests of Davos, the InterContinental Davos Hotel is an oval-shaped building wrapped in an envelope that reflects the magnificent natural surroundings. Inspired [...] Read »
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Israel Debuts the World’s First Self-Cleaning Solar Farm
One of the challenges with solar power is keeping the panels clean, since dust and dirt drastically reduce the efficiency of photovoltaics. That’s particularly challenging for large solar [...] Read »
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The artist designs otherworldly structures and carefully inserts them into existing landscapes through photographic manipulation. These physical sites are found on Dauphin Island, located in [...] Read »
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2LB House \ Raphael Nussbaumer Architectes
The plot is located at the edge of a rural village, in a suburb of Geneva, quite close to the city center. A family with two children who loves Brazilian architecture wanted to build there a [...] Read »
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Due to Imai's narrow footprint, Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates' carefully controlled and directed the use of natural light. Smaller single-occupancy rooms such as bedrooms receive less sunlight [...] Read »
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Foster + Partners Selected to Design First and Mission Towers in San Francisco
Foster + Partners were just selected to design the two million square foot mixed-use First and Mission Towers in San Francisco. The development will be a joint venture of the architecture firm [...] Read »
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Arizona and Ohio Legalize Tesla’s Direct-to-Consumer Sales Model
The battle between Tesla and state car dealership associations continues to rage on, however the tide may be slowly turning in favor of the electric automaker. After New Jersey passed legislation [...] Read »
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The Bungalow Triptych's three volumes face east, west, and south to capture sunlight from morning to night. The architects arranged the layout and function of the interior to sync with the sun's [...] Read »
Beyond Superhighways and Supertalls: Jan Gehl's The Human Scale, at the Siskel Saturday and Wednesday
Saturday is filling up.  Yesterday, we reminded you of tomorrow's 11:00 a.m. open-to-public ceremony for the 2014 Richard H. Driehaus Award to Italian architect Pier Carlo Bontempi.  Now we've [...] Read »
My Visit to the House of Herrera
When I walking to Bergdorf Goodman in a snowstorm in 2004 to have Mrs. Herrera sign a copy of her book Carolina Herrera for me, never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine I would be giving [...] Read »
#Amtrak Appeals to #Millenials in New #Video Touting Glamour of Train Travel
Amtrak is out with a new promotional video, and it’s targeted right at millennials. As UrbanCincy reported, “On the heels of kicking off their new Writers Residency program, where writers [...] Read »
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Officials Scan Hundreds of Homes After Radioactive Material Discovered on San Francisco’s Treasure Island
An object containing radium was recently found underneath a house on San Francisco's Treasure Island - and now the U.S. Navy is preparing to test hundreds of homes on the island for radiation. [...] Read »
Mies Worship
Today would be Mies van der Rohe's 128th birthday . This year Google did not opt to "celebrate" it with a doodle, but they did so two years ago :I probably wouldn't have taken notice of this [...] Read »
As New York’s Bikeshare System’s Challenges Mount, Citi Bike’s General Manager Resigns
Citi Bike’s week of bad news just got worse. After reports that the program was short tens of millions of dollars, and plagued with technical  and maintenance problems, Citi Bikes general [...] Read »
With Great Height Comes Greater Challenges: Questions Linger as Construction Begins on Massive Kingdom Tower
A kilometer is less than a mile but still more than a Burj Khalifa. This truism means that Kingdom Tower is still set to be the worlds tallest building now that construction has begun in the [...] Read »
On View> “On the Thresholds of Space-Making” at Washington University in St. Louis
On the Thresholds of Space-Making Sam Fox School, Washington University One Brookings Drive St. Louis, Missouri Through April 20 The work of Shinohara Kazuo (1925–2006), one of Japan’s most [...] Read »
A Plan to Build Skyscrapers That Barely Touch the Ground
Caissons are a technology borrowed from bridge building, and they are what makes this project possible. The engineers will drill them anywhere from 40 to 80 feet into the Manhattan schist (the [...] Read »
Rem Koolhaas's G-Star Raw HQ is like 'two brands having unprotected sex'
We've never been this vulgar, says the practice's founding partner Rem Koolhaas, sitting in the building's boardroom, flanked either side by neat men in military denim jackets, like officers [...] Read »
U.S. Capitol building to receive much-needed facelift
[...] Read »
U.S. Architecture Firm Prospers In China Through Focus, Fit
[...] Read »
Get Lectured: University of Oregon, Spring '14
Archinect's Architecture School Lecture Guide for Winter/Spring 2014 Archinect's Get Lectured is up and running again for the Winter/Spring '14 term! As a refresher from our Fall 2013 guide , [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Wohnhaus in Weinheim / Architekten Wannenmacher+ Möller GmbH
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Zaha Hadid Designs “City of Dreams” Hotel Tower in Macau
Zaha Hadid Architects& has designed a 40-story luxury hotel for Macau’s premier leisure and entertainment destination known as “City of Dreams.” Perceived as a single “sculptural element” [...] Read »
National Design Centre / SCDA Architects
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ACADIA 2014 Call for Submissions
Submissions are invited for the  2014 ACADIA 'DESIGN AGENCY'  conference at  University of Southern California , Los Angeles, California on October 20-25, 2014. Architects, designers, fabricators, [...] Read »
Light Matters: Sacred Spaces
The use of light can lead to very diverse feelings: a ray of sunlight calls attention; glare overpowers; the nocturnal sky fascinates, while a dense dark forest arouses fear. Religions have made [...] Read »
Piano House / NI&Co. Architects
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Katsutoshi Sasaki's Imai house is just three metres wide
Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates built this unusually skinny house on a three-metre-wide site in a residential district of Aichi Prefecture, Japan (+ slideshow). (more...) Read »
Ban vs. Schumacher: Should Architects Assume Social Responsibility?
Last week, Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid’s right-hand man, attempted to mandate the boundaries of Architecture in a social media post worthy of a Millennial. The tone was prescriptive and [...] Read »
Pakkred Office / Geodesic Design Co
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Cnest / CUBO Design Architect
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Blee Halligan's Triptych house extension catches sunlight from three directions
The three pitched roofs of this bungalow  extension in Manchester were designed by Blee Halligan Architects to capture sunlight at different times of the day and frame views of trees in the [...] Read »
U8 International Competition: The Unknown Porto
Revista Unidade recently announced their international competition The Unknown Porto. The main goal is to convert an industrial ruin into a service station, serving the national road of Portugal. [...] Read »
Silo-top Studio / O-OFFICE Architects
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Hanegi G – House / Makoto Yamaguchi Design
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Juxing Tower Showroom / People’s Architecture Office
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Empire Damansara / Ong & Ong
[...] Read »
Foster to Design “First and Mission” Towers in San Francisco
Foster + Partners , with Heller Manus Architects& , has been commissioned to design a two tower, two million square foot mixed-use development in San Francisco. The expansive “First and Mission” [...] Read »
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Movie: Tadao Ando's art and design school for University of Monterrey
This movie by Mexican film agency Nation tours the school of art, design and architecture that Japanese architect Tadao Ando completed last year at the University of Monterrey in Mexico . (more...) Read »
Henry W Bloch Executive Hall at University / BNIM  + Moore Ruble Yudell
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"We need more museums that let us relax into knowledge"
Opinion:   a 1960s institution in Mexico that gives visitors space and time to wander is a stark contrast to the commodified museum experience that has become the norm, says Alexandra Lange . (more...) Read »
Centre Pompidou-Metz / Shigeru Ban Architects
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Construction Slated to Begin on 1km Kingdom Tower
Work on Kingdom Tower is moving forward, as above-ground construction is slated to begin April 27. Rising over 1000 meters (3,280 feet), the $1.2 billion skyscraper is expected to be the world’s [...] Read »
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Melting Permafrost is Transforming the Landscape and Way of Life in Alaska
At one point, permanently-frozen ground, or permafrost, covered nearly 1/4 of the land on Earth -- but that’s changing as global warming is melting the ice and changing the landscape in [...] Read »
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Durable Solidwool Chair is Made from Upland Herdwick Sheep’s Wool
Designer Justin Floyd has cooked up a durable new furniture material made from wool - right in his own oven. Called “Solidwool,” the hard yet warm material can be used to build chairs, [...] Read »
MOCOVOTE: Ludovica USB-powered Light by Zanocchi & Starke
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Chef’s New App Would Allow Customers to Smell Their Food Before Ordering
Michelin-starred chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is working on an innovative app that would allow customers to smell their food before ordering. Using an attachment called Scentee, food lovers will be [...] Read »
Edison's Nightmare Lamp by Harry Thaler for Davide Groppi
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Romain Trystram