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Buy This House in Illinois and Get a Free Tesla Model S Electric Sedan
One home seller in Barrington, Illinois is apparently giving away a Tesla Model S electric sedan as a way to sweeten the deal for his $1.29 million house. According to the sellers website (http://www.getafreetes, [...] Read »
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Kilden by ALA
Kilden is a concert hall and theatre by ALA Architects. It has just been finished and hit the newsstands and blogs. It is a major work for Finnish Architecture, and it looks amazing. Ark magazine [...] Read »
Apple builds a suburban lemonThough plenty of people are ecstatic about the iPod and the iPad, few knowledgeable individuals are impressed with Apple's facilities planning, which seems decades [...] Read »
250m skyscraper in flames: Europe's tallest-to-be tower burns in Moscow
The fire engulfing Moscows Federation Tower has been extinguished. About 300 square meters of the yet-to-be-completed skyscraper were set ablaze, but the centrally located building has been [...] Read »
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Japan to Reopen Area Around Fukushima, Home to 16,000 Evacuees
The Japanese government has relaxed restrictions imposed on some of the towns impacted by last years Fukushima nuclear disaster. The towns of Kawauchi and Tamura were largely reopened to residents [...] Read »
SOILED's third installment: Platescrapers
Platescrapers navigates itinerant fare, comestible politics, and gastro-ritual to purvey stories about social issues and exaggerated realities; each story illustrates food as a monument to galvanize [...] Read »
Interiors and Furniture
AM House by Studio GGA
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Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants 1,360 Acre Forest
Subtropical forest in India photo from Shutterstock Deforestation and desertification are critical problems in India that have led to barren land, increased soil erosion, decreased agricultural [...] Read »
Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery Caruso St John Architects Completed November 2009 Photoset (more...) Read »
Reminder: 2012 Lewis Mumford Lecture on Urbanism
Reminder: This Thursday, April 5th is the 2012 Lewis Mumford Lecture on Urbanism, to be given by New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan . The 8th annual lecture [...] Read »
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MIT’s Self-Assembling Smart Sand Can Take On Any Shape
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will soon present a paper describing algorithms that could eventually enable “smart sand”; self-sculpting sand that can take [...] Read »
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Boston Dynamics’ Sand Flea Robot Can Jump 30 Feet Into the Air
The sand flea is one of the natural worlds most astounding jumpers, capable of leaping huge distances in a single bound. Inspired this amazing insect, Boston Dynamics has created an 11 pound [...] Read »
Paul Goldberger Leaves New Yorker for Vanity Fair, Will Not Be Replaced
But like so many landmarks, from the Parthenon to Penn Station, few endure. Starting today, Mr. Goldberger will board the notorious Condé Nast elevator, but instead of getting off on the 20th [...] Read »
Two other officials reportedly “removed,” including Robert Peck, head of Public Buildings Service. Read »
Frank Gehry hopes to meet with members of the Eisenhower family and work with them to assuage their concerns about his proposed memorial design, says the Eisenhower Memorial Commission (EMC), [...] Read »
A conversation with mayoral candidate Charlie Hales
Charlie Hales (image provided by the Hales campaign) BY BRIAN LIBBY Continuing our series of interviews with Portland mayoral candidates, this installment features Charlie Hales, whose experience [...] Read »
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Read the rest of We Talk to Lisa Katayama About We Are All Radioactive, a Crowdfunded Video Series About Surfers Rebuilding Japan Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 3/11, Architecture [...] Read »
The Battle to Save the Portage Theater and the Chicago 7 Most Endangered Wednesday, Marina City Thursday - April begins
One of these days I'll actually get to the April 2012 Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events .  Right now there are a couple dozen listings, with many more to come.  I'm not sure if I have [...] Read »
The Stunning Repurposed Architecture and Lunar Landscapes of Gotland’s Refined Resort
London-based photographer Peter Guenzel explores the sparse and calming atmosphere of former limestone refinery turned eco hotel, Fabriken Furillen... the minimalist retreat is set amid the areas [...] Read »
Monday, Monday
[...] Read »
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Masthead Mashups: Ten True Zingers From Outgoing Archi-Critic Paul Goldberger
The New Yorker's esteemed and longtime architecture critic Paul Goldberger is leaving for a position at Vanity Fair. According to the Architect's Newspaper, which first broke the story, Goldberger [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
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Chinese Cities Are Sinking Due to Excess Groundwater Use and Rapid Growth
New studies are showing that Chinese cities are slowly sinking as a result of rapid development and excess groundwater use. According to reports, as many as 50 cities across the country are [...] Read »
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Harry the Hermit Crab Gets A Lego Home of His Own
Harry the hermit crab has the same problem as all of his kind; his soft belly leaves him vulnerable to the elements so he must seek out his own sea shell for safety. But unlike other hermit crabs, [...] Read »
blog wunderlust : 2nd April 2012
Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe photos by Dylan Wolfe origami fashion by Issey Miyake | taffy stairs | happy birthday Mies | Applying Jane [...] Read »
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Japanese Ghost Ship Spotted Off Coast of Canada Signaling Arrival of Tsunami Wreckage
After Japan was hit with a devastating earthquake in March 2011, the Pacific nation was rocked by a massive tsunami that destroyed thousands of coastal houses, cars and boats and swept millions [...] Read »
Memory Cloud by RE:site + Metalab
Texas A&M University has recently awarded the winning commission for the new Memorial Student Center 12th Man Hall to Memory Cloud, a collaborative project by RE:Site (Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton, [...] Read »
Peter Stutchbury lecture
In my inbox this morning: We are extremely fortunate to have booked Peter Stutchburyfor a lecture this year. Peter is perhaps the best know Australian architect, outsideof Glenn Murcutt, having [...] Read »
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Lost Crates Offers Monthly Goodie-Box Subscriptions, Including Eco Crates!
No matter what your age, theres something undeniably wonderful about getting a mystery care package in the mail  wouldnt it be nice to give that fun feeling to your favorite family and friends [...] Read »
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Read the rest of GMP Architekten Unveils Plans for Naturally Daylit Changzhou Culture Center Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", changzhou, changzhou [...] Read »
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Turn Your Old iMac into an Aquarium with the DIY Macquarium Kit
Have an old Apple Mac thats collecting dust? Why not turn it into a retrotastic iMac aquarium? We first featured Jake Harms candy-colored macquariums last year they got so much fanfare that [...] Read »
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ReFleece Launches Kindle and iPad Cases Made from Recycled Patagonia Fleece
Started by former IDEO design engineer Sam Palmer, ReFleece is a small design company creating products from a new kind of upcycled felt. The felt is made from reclaimed Patagonia® fleece, collected [...] Read »
Sognsvann Lamp by Nicolette Brunklaus