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Plett 6541+2 / SAOTA
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B House in Shimasaki by  Anderson Anderson Architecture
Despite being surrounded by electricity pylons, this hillside cabin in Japan by San Francisco firm Anderson Anderson Architecture generates all its own energy and heating using photovoltaic panels [...] Read »
Helsinki Central Library Competition Entry / Ghirardelli Architetti
The proposal by Ghirardelli Architetti& for the Helsinki Central Library aims at being a place for everyone: open and accessible, usable and public. A public square animated by exhibitions, events [...] Read »
VIDEO: Dwell Presents Jens Risom’s Island Home
If youre at all immersed in the design world, you already know the name of Danish-American furniture designer Jens Risom. And, if you know Jens Risom, you most certainly know the mid-century, [...] Read »
La Candela, Valls / Lluís Vendrell
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Slip House / Carl Turner Architects
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‘Black Tree’ Public Solar Charger / Miloš Milivojevic
Designed by Miloš Milivojević& for the Strawberry Energy company, Black Tree is a public solar charger which enables visitors to recharge batteries of their mobile phones, tablets and multimedia [...] Read »
Sporthalle Landheim Bruettisellen / L3P Architects
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Low Cost House by  Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Vietnamese studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects plans to address the housing crisis in Vietnam by introducing modular homes that use cheap local materials and are easy to assemble. (more&) Read »
European International Trade Centre / McAdam Architects
McAdam Architects& recently unveiled their plans for a major Chinese trading and expo center in the city of Metz in Northern France. This feasibility study and outline concept will be an integrated [...] Read »
Laguna Verde House II / Altamirano Armanet Arquitectos
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New Global Hub for Biomedical Research / HOK
HOK& was recently selected as lead architect for the Ri.MED Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (BRBC) near Palermo, Sicily in Southern Italy. The $269 million world-class research facility [...] Read »
Arteology / Atelier 37.2
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Helsinki Central Library Competition Entry / Kubota & Bachmann Architects
Located at a strategic point within the city of Helsinki, the Shared Dreams proposal for the Helsinki Central Library conforms to the proposed massing and urban regulations, while endeavoring [...] Read »
Leimond-Shonaka Nursery School / Archivision Hirotani Studio
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House P / Heiderich Architekten
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Castle Winery / Moral Arquitectura
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SANAA Unveils Their Plans for Bocconi University Campus
SANAA has just unveiled their plans for the Bocconi University Campus in Milan, Italy. The design features various undulating structures, forming connective inner courtyards, that wind their [...] Read »
House Ber / Nico van der Meulen Architects
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AD Round Up: Pavilions Part II
Time for our 2nd selection of previously featured pavilions. We have five great projects that you probably missed! Like the ICD | ITKE Research Pavilion 2011 located in Stuttgart, Germany. Or [...] Read »
Shipping and Transport College / DP6
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Modular Residential Tower To Be Built at Atlantic Yards
Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) just announced that they will be partnering with Skanska, one of the world’s largest construction and development groups, for the B2 project. This project [...] Read »
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Academie MWD by  Carlos Arroyo
From certain angles this performance centre in Belgium has a colourful stripy facade, but from others it appears camouflaged amongst the surrounding trees (+ slideshow). (more&) Read »
The Skate Park House + Beautiful Compromise
Time-Lapse of Fall in Central Park
Hammock by Jim Zivic
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Extreme Cantilevered Home in Croatia by Idis Turato
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2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid Rated at 115 MPGe and Starts at $39,780
Honda has released fuel economy ratings and pricing for the all-new 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in hybrid, which is slated to arrive in January. The EPA has rated the Accord Plug-in hybrid at 115 [...] Read »
Floppy Disk Table
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Poseidon Undersea Resorts Finalize Design of Outlandish Submerged Hotel in Fiji
There appears to be a common thread among current underwater hotel projects—they all take a staggering amount of time to get off the ground. Or, under the sea. Poseidon Undersea Resorts is [...] Read »
Our Family Jewels
La Muñeca
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SANAA presents their design for the new Bocconi University campus
After the success linked to their Rolex Learning Centre, built on the campus of EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, SANAA again set out to design a non-hierarchal relationship between [...] Read »
Home Is Where the Sea Box Is: Shipping Container Housing Could Help With Disaster Relief
In New York City’s post-Sandy life, the important issue of provisional housing after a disaster is more prominent than ever. Although the plans will not affect those impacted by the recent [...] Read »
Three Courtyards House by Miguel Marcelino
African Bilila Lodge in Tanzania
A 1987 BBC production - a look at Mies van der Rohe's legendary steel and leather chair,  designed for his 1929 Barcelona Pavilion, and since used in countless modern offices and homes. Knoll Read »
HPLO seeks seismic safeguards for thousands of historic brick buildings
Gilbert Building, downtown Portland (photo by Brian Libby) BY FRED LEESON Architects and builders gave no thought to earthquakes in the nineteenth and much of the 20th centuries when they built [...] Read »
Yale's "Women in Architecture" reunion examines gender diversity
From Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, 180 alumnae and current female students alike will gather at the school to discuss issues such as evolving design practices and the intersection of [...] Read »
Racing Bike Enthusiasts Modern Home | Arch 11
Topi by Kenyon Yeh
Dotbox, Innovative Modular System | Hangar Design Group
La Palma by Miguel Angel Aragonés
Amazing Anamorphic Illusions
Plett 6541+2 Residence by SAOTA
inDITO by Vito Nesta
from Inhabit
Super-Efficient iLumi LED Bulb Lasts for 20 Years and Can Be Controlled With a Smartphone
The new iLumi, unveiled this week on Indiegogo, is an energy-efficient LED bulb that lasts for 20 years and can be controlled by any smartphone. The bulb features iLumis HyperLux technology, [...] Read »
Goldberger on Architectural Criticism in the Age of Twitter
Goldberger addressed the disappearance of journalistic hegemony and the advent of electronic media. While mainstream publications with an ongoing commitment to architecture criticism continue [...] Read »
Etoile Lilas Cinema by Hardel et Le Bihan Architectes
Sagaponac House in New York by TsAO & McKOWN
Casio Pathfinder Wrist Watch
RMIT Design Hub by Sean Godsell architects
Takeo Kikuchi Shibuya by Schemata Architects
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Researchers Find That Antarctic Ice is Melting Faster Than Previously Expected
While scientists have long agreed that global warming is having an impact on the planet, there hasn’t been any clear agreement as to the extent to which this warming has impacted polar ice [...] Read »
Una’s Kitchen by Nordic Bros. Design Community
The House in the Thicket, A Small Family Compound
Takanawa House by O.F.D.A.: Hiroyuki Ito
Chameleon Clock App Blends With Its Surroundings
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20 Cozy Green Knit Gifts to Give This Holiday Season
For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, the holiday season involves cold weather, warm beverages, and cuddly knits to help us stay warm. To help get everyone on your list bundled up [...] Read »
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A Fish Named Obama – to Honor the President
Etheostoma obama, a new species described by Mayden and Layman. Copyright: Joseph R. Tomelleri Theres nothing fishy about naming a new species of fish after the President of the United States, [...] Read »
Eugene City Hall Options
Eugene City Hall (photo credit: Oregon State Historic Preservation Office)   As I noted in my Whither City Hall blog post a few months back, the subject of where to locate Eugene City Hall [...] Read »
Winners of 2012 ISARCH Awards
The very first edition of the international ISARCH Awards for architecture students and young architects has announced its winners. [...] The jury was composed of Ivan Harbour (Rogers, Stirk [...] Read »
New technology pipes sunlight into windowless rooms
A mirror tracks the sun throughout the day, reflecting its rays onto a parabolic dish, which then focuses the reflected daylight into a small light pipe aperture. The concentrated light then [...] Read »
Social Bench by Nacho Carbonell
Helsinki Central Library Entry by OODA
As part of our mini series of Stage 1 proposals submitted to the Helsinki Central Library competition, here is the entry by Portuguese firm OODA. Read »
Architecture of the Future | Mass Studies via The Creators Project Read »
Tasty Termofoil
Illustrations by Julia Valeeva
Technics x Harley Davidson Cafe Racer
The Buffet at the MGM City Center by LTL Architects
Single Familiy House Rehabilitation | firm YLAB Arquitectos
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Researchers Develop Technique for 3D-Printing Cartilage Implants
Researchers from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. have developed a technique for 3D printing cartilage implants that could be used in the future to repair damaged cartilage in humans. [...] Read »
The new Porsche Cayman third generation
Grow Your Own 3D Printed Protohouse
Print your next house in 30 separate snap tight pieces While events like Maker Faire have done a lot to increase the visibility of 3D printing, the London-based generative and 3D design group [...] Read » chiller & pourer
Will This Be The World’s Greenest Skyscraper?
Holistic sustainability is a notion too often forgotten in a global industry heavily focused delivering on green ideals. While the notion of green building is an umbrella under which all things [...] Read »
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Arctic Ice Larger than the US Melted in 2012 but Delegates Can’t Reach Emissions Agreement at Doha
From March to September this year a staggering 4.47 million square miles of Arctic ice melted  thats an area bigger than the United States. The U.N. World Meteorological Organization said this [...] Read »
Broad Minded City Documentary Film looking for a venue
Broad Minded City is a Documentary about Urban Planning, Design and Architecture focusing on the current issues facing cities in development, issues like sustainability, culture identity, infrastructure, [...] Read »
Two Derelict Cottages Renovated | Peter Legge Associates
302 N. Aspen St. in Telluride by TruLinea Architects
Dichroic Recycled Glass Holiday Stars
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Study Finds Majority of Pork to be Contaminated with Bacteria
A recent study has shown that pork is the most contaminated meat found on the market. The Consumer Reports study tested variations of the meat after being processed, revealing the majority [...] Read »
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Researchers 3D Print Moon Rocks for Use as Lunar Building Material
3d printing has become one of the most exciting fields of technology today as it opens up new possibilities for consumers and scientists. But the next frontier for 3d printing tech may be outer [...] Read »