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Urban Fabric: Building New York’s Garment District
[ July 25, 2012 to February 17, 2013. ] New Yorks Garment District, consisting of 18 blocks in the west side of midtown, was the citys most well known industries in the boom of the 1920s through [...] Read »
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News: in 2012 the total number of skyscrapers constructed around the world failed to increase for the first time in six years, says the annual report from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban [...] Read »
Ave Plaza / Drozdov&Partners
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‘The Crown of Septiemvri’ Soccer Stadium Proposal / Gras Arquitectos
Located in the old plot of the Olympic stadium of Sofia, Bulgaria, the proposal for the new soccer stadium by Gras Arquitectos& aims to create a new mixed complex, keeping as much as possible [...] Read »
12 Towers in Vallecas / nodo17 Architects
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Tokyo Balconies / KINO Architects
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After collaborating with Rick Joy on projects all over the US for over three years, Matías Zegers went back to Chile and founded  Matías Zegers Architects& . Last year, this Guest Pavilion, [...] Read »
‘Open Exchange’ Green Square Library and Plaza Competition Entry / MODU Architecture
The “Open Exchang proposal, for the Green Square Library and Plaza competition, creates a space of public engagement by challenging the role of the library in the contemporary city of Sydney. [...] Read »
Vorwerk Uster / Spillmann Echsle
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Tripode Office Building / Barré Lambot Architectes
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Giraffe Childcare Center / Hondelatte Laporte Architectes
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Today's archidose #643
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C+P House / Gonçalo das Neves Nunes
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House of Silence / FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects
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Bularnia / BudCud
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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the National Institute of Building Sciences& (NIBS) have developed the Building Research Information Knowledgebase (BRIK), an interactive portal [...] Read »
Haus Berge / KHBT
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Assemblage Wins Iraqi Parliament Competition
Assemblage& has succeeded against a prestigious shortlist  which included Zaha Hadid Architects, Capita Symonds, Fevre Gaucher and ADPI  in an international competition for the new Iraqi [...] Read »
Donoso – Smith House / EMa arquitectos + Raimundo Salgado
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Anneke Vervoort
Growing an Architecture Firm in Beijing: The Making of The Titan
BAM recently participated in a competition in China for a 100m tall monument and 350m long pedestrian bridge that crosses an offshoot of the Yangzte River in Nanjing's new CBD district named [...] Read »
Roots vases by Giorgio Bonaguro
from Inhabit
Harbin Ice Festival LED Slides
105 Villiers by Shaun Lockyer Architects
2014 Audi SQ5
EHA Family Trust Residence | A Mountain Retreat
Fiore Jewellery Story
Can Interactive 3D Modeling Change the Way You Design?
Imagine combining the power of physical modeling with the power of virtual 3D modeling while working on your architectural design. With a physical model, you pick up its pieces and parts. You [...] Read »
What will we accomplish with this?
“What will we accomplish with this?” is the question we must never forget ask, and to honestly answer. That will be the work of the designer of the future. Read »
To Rebuild or Relocate? Cuomo Offers Options
Over the last few months, theres been much talk about rebuilding smarter after Hurricane Sandy to prepare for the next super storm. But one alternative has gone under the radar until today’s [...] Read »
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MakerBot Unveils Next-Gen Replicator 2X 3D Printer at CES 2013
Here at Inhabitat, we can’t get enough of 3D printers, and MakerBot’s Replicator 2 is one of the finest examples of consumer-level 3D printing. That’s why we were so excited about the release [...] Read »
SLO Architecture Proposes a Train Station Rehab in the Bronx
When two architects, Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi, principals of SLO Architecture, came across an abandoned train station in the Bronx located next to Concrete Plant Park, they saw a unique [...] Read »
Lo sospechaba: interés en búsqueda en Google de las palabras: arquitectura y architecture en todo el mundo, de 2004 hasta hoy
Grafico real de interés en la búsqueda de Google de las palabras arquitectura y architecture. Puedes acceder tu mismo a Google Trends para ver los resultados. Se trata una vez mas de comprobar [...] Read »
33M Tower in Melbourne by Elenberg Fraser
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Miniature Sofant SmartAntenna Could Double Battery Life of Smartphones
Edinburgh-based Sofant just unveiled a new micro SmartAntenna at CES 2013 that could potentially double the battery life of todays smartphones while easing network congestion. The tiny antenna [...] Read »
After nearly three years of research, members of the Detroit Works Project unveiled a host of recommendations for tackling the city’s most daunting economic, infrastructural, and social challenges. Read »
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Chicago Breaks 72 Year Record With 320 Consecutive Snowless Days
It has been 320 days since there has been a measurable snowfall in Chicago, setting a new weather record for the midwestern city. The total snowfall amounted to only 1.3 inches as of Sunday, [...] Read »
Nike Vortex Vintage Lunar
Orla Kiely Pre-Spring 2013
Apartment Building with 7 Units by Metaform Architecture
from Curbed
Retail Therapy: The Magnificent Architectural Restorations of Retailer Zara
Photo via thecentreforprotontherapy Turns out Spanish retail giant Zarafamed for affordable, fast-fashion clothing and, more recently, its launch into home decor and housewareshas a fascinating [...] Read »
World's First Vertical Forest Will Open This Year in Milan
Back in 2011 we reported on the Bosco Verticale  a new superstructure designed to bring the world's first vertical forest to Milan, Italy. While many were skeptical when it came to the feasibility [...] Read »
Cali Sofa by Omforme | French Revampalution
Sony Xperia Z & ZL
Royal Dragon Superios Vodkas
Bits and Bobs
Today was one of those days that took me in a million different directions.  I swear I'm going to get things together soon but until then, here are a few pics that I have gravitated toward this [...] Read »
Huell Howser: A Remembrance
AN contributor Guy Horton remembers California icon Huell Howser, who passed away on January 7.  I once emailed Huell Howser about an idea I had for an episode of “California’s Gold,” his [...] Read »
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You Can Now Apply to Become One of the Very First Humans to Colonize Mars
Do you enjoy dehydrated food, weightlessness and confined spaces? Then you might have what it takes to become one of the first to colonize the Red Planet. This week, the Dutch nonprofit Mars [...] Read »
Nice Architects Wins Bratislava’s Parkhill Competition
Young Slovak firm, Nice Architects, has won the first prize in the architectural/urban design competition "Parkhill," aiming to transform the area of a former open air amphitheater in Bratislava, [...] Read »
Five Teams Shortlisted in Syracuse’s “Movement on Main” Competition
Five design teams have been named to receive $15,000 grants to revitalize Syracuse's Near Westside neighborhood as part of the "Movement on Main: Designing the Healthy Main Street" competition. [...] Read »
In true Studio Berlin fashion, this last summer's group has put together a short film on their escapades throughout Europe. Enjoy! Read »
Paju Book City on The Modern List
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Read the rest of Bosco Verticale: The Worlds First Vertical Forest Nears Completion in Milan  NEW PHOTOS Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Aeolian energy, Bosco Verticale, bosco [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Miller Hulls Green-Roofed Global Learning and the Arts Building at Cascadia Community College Receives LEED Platinum Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Cascadia [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Innovative Sprout Space Prefab Classroom On Its Way to the National Building Museum Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", eco design, eco [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Olson Kundigs Single-Room Gulf Islands Cabin is a Minimalist Retreat in British Columbia Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", british [...] Read »
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Australia’s Scorching Temperatures Spark New Colors on Meteorology Maps
This week record high temperatures in Australia sparked catastrophic brush fires that engulfed five of the countrys six states  and the climate is so hot that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology [...] Read »
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Eco Pig Designs Set to Begin Construction on SCH-1 Shipping Container Home
Eco Pig Designs is a micro home design company that is about to begin construction on a new 40/45 foot shipping container home called the SCH-1. The modular residence has separate living and [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Buffalos Hotel Lafayette Restoration Preserves a Historic Landmark and Re-enlivens a Neighborhood Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: art nerd new york, buffalo, [...] Read »
Groo Table Lamp by 967 Design
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The iPotty Uses iPad Technology to Entertain Tots While Potty Training
New York-based CTA digital featured their latest product for children, the iPotty at CES 2013 in this BBC video. Armed with a built-in removable stand for an iPad, the iPotty is to help entertain [...] Read »
Yamaha XJR 1300 | by Wrenchmonkees
Maisons 5.5mX5.5m by LVPH Architects
Nordic Style, Tine K Home
Frenay Villa by 70F
Nissan SSS Concept by Mike Enayah
Bell Rogue Helmet
iHome Speaker/LED Desk Lamp & Organizer
LEDscape light installation by LIKEarchitects
Shanghai - Shenzhen | December 7, 2012 Last month, MovingCities flew from Shanghai 上海 to Shenzhen 深圳. In the past years, we landed in Shenzhen 深圳 from many different directions. This [...] Read »
Peel-and-Stick Solar Panels: A World First
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Video> Architectural Alphabet Is Easy As “A, B, C”
From Alvar Aalto to Zaha Hadid, architect Andrea Stinga and visual artist Frederico Gonzalez have rounded up 26 of the worlds most famous architects and an example of their work for their new [...] Read »
Crane Collapse in Queens Injures Seven
A 300-foot-tall crane collapsed today in Long Island City, Queens, injuring seven construction workers. The accident happened at the site of a new 26-story luxury residential tower by developer [...] Read »
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Study Finds Ants Are Contaminated With Phthalates, a Widespread Plastic Additive
Chemical compounds known as phthalates are used as plasticizers and softeners in products ranging from vinyl to cosmetics. Theyre suspected of being endocrine disrupters (substances that interfere [...] Read »
Friday> LA Mayoral Candidates To Talk Affordable Housing
This Friday evening, Los Angeles mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, and Jan Perry  will take part in an unprecedented conversation about affordable housing. The topic is an important [...] Read »
Editor's Picks #297
Alison Cuddy of WBEZ 91.5 reported that the Save Prentice Coalition has made the case that re-using the former Prentice Hospital could mean more money, jobs...curtkram was puzzled "hmm. i used [...] Read »
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Yeti 150: Goal Zero Unveils A Plug-And-Play Solar Generator For Emergencies Or Off-Grid Adventures at CES 2013
Sustainable gadgets are making waves again at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Last year, Goal Zero wowed CES attendees with its Yeti 1250, a solar energy generator thats [...] Read »
Eleanor Sanderson Pajak mixed media art
Elsa Randé’s 2013 furniture collection
Chair by Matilde Nyeand
Hawkesbury Residence by Marmol Radziner
Griffin PowerDock 5
Cioccolato in San Pedro Garza García | SAVVY Studio
Leiker GPS SportsWatch
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Up to 50 Percent of All Food Produced is Thrown Away
Image of wasted food, Shutterstock Researchers at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) recently found that between 30 to 50 percent of all food produced  or up to two billion tons  [...] Read »
What will we accomplish with this?
“What will we accomplish with this?” is the question we must never forget ask, and to honestly answer. That will be the work of the designer of the future. Read »
MOSS Prefabricated Office Allows Employees to Work From Home
As a way to cut down on daily commutes and encourage more people to work from home, Victor Vetterlein has designed Micro Office Systems Space (MOSS), a prefabricated home office powered by clean [...] Read »
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MPowered’s Elegant Luci Solar Lantern Maintains a Single Charge for Three Months!
The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas this week, and once again, gadgets that make use of renewable energy are making headlines around the world. MPowereds Luci solar lantern [...] Read »
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RoboSmart Bulb: An Intelligent Wireless LED Light Bulb You Can Control With a Smart Device
Smart Home Labs recently released a revolutionary LED bulb called RoboSmart. The innovative, new bulb has an integrated Bluetooth that enables you to control your lights using nothing but your [...] Read »
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Even If We Stopped Polluting Today, Ocean Garbage Patches Would Linger For Hundreds Of Years
Ocean Plastic photo from Shutterstock The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a horrifying consequence of our never-ending consumption. Now, new research shows that even if we could eliminate plastic [...] Read »
Sneak Peek: Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, St. Lucia
Paracord Bracelets with Bike Chain Links