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East Harlem Getting Ready For Rezoning
Changes are brewing in East Harlem. DNAinfo reported this week that Community Board 11 just approved a new rezoning plan for a 60-block stretch that runs along Madison, Park, and Lexington avenues [...] Read »
The Animal Stool
Fireplace Surround |Textur3D Panels
Ready by Kirsty Whyte
Illustrations by Jessica Durrant
Illustrations by Elizabeth Baddeley
Edition29 For IPads | Modern Beach Dwellings
Tane Seed by Maio Motoko
Precious Vodka With A Real Gem In Each Bottle
Batia Malka | New Borns
Luminox Recon NAV SPC
Ruroc RG-1 Core Snowboard Helmet
Burton x Casio G-Shock Watch
Sneak Peek: Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, Kenya
Modern Nooks by BUILD LLC
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A new silicon-based solar panel which utilizes holographic foil is reported to be nearly twice as efficient as standard panels. Referred to as a game-changing technology, the panels were developed [...] Read »
Chic at Chanel
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Arets, Gang, Gamper, Ghost Facades, Airports, Crosstowns and Engineers Running Amuck - it's the February Calendar!
Oh, yeah, grab your Valentine (hey! - not there ) - it's the February Calendar of Chicago Architecture Events .click images for larger view February starts off with Wiel Arets talking about his [...] Read »
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New French Law Will Require Shops and Offices to Turn Out the Lights at Night
Photo via Shutterstock The French Environment Ministry just announced a new law that will require all non-residential buildings to switch off interior and window display lighting at night. The [...] Read »
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Holiday home in the Algarve \ HILBERINK BOSCH architects
In the Algarve, the south of Portugal, the transition from the coast to the hilly midlands is characterized by an ascending landscape. Historical agricultural structures, such as vineyards and [...] Read »
When Flexible Design Calls for More than Modularity
Different needs surface that often require for a flexible design. Just think of how a home might need to grow or shrink (as the family does), or how a business may grow and change (as will its [...] Read »
Milan’s Bosco Verticale On Track to Become World’s First Vertical Forest
Milan, Italy is one of Europe’s most polluted cities, its air quality frequently breaching safety limits set by the EU and causing city officials to install a ventilation system in 2009 in [...] Read »
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New Study Reveals That Your Cat is a Serial Killer
Most of us are familiar with the savage instincts of our feline friends; some kittens playfully pounce upon balls of wool or fuzzy, rattling toy mice, while human companions of outdoor cats may [...] Read »
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UK Home Improvement Retailers to Withdraw Products Containing Chemicals Harmful to Bees
Bees have had a rough time in the past few years  from the Varroa mite and colony collapse disorder to factory waste contaminating their honey. Heeding the insects buzz for help, UK home improvement [...] Read »
After Hurricane Sandy, Thousands of Buildings Added to FEMA’s New Flood Maps
In post-Hurricane Sandy New York, it looks like Zone A is expanding, and stretching beyond waterfront properties to encompass buildings farther inland. The Federal Emergency Management Agency [...] Read »
House of the Week 161: Casa Rosenda
 previous Tejaban made from disused roof materials image sources The house in Guadalupe, Mexico was rebuilt through 10x10 a social service programme, which provides decent housing for the poor, [...] Read »
Libeskind U: Prof. Daniel Libeskind Teaching Online Course on Ideal Cities
Right now you can log on to Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germanys Leuphana Digital School and participate in online courses being led by none other than Daniel Libeskind. Professor Libeskind, [...] Read »
So proud of Atlantic Avenue BID & PlanningCorps
Can't help it, I'm proud of PlanningCorps helping Atlantic Avenue BID with its NYC Small Business Services BID Challenge grant submission. AABID won the full award amount, $75,000! Read more [...] Read »
Chateau Hotel is Latest in Long Line of Chicago SROs At Risk
Single Room Occupancy hotels are a dying breed in Chicago. Notoriously undermanaged and generally unpopular among immediate neighbors, the majority of these base-service dwellings have been condemned [...] Read »
Crete Innovative Bioclimatic European School Complex - 2nd Place Entry
Earlier this month, we published the 3rd place-winning entry in the international architectural competition, Innovative Bioclimatic European School complex in Crete, Greece - SEEH (School of [...] Read »
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Casa del Agua in Mexico City Serves Local Filtered Rainwater
Casa del Agua is a new artisan bar concept in Mexico City where you can go for a drink of rainwater! The water is served in specially-designed and reusable glass bottles, and its harvested [...] Read »
garage remodel
Check out the great use of space in this garage turned small apartment remodel by  FABRE/deMARIEN  in Stalingrad.  This 450 sq.ft. dwelling is maximized through the clever use of a 12x9 'box' [...] Read »
Philly Gearing Up For Bike-Share: Toole Design Group Selected To Create Business Plan
A bike-share program is on the horizon for Philadelphia. In the last few months, the city has taken a number of steps to move the initiative forward. After setting aside $3 million in funding [...] Read »
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Cal Poly Project Produces Energy and Purifies Water Using Algae and Human Waste
Photo via Shutterstock The Keystone XL pipeline has some big competition, and it is coming from a number of very small challengers. Scientists at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA are working [...] Read »
First a great news that I will confirm in the following weeks including an article for a magazine on architectural future practices, the architect's shifting role, etc… I'll confirm it when [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Oiio Reveals Proposal for Guggenheim Expansion
With many museums worldwide seeking to extend to accommodate larger collections, Athens-based Oiio Architecture Office has asked: “What if we decided we needed a little more of Guggenheim?” [...] Read »
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Konza Techno City masterplan  by SHoP Architects
Manhattan-based firm SHoP Architects has sent us a movie and more images illustrating its masterplan for Konza Techno City, a new "silicon" city 40 miles from Kenya's capital Nairobi (+ movie). (more...) Read »
The West Village / Doojin Hwang Architects
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Foster + Partners to 3D print  buildings on the moon
News:  Foster + Partners is exploring the possibilities of 3D printing buildings on the moon using lunar soil. (more...) Read »
Foster + Partners To 3D Print Structures on the Moon
Foster + Partners, in conjunction with the European Space Agency (ESA), has undertaken a study to explore the possibilities of using 3D printing to construct lunar habitations on the moons [...] Read »
Huaihua Theater and Exhibition Center Proposal / United Design Group
With the site of the proposed project characterized by a 7m height difference between the south west corner and the north east one and the fastest way to access to it is from the roads west and north of it,& Read »
The 8 Things Domestic Violence Shelters Can Teach Us About Secure School Design
In our last Editorial, Post-Traumatic Design: How to Design Schools that Heal Past Wounds and Prevent Future Violence, we discussed how architects must conceptualize school design in the wake [...] Read »
Sprach und Bewegungszentrum / eins:eins architekten
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Today's archidose #647
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Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China / Bianca Bosker
A 108-meter high Eiffel Tower rises above Champs Elysées Square in Hangzhou. A Chengdu residential complex for 200,000 recreates Dorchester, England. An ersatz Queen’s Guard patrols Shanghai’s [...] Read »
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Mies van der Rohe Award 2013  shortlist announced
News: five buildings have been shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013, including a nursing home in Portugal (above) and the Harpa [...] Read »
5.6 House / Avignon-Clouet Architectes
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‘Almighty Tree’ Proposal / Miguel Saraiva & Associados
In an effort to search for the citys own identity, the Almighty Tree concept proposal by Miguel Saraiva & Associados& aims to give people the chance to experience the city of Almaty by hovering [...] Read »
Yute’s / Flores Prats
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Casa MP in Sesma by  Alcolea+Tárrago Arquitectos
This stark concrete house in Spain by Alcolea+Tárrago Arquitectos features richly stained timber shutters that fold back to reveal large glass doors (+ slideshow). (more...) Read »
University of North Florida Interfaith Chapel Competition Entry / OAD
In their proposal for University of North Florida’s Interfaith Chapel, OAD& concluded that the main challenge was to create more than just an impressive chapel, but a place in and of itself [...] Read »
Keast Park Community Pavilion / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
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Kettle Hole House / Robert Young
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Fire Shelter: 01 / SHJ Works
Designed by SHJ (Simon Hjermind Jensen) Works& , Fire Shelter: 01 is a personal project located in at Sydhavnstippen in Copenhagen. Taking inspiration from architecture of ethnic and nomadic [...] Read »
Dual House / VPA Architects
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Chipicas Town Houses / Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos
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Paracas House / RRMR Arquitectos
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Calatrava Criticized for Valencia Complex
Praised for his masterful blends of architecture and engineering, yet criticized for rarely sticking to a budget, Valencia-native  Santiago Calatrava  & is no stranger to controversy. His [...] Read »
All Saints’ Academy / Nicholas Hare Architects
[...] Read »
ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards 2012: The Finalists
After two intense weeks, with 40,000 nominations, the collective intelligence formed by the readers of ArchDaily has scrutinized close to 3,000 projects, creating the shortlist that now moves [...] Read »
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Aggrenad hotel  by AND
Korean architects AND imagined this hotel on Geoje Island as a hand of outstretched fingers, with rooms and balconies pointing out in different directions (+ slideshow). (more...) Read »
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Read the rest of SCF Arquitectos Designs Restoration of Earthquake-Devastated Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Haiti Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Merritt Crossing is a Sustainable Affordable Housing Project for Seniors in Oakland Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", affordable housing, [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Cantilevering Bioclimatic House Breathes Through its Roof in Greece Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 'Container House, alternative heating, Athens, bioclimatic [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Stay in a Giant Wine Barrel Room Overlooking The Black Forest in Germany Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Air BnB, eco design, eco-tourism, funky hotel, germany, [...] Read »
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Read the rest of House Abo Beats the Heat in South Africa With Natural Cooling Techniques Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", Eco Architecture, green [...] Read »
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Chinese Millionaire Launches Line of Canned Air to Raise Awareness for Hazardous Smog Problem
Billionaire Chen Guangbiao is taking China’s air pollution problem into his own hands  by launching a line of canned air. In a move that rivals a scene out of Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, the [...] Read »
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The Voltmaker Charges Your Gadgets Off-Grid With Kinetic Energy
Sick of your batteries dying at the very moment you need to make a call, flick on a flashlight, or find your position on a GPS when you are lost in the outdoors? Introducing the Voltmaker  an [...] Read »
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The Produktwerft Upcycles Used and Antique Materials Into One-of-a-Kind Furniture Pieces
The Produktwerft series from Sascha Akkermann enhances used and antique materials with new and clear-cut designs. Each of Akkermanns pieces is made in close collaboration with a recycling [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Soak Up the Sun at Casa de las Olas Solar Powered Eco-Escape in Tulum Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: cancun, Casa de las Olas, eco design, eco escape, eco [...] Read »
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US Military Slated to Quadruple Renewable Energy Installations by 2025
As the largest military force on the planet, the US Department of Defense (DoD) is also the largest consumer of energy in the world. Every year, the combined forces use 3.7 billion kilowatt hours [...] Read »
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Stackable Urban Beehive is Perfect for Beginner Beekeepers
Seeking to help restore the worlds declining honey bee population, designer Rowan Dunford has created a simple, stackable beehive that makes it easy for anyone to raise bees. Dunfords aptly [...] Read »
City council will vote today on a new food strategy called What Feeds Us—a road map for Vancouver to become... Read »