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Martinez Lierah s/s 2013
Aston Martin Rapide S
Adriatic Island Getaway by DAR612
Voronoi Bookshelf by Alan Rorie
Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing Division Utah HQ
AMATOYA : Fire Reconnaissance Vehicle | Liam Ferguson
My Money Park Interiors by OOS
Chevron House by Andy Martin Architects
The Crazycut Series | Phillips Collection
Pure White House w/ Extensive Sea Views | Susanna Cots
Converted 18th Century Cotswolds Village Barn | Mark Collins
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Deep Space Industries Unveil Plans to Mine Asteroids, 3D-Print Satellites in Space
Virginia-based Deep Space Industries just announced bold plans to not only mine asteroids (which has been proposed by multiple companies), but to also turn the raw materials into complex metal [...] Read »
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Dramatic Waterfront Retreat on Pender Harbour
Modern House Wines From Swanson Vineyards
Cool Video For Google X Audi Collaboration
Celadon Villa in Koh Samui, Thailand
Orizon House by Andres Serpa
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US Navy to Pump Oil from Grounded Ship After Accident Destroys Large Areas of Coral Reef
The US Navy is set to begin pumping thousands of liters of oil from the USS Guardian ship, which ran aground on the Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines last week. The minesweeper already destroyed [...] Read »
Malibu Beach House by Jamie Bush & Co.
Illustrations by Michael Berland
This Incredibly Detailed Maze Took 7 Years to Draw
On the Boards: Interfaith Chapel
A proposed Interfaith Chapel at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL designed by architects Brooks + Scarpa and KZF Design . The dramatic gown like shape of the structure will [...] Read »
Viceroy Revisited
It was exactly one year ago this week that I was having fun in the sun at the Viceroy Anguilla .  As excited as I am to be off to LA, I wouldn't mind heading back to this Caribbean paradise. [...] Read »
In Buffalo, One Man's Living Museum
In 2009, Dennis Maher... bought an abandoned property from DYouville College for $10,000...After he sorted through the junk he found inside, he began to build, reconfiguring the pieces of things [...] Read »
L.A. imagined: The city that isn't
It all leads one to ponder the what-if Los Angeles, to imagine the city that would exist today if the best proposals for remedying its ailments had been realized. Los Angeles would now include [...] Read »
Toyo Ito’s Flatware for Alessi
Mr. Ito, the Japanese architect whose team won a Golden Lion Award at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale for its concepts for new housing after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, recently [...] Read »
How Will the Lowline Make the Leap From Idea to Reality?
... calling the Lowline a "park" isn't totally accurate. It would be a culture park that hosts art shows, performances, and events, and it would be tied to the neighborhood gallery scene. Preliminary [...] Read »
Better technology does not equal better architecture
How can we let geriatrics design the future? There is a creeping conservatism in old age, Rogers and Pianos Pompidou was genuinely revolutionary, but that was in 1977, ever since then they've [...] Read »
Simple Life, Collective Kitchen Sink System
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Chairigami: Funky Cardboard Furniture Folded Into Unexpected Shapes
Whoever thought cardboard could be so funky? Charigami (yes, a portmanteau of chair and origami) has concocted a line of furniture pieces that are exclusively crafted from cardboard materials. [...] Read »
Aftermath:  Some Say the World Will End in Ice . . .
click images for larger view (highly recommended) It was if a black-and-white photograph had somehow been inserted into the normal color cityscape. Last night, the century-old warehouse in Chicago's [...] Read »
Foster’s Exterior Changes Green-Lighted at the New York Public Library
Preservationists who have waged a battle against Foster + Partners planned renovations of the New York Public Library received bad news Tuesday: The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved [...] Read »
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Joscha Weiand’s Loose Joints Is a Fun DIY Kit for Making Furniture
If you are tired of having the same IKEA furniture as all your friends, this great building kit might be your way out of that carbon copy world. Low-cost, portable and easy to use, Loose Joints [...] Read »
Ribbon Glass by Architectural Glass Surfaces
Revamping New York Airports: Mogul Puts Up Cash To Lobby For Infrastructure Upgrades
Joseph Sitt, a frequent flyer and the founder of Thor Equities, has channeled his frustrations with New York City’s congested and out-of-date airports into a new venture called the Global Gateway [...] Read »
Lumio, A Creative Book Lamp
from Inhabit
New NASA Report Shows Scientific Consensus on Global Warming From Four Independent Institutions
For those who still harbor a shred of doubt about the reality of climate change, a recent report released by NASA should put those doubts to rest. According to the report, four independent institutions [...] Read »
Nervou[s]ystopia Jon Bailey / Chad Porter / Julia Hager / Matt Noe On a tangent bifurcation of future possibilities resources of not oil or money is sequestered but that of human flesh and brain [...] Read »
3-D Printing Goes Big: Architect Proposes A Möbius-Strip House
Its been over three decades since the 3-D printer was invented, and to be sure, the technology has come a long way. Now, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars is putting the technology to the [...] Read »
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Read the rest of AST 77´s Bamboo-Clad House is a Minimal, Elegant and Efficient Home in the Belgian Woodlands Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "energy efficiency", Architecture, [...] Read »
EDITION29 HOUSED 004 for iPad
Celeste Champagne & Tea Room by PRODUCTORA
Get a Life Party | Vivienne Westwood
Gem Series by Brown Safes
Naim Introduces a Classy All-in-One Player
Modern Entry Doors
Pixel Ninjas | Hagar Ben Yishay | Happy Pixels
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Myanmar’s Inle Lake Shows Bridge to Ancient Hydroponic Farming Systems
In todays world, where a shift from large scale agribusiness to smaller scale, localized growing can be seen, ideas such as hydroponics and aquaponics have begun to take hold in the urban environment. [...] Read »
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Shallow MOD Thorlux pendants
The New National Archives of France by Studio Fuksas
Crystal Bridges Museum Store Ceiling Soars
Testing Testing
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Architectural Works
Chicago’s Cook County Aims to Eradicate Demolition Waste
Cook County, Illinois, recently brought the elimination of construction waste to a new level by creating the first demolition debris ordinance in the Midwest. This groundbreaking ordinance requires [...] Read »
from dezeen
Architect explains how he will 3D print  a "whole building in one go"
Following our story about plans for a 3D-printed house , Universe Architecture's Janjaap Ruijssenaars tells us about the race to be first to print an entire building (+ interview + slideshow). (more...) Read »
House in Villarcayo / Pereda Pérez Arquitectos
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Smart Tasting Prototype / Think Big Factory
Think Big Factory& , together with the Basque Culinary Center and Fagor Electrodomésticos, shared with us their development of the Smart Tasting prototype. The prototype integrates the Internet [...] Read »
Post-Traumatic Design: How to Design Our Schools to Heal Past Wounds and Prevent Future Violence
Over a month has passed since the Sandy Hook tragedy. Its surviving students have gone back to school, albeit at another facility (decorated with old posters to make it feel familiar), and are [...] Read »
Limmat Footbridge and Promenade Lift / Leuppi & Schafroth Architekten
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Kenyan silicon city  under construction
News: the Kenyan government has commenced work on Konza Technology City, a £9.1 billion IT and business hub dubbed "Africa's Silicon Savannah". (more...) Read »
The Indicator: Architecture and Crime
From the recent information overload concerning Zaha Hadid’s Wangjing Soho being pirated in China, one might think that copying was a new phenomenon in architecture. Is this really that shocking [...] Read »
Detroit by Design 2012 Competition Winning Proposal / Matthew Edward Getch + Maciej Woroniecki
Aiming to create a riverfront like none other in the world, landscape architect Matthew Edward Getch and architect  Maciej Woroniecki&  shared with us their proposal in the Detroit by Design [...] Read »
Diminished House / Wahana Cipta Selaras
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AD Classics: Centre Le Corbusier (Heidi Weber Museum) / Le Corbusier
Iconic for its floating steel roof and brightly colored panels, the Centre Le Corbusier is the last building Le Corbusier designed before his death in 1965. Completed in 1967, the building stands [...] Read »
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Casa Martos by  Adamo-Faiden
This lopsided house by Argentinean studio Adamo-Faiden has a pointed balcony poking out of one side and a caged terrace on the roof (+ slideshow + photos by Cristobal Palma). (more...) Read »
Econtainer Bridge Competition Winning Proposal / Yoav Messer Architects
Based on the idea of resuse, the competition winning proposal for the Econtainer Bridge by  Yoav Messer Architects& will be the gateway to Arial Sharon park and will connect Lod road (route [...] Read »
MCC House / Seijo Peon Arquitectos
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Mistral Wine Store / Studio Arthur Casas
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Architecture of Necessity 2013 Competition
All professionally active individuals or legal persons such builders, architectural bureaus, local government, construction firms, or other companies are invited to submitted projects for the [...] Read »
Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies / Christopher Charles Benninger Architects
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Housing and Shops / Christ & Gantenbein
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Cistercian Abbey Church / Cunningham Architects
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AZPA to Transform Nineteenth Century Building into Locarno Film Festival Headquarters
London and Barcelona-based practice  AZPA (Alejandro Zaera-Polo Architecture)&  has been announced as winner of an international competition aimed to establish a permanent residence for the [...] Read »
Rajuela House / Muñoz Arquitectos
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Today's archidose #645
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Garden and House  by Ryue Nishizawa
This Tokyo five-storey townhouse by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa is fronted by a stack of gardens. (more...) Read »
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New York's "micro-units" housing  competition winners announced
News:  plans for an apartment block of stackable modules have won a design competition for "micro-units" to help solve the shortage of small homes in Manhattan (+ slideshow). (more...) Read »
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Read the rest of Stone Environmental Interpretation Centre is a Sensitive Reconstruction on São Jorge Island Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", ana [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Studio 2G Architects LEED Gold Shale Oak Winery is Constructed With Reclaimed Materials Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: California, Green Hospitality and Tourism [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Abu Dhabi Unveils an Arab-Styled Eco Villa That Meets Estidama Requirements Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "energy efficiency", abu dhabi, arab eco home, arabian [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Bernardo Bader Designed a Dainty Timber Home With a Green Lung on the Inside Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Austria, Bernardo Bader, central courtyard, Daylighting, [...] Read »
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The Made Collection: David Okum Launches Elegant Handcrafted Home Accessories on Kickstarter
The Made Collection is an eclectic capsule line of home and office accessories invested with design honesty, materials integrity, and meticulous craftsmanship. Designed by David Okum, the collection [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Behnisch Architekten Wins Competition for New Green-Roofed Agora Cancer Research Centre in Switzerland Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Italcementis Concrete Pollution-Busting Research Lab Achieves LEED Platinum in Italy Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: bergamo, cement manufacturer, concrete, [...] Read »
Résilles Lamps by Coralie Beauchamp
3D Printer Wins Best Emerging Tech at CES 2013 The 3D printer took home the award for Best Emerging Tech... Read »
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Frank Gehry via  Stephen Chung Read »
Cruz y Ortiz and Jean-Michel Wilmotte complete a 10-year overhaul of the stern neo-Gothic structure. Read »
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that a team that includes local firm nARCHITECTS has won a competition to design a micro-unit apartment building for a publicly owned lot [...] Read »