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so much for that idea . . . Shepherd's Temple/Anshe Kanesses coming down
click image for larger view Lee Bey is reportin g the current owners have decided to give up the fight to save the century-old building from demolition.  So, stop by in a week or so and see [...] Read »
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VW Confirms 2014 All-Electric Golf Will Arrive Late Next Year
Volkswagen gave us a preview of its electric Golf with the Golf Blue-e-motion prototype, and the company recently announced that the vehicle is set to hit the streets late next year as a 2014 [...] Read »
Book launch The Sniper's Log. Architectural Chronicles of Generation X, by Alejandro Zaera-Polo
This compilation of texts written since 1986 reveals a parallel activity to Alejandro Zaera-Polos professional life. The book is like a snipers log, a register of events and accumulated experience, [...] Read »
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President Obama Slams Opponents for Single-Minded View on Energy
With the barrage of misinformation coming out of the Republican party these days about rising oil prices, the safety of the Chevy Volt, the state of global climate change, and President Obamas [...] Read »
Urban Intervention Finalist: Seattle Jelly Bean by PRAUD
With their entry Seattle Jelly Bean, Boston architects PRAUD (Dongwoo Yim & Rafael Luna) were one of the three finalist teams which have now been invited to compete in the second phase of the [...] Read »
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Ultra-Thin Batteries Could Power Displays On Credit Cards
Have you ever looked at your debit or credit card and wondered what your balance was? Well, rather than going to an ATM or checking your online statement, ultra-thin batteries could potentially [...] Read »
The Shapes of Hardcore Architecture
[...] Read »
Remember Ordos 100 ? You know, that project in Inner Mongolia master planned by Ai Weiwei where 100 architects chosen by Herzog & de Meuron designed 100 villas. It was announced amid lots of [...] Read »
Van Alen Books is a new architecture and design bookstore and public reading room located in NY. How will @DelaineIsaac fare with this newly industrialized space? Does LOT-EK address the dearth [...] Read »
Saving Rudolph, Once Again
One of the buildings on the World Monument Fund's 2012 Watch List is the Orange County Government Center in Goshen, New York, designed by Paul Rudolph and completed in 1970. It seems like at [...] Read »
After several weeks of intensive negotiations, a deal has been reached to create the first-ever large-scale AIDS memorial in New York City, though it will be much smaller than its supporters [...] Read »
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NRDC Slams New Apple Campus Design as Car-Dependent Suburban Sprawl
While many of the conversations regarding Apple today will center around the launch of the iPad 3, the Natural Resources Defense Council has taken to its blog to attack the computer giant over [...] Read »
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Read the rest of The Vissershok School is a Colorful Shipping Container Classroom for Kids in South Africa Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 2014 design capital of the world, Cape [...] Read »
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Read the rest of 6 Incredible Green Train Stations Ready For Your Departure Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", china, green architecture, Green Building, [...] Read »
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Design Capital Helsinki Sets Green Example With Public Transportation and Alternative Energy Initiatives
Named World Design Capital of 2012, Helsinki rocks the design world  and the Finnish capital also scores high on the sustainable development scale as well. The city is setting a great green [...] Read »
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New Data Suggests 30-50% of the World’s Food Goes Uneaten
Its not exactly breaking news that humans waste a lot of our food, but a new study by the National Resources Defense Council puts a striking figure on the actual statistics, suggesting that [...] Read »
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5 Kickstarter Projects That Give Back
Are you interested in supporting green businesses but not sure where to start? is the perfect resource!  Featuring hundreds of truly inspirational eco-projects, the site lets [...] Read »
MONU #15 "Post-Ideological Urbanism" - Review by Michael Hirschbichler
In its latest issue #15 Rotterdam-based MONU magazine set out on a daring journey to investigate, as chief editor Bernd Upmeyer proclaims, one of the most fascinating and biggest issues of our [...] Read »
If you care about cities, return that new iPad
Apple is actually taking a site that is now parking lots and low-rise boxes and making it worse for the community. Yes, it will be iconic, assuming you think a building shaped like a whitewall [...] Read »
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PacX Wave-Powered Robots Set World Distance Record While Studying the Health of the Ocean
If you thought there could be nothing better than a world-record-setting wave-powered nautical robot, you were wrong. The PacX Wave Glider team of robots is all of those things  and theyre [...] Read »
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Scotts Miracle-Gro Pleads Guilty To Knowingly Selling Toxic Birdseed
Have you been filling your bird feeder with a Scotts Miracle-Gro brand of birdseed? If so, you might have been poisoning birds instead of serving them a nice snack. In January, Scotts pleaded [...] Read »
Housing with a Mission: Hallway House
NL Architects have shared with us a new project "Hallway House". It has been conceived within the framework of a 'match making' program set up by the Dutch Architecture institute (NAi). The Dutch [...] Read »
UPSTATE at Syracuse University
UPSTATE was created [as a] framework for sustained collaboration with the community and the cityin our case a post-industrial city in upstate New York that's been grappling with a shrinking [...] Read »