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Robin Hood Gardens Set For Demolition
For all its Brutalist charm and rigid adherence to the now-outmoded streets in the sky concept, Robin Hood Gardens was an easy target for those who call architects hypocrites eager to champion [...] Read »
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North Sea Platforms Evacuated as Underwater Gas Leak is Reported Near Scotland
A platform in the North Sea has been evacuated following the discovery of an underwater leak of flammable gas. French company Total, which operates the Elgin PUQ platform said in a statement [...] Read »
Carlsberg creates new attraction in Copenhagen
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Census: LA is the nation's densest urban area, while New York ranks 5th
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House of hemp? Pushing cannabis as a construction material
Hemp Technologies said it wants to use hemp-based materials to construct a 500-square-foot structure at the ruins of Knapp's Castle near Santa Barbara. The principal material for the project [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Eddy Sykes Carves Old Bowling Balls into Epic Book Sculptures Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Big Lebowski, bowling ball books, carved books, carved bowling [...] Read »
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Margot Krasojevic Unveils a Water-Purifying Footbridge for Amsterdam
Water management is still the most important function of Amsterdams canals  without them, the city would drown. Circulating the water is also vital for sanitary reasons  three times a week, [...] Read »
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Duke Studios Partner With Dufaylite to Create 10 Offices From Recycled Paper Boards
Recycled paper honeycomb manufacturer Dufaylite has partnered with Leeds-based Duke Studios to create ten unique studio offices using its revolutionary Ultra Board  a durable material made from [...] Read »
Wide Open - emerging architecture professionals discusses real issues in contemporary practice
Sometimes I think, as architects, we talk so little about buildings. Thats part of my issue with the profession  and part of why so many people leave it for other things. Architects dont know [...] Read »
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Honda Confirms that the Next-Generation Acura RL Will Get the NSX’s Hybrid System
Honda gave us a preview of Acuras new supercar with their NSX concept at this years Detroit Auto Show, and now fans of the car have something new to be excited about. The NSX concept was the [...] Read »
That Mies - He's So Colorful!
Crown Hall meets Unité d'Habitation.   Google Australia gets the jump on Mies van der Rohe's 126th birthday, Tuesday, March 27th, and gives the master a chance to see how a little color might [...] Read »
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Yale Students Discover Rare Plastic-Eating Fungus in the Ecuadorian Rainforest
Plastics represent one of the biggest waste problems in the world because they take a really, really long time to break down. But a recent discovery by a group of Yale students could help speed [...] Read »
Editor's Picks #256
Lawrence Cheek explored the trend of open office design, amongst recent commercial/institutional architecture in Seattle. George Showman found fault "This is a weird article because one of the [...] Read »
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Tesla’s Model X Electric Crossover Was Designed Specifically for Women
After the upcoming Model S sedan, Tesla will release the Model X crossover in early 2014. According to Tesla the Model X, which shares its platform with the Model S, was designed to blend the [...] Read »
Reality Check: Developers React to MoMA’s Show, “Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream”
Though the panelists agreed that the foreclosure crisis will lead to major changes in suburban development, they all thought new patterns are less likely to be brought about by a revised American [...] Read »
Monday, Monday
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LAN Architecture Completes 70° Sud Housing Project in Boulogne-Billancourt
LAN Architecture recently completed 70° Sud, an apartment building in Boulogne-Billancourt, a western suburb of Paris. The project emerged as the winner of a competition back in 2008. Read »
blog wunderlust : 26th March 2012
We all see more of architecture than any other art. Every street is a gallery of architect's work CE Montague The Roots of Sprawl : Why We Don't Live Where We Work | The Influence of Bauhaus [...] Read »
A pavilion designed by Woods in collaboration with Christoph a. Kumpusch is under construction in Chengdu, China. Four stories high, it is a riot of angled steel beams housed in polycarbonate [...] Read »
A conversation with mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith
Jefferson Smith (image courtesy of the Smith campaign) BY BRIAN LIBBY In the weeks ahead, Portlanders will decide between three main candidates to succeed Sam Adams as mayor of the city: former [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Thailands Lush Beach Resort Soneva Kiri Offers a Retreat to Eco Paradise Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Charity Buzz, green eco resort, green holidays, Koh [...] Read »
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Smile Squared Launches Its Buy-One Give-One Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush
Smile Squared has launched a cool new program that gives an environmentally-fri endly toothbrush to a child in need in a developing country for each one sold. Because dental care is an important [...] Read »
The storm over NYU 2031
A beautiful new 1.5-acre park, an elementary school, public amenities and a new pedestrian street to awaken a dead corner: all that seems like a fair trade for the neighborhood in return for [...] Read »
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Japan Shuts Down Second-to-Last Nuclear Reactor
In the wake of the worlds worst nuclear disaster in a generation, yet another nuclear reactor in Japan was taken offline for maintenance on Monday, leaving only one of the countrys 54 nuclear [...] Read »
Kathryn Gustafson Receives Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture
Kathryn Gustafson, director of Seattle landscape architecture practice Gustafson Guthrie Nichol and partner of London design firm Gustafson Porter, is the recipient of the annual Arnold W. Brunner [...] Read »
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Mies van der Rohe’s 126th
Google celebrates Mies van der Rohes 126th birthday. Read »