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A well written article on the value of recognizing collaboration in Architecture, and a constructive look into how we actually work in this day and age: ws/articles.asp?id=7038 Read »
C3 Conference 2014
Construction communication and collaboration are the focus of the biggest design & construction forum on the 2014 calendar for the Willamette Valley Chapter of the Construction Specifications [...] Read »
Analyzing the tensions of transnational negotiations through kinetic cartography
Negotiated edges  one world, different systems is a kinetic cartography "world machine" currently featured at the 2013-14 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Hong Kong. Created by multidisciplinary [...] Read »
Winners of the d3 Unbuilt Visions 2013 Competition
d3 announced four Grand Prize winners and 11 Special Mentions in the 2013 Unbuilt Visions competition. The program recognizes excellence in unbuilt projects to promote critical debate about architecture [...] Read »
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Google X Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Monitors Body Health
Google already makes an electronic monocle called Glass that allows people to take photos by winking —and now it seems the tech company wants to get right on users’ eyeballs with a [...] Read »
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Oscar Viñals’ Sky Whale is a Three-Story Gargantuan “Green” Aircraft
"Sky Whale" is a concept aircraft created by Spanish designer Oscar Viñals that uses technological innovation to make air travel more efficient and ultimately, eco-friendly. A key aspect [...] Read »
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Rare Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House to be Moved and Restored by Crystal Bridges Museum
The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art just acquired a rare Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House, and the institution plans to transport it from the Borough of Millstone in New York to Crystal [...] Read »
The New Face of the Olympic Games
More Nine Inch Nails than Mount Rushmore, the upcoming Sochi Olympics will feature a new giant pinscreen that renders impressions of the faces of visitors to the Games. The pavilion for Russian [...] Read »
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Tom Raffield’s Beautiful Flux Pendant Lights are Made From Sustainably Sourced Oak
Award-winning lighting designer Tom Raffield's new Flux Light was inspired by the flow of the tides and the form of the waves. A central cylinder at the top of the light conceals the bulb, whilst [...] Read »
Hirst-on-Sea: English Artist Looks To Build a Country Town
While architects are often accused of wanting to be artists (albeit ones with wealthy clients) artists are also sometimes guilty of wanting to be architects. There are, of course, artists whose [...] Read »
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The Taburetul Modular Stool Shape-shifts Into Numerous Forms
Reuse is the principle behind this shapeshifting stool composed of 88 wooden modules made from the battens of a recycled fence. The modules are connected with threaded rods, nuts, and washers, [...] Read »
HOK to Restore London’s Palace of Westminister
The renewal project of one of Britains most monumental buildings, and home to its two houses of parliament, has been entrusted to the team at HOK. The restoration of the Palace of Westminster [...] Read »
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Butchers & Bicycles Redefines Urban Mobility with Mk1 Tilt-Action Cargo Trike
If you love the functionality of a cargo bike but prefer the fluid steering of an upright bicycle, you'll love Butchers & Bicycles' Mk1, a belted tilt-action cargo trike that combines the best [...] Read »
Peabody housing competition shortlist shares future ideas of affordable housing
With the help of young UK architects, London housing association Peabody is already looking to the future of social housing with their "Small Projects Panel" competition launched this past November. [...] Read »
The Architect's Questionnaire: Nancy Merryman
Nancy Merryman (photo courtesy of the architect) BY LUKE AREHART Our latest talk with local architects about their inspirations, career and favorites leads us to a founding principal of Merryman [...] Read »
Plans reworked for new Kent State architecture college
Architects, developers, consultants and university officials shared updates on the building's design at a public presentation Thursday at Cartwright Hall where planners announced the building [...] Read »
Holey moley! Architecture's trend for cutting holes in buildings
Lucky coins, a Tetris stack and a ferris wheel 500m up in the air ... take a look at the buildings around the world with holes right through them. Here's your easy Friday office reading. Read »
Hyperloop still far from frictionless reality
What we do know: the Hyperloop is a fantastic, gee-whiz! prospect that, in an idealized and seamless application, would get between A and B faster than we ever imagined. But whether the Hyperloop [...] Read »
Product> Master Glass Solutions for Interiors and Facades
As the buzzword transparency gains greater meaning in product specification, glass is an energy-saving, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing option. Strand 3form 3form’s Pressed Glass [...] Read »
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Globe Trotting: Lake Como 'Trophy Estate' is Actually Deserving of its Title
Lake Como, unsurprisingly, has quite a few spectacular waterfront properties, but this stately, 13,993-square-foot manse is pretty much exactly what mid-winter wander-lust fantasies are made [...] Read »
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DIY: Homemade All-Natural Personal Care Products for Men
If you live in the United States or Canada, chances are you've had a taste of some pretty funky weather over the last little while, ranging from arctic temperatures to violent wind storms. Venturing [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Competition Entry: Austrian Pavilion (Milan Expo 2015) / Bence Pap | Mario Gasser
This proposal by architects Bence Pap and Mario Gasser& of Studio Greg Lynn / University of Applied Arts Vienna has been ranked fourth in an international competition for the Austrian Pavilion [...] Read »
Rebel House / Atelier van Wengerden
[...] Read »
Curators of Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2016 Announced
The Lisbon Architecture Triennale has announced that its 2016 Curatorial Board will be made up of André Tavares, Diogo Seixas, Lopes and José Mateus, architects and directors of the magazine [...] Read »
Frank Lloyd Wright House Saved
A rare house from Frank Lloyd Wrights Usonian house period has been saved by the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas. The dramatic rescue plan to disassemble and move the house to a site over [...] Read »
Villa in Hakuba / Naka Architects
[...] Read »
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust / Belzberg Architects
[...] Read »
AA Exhibition: Third Natures
Third Natures presents 15 years of speculations, projects and built proposals by the Madrid- based duo of Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda and their collaborators, ranging from [...] Read »
Moron De La Frontera Courts / Daroca Arquitectos
[...] Read »
Crematorium Charity Trust / Mancini Enterprises
[...] Read »
The Cellar / Chiasmus Partners
[...] Read »
Feldbalz House / Gus Wüstemann Architects
[...] Read »
University Boulevard Transit Shelters / PUBLIC Architecture + Communication
[...] Read »
In an hour long documentary for PBS, Geoffrey Baer tours the USA in search of the ten buildings that changed America. From a state capitol designed by Thomas Jefferson to resemble a Roman temple [...] Read »
Via Cordillera / JSª + DMG Architects
[...] Read »
Fazenda Boa Vista – Spa / Isay Weinfeld
[...] Read »
Inter National Design Win Competition with Modular School Complex
Inter National Design & (IND), based in Rotterdam and Istanbul, have won first prize in a restricted competition to design a large school complex in Viranşehir, Turkey. Five rectangular courtyards, [...] Read »
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Atelier Tekuto creates an angular house with a pattern of pointy skylights
A geometric pattern of skylights frames views of the sky from inside this angular white residence in Tokyo by Japanese firm Atelier Tekuto (+ slideshow). (more...) Read »
Shneur House / Yoav Messer Architects
[...] Read »
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The Garage is located in Vashon, an island southwest of Seattle that sits in the Puget Sound. The project sits on the shores of the sound, and the building opens up on all sides to let in the [...] Read »
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Curious NY Castle Given New Life by Preservationists
Castles are pretty hard to come by in New York, so if you've ever passed by this one on your way upstate, you probably wondered about its history. Named Bannerman Castle, after the Scottish ammunition [...] Read »
Kino Wood Lamps by Emmanuel Gardin for Linadura
All-wood: Kino Wood Lamps by Emmanuel Gardin for Linadura are made by bending thin sheets of birch plywood into organic forms, resulting in light diffused by wood. Read »
City & Urbanism
Book - Deventer a Story About Project Making
Is architecture real? At times the discussion seems to imply that there is a certain degree of disconnectedness between real live and the abstract concepts architecture is thought of. Does it [...] Read »
This morning, Gregory Henriquez was one of the plenary speakers at the 8th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices,... Read »