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24 Rue Saint – Boniface / BoP Architecture
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The Self-Assembly Line / Skylar Tibbits
Together, Skylar Tibbits and Arthur Olson presented a large-scale installation at the 2012 TED Conference in Long Beach, CA entitled The Self-Assembly Line – a large-scale version of a self-assembly [...] Read »
Techne: MIT’s Mediated Matter
The MIT Media Lab’s Mediated Matter group is perhaps not the first choice of exploration for architects and architecture students. What does “mediated matter” have to do with the design [...] Read »
Vienna Airport Lounge / Syntax Architecture + Illichmann Architecture
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House N / Sharon Neuman Architects
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Skyscape Church / We Architecture
Burnt down in 2009, the beautiful Vaaler church from 1805 has been designed as a new church by WE Architecture . Meant to provide symbolic landmark to succeed the old building, the new Vaaler [...] Read »
Soohwarim / Design Group Oz
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Denmarks third largest city, Odense, has a major transformative  plan for their city center by 2020.  In the 1960s, the Thomas B Thriges Gade allowed Odense to accomodate the demands of growing [...] Read »
Tsinghua University Law Department Library Proposal / Zhubo
Seeking to improve their outdated and overcrowded department library, the intention for the design of the Law school library aims at housing their growing book collection and creating a central [...] Read »
Tea House / Archi-Union Architects
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Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower / Chris Y. H. Chan + Stephanie M. L. Tan
The Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower, designed by Chris Y. H. Chan + Stephanie M. L. Tan , is an alternative building typology that could fit for a city with very limited land resources. [...] Read »
Social Security Administration Building In Barcelona / BCQ Arquitectura
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Warming Huts v.2012 Proposal / Mjölk Architects
Mjölk Architects shared with us their winning entry, titled Polar Hen, to an international arts and architecture competition in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Their design consists of a pump with [...] Read »
Galen / Formwerkz Architects
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Reststop Akkarvikodden / Manthey Kula Architects
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AD Round Up: Educational Part IX
Back in 2009, we published many great educational projects. Like the FDE Public School in Sao Paulo, or Erick van Egeraats InHolland University. Maybe youll like this rural school in Eidsvoll, [...] Read »
Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port / Foster + Partners
One of the greatest Mediterranean Ports is about to be transformed. Work has begun on the Old Port of Marseille as part of a series of regeneration projects to be completed in time for the city’s [...] Read »
Gaia Ropeway Cablecar / Guedes + DeCampos
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Today's archidose #566
Here are some photos of the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland by Henning Larsen Architects with facade by Olafur Eliasson , 2011. Photographs are by Pedro Kok . See [...] Read »
Rainbow Living / Minarc
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Waccabuc House / Chan-li Lin
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A new Market Street
Coming soon, an improvement to one of Torontos best public spaces: Market Street. The city has approved plans to expand the sidewalk across from the 19th-century main market building. The sidewalks [...] Read »
Switch Intros 100-Watt LED Replacement
Switch Lighting, maker of innovative liquid-cooling LEDs, recently announced the availability of a 100-watt replacement bulb that will hit commercial channels.  The color temperature is 4100 [...] Read »
The Avengers x Winnie The Pooh Mashup Illustrations
Seat Barrel Bag
from + MOOD
Skyscape \ WE architecture
The beautiful Vaaler church from 1805 burnt down in the spring of 2009. We have designed a new church as a symbolic landmark to succeed the old building. The new Vaaler church is placed further [...] Read »
Bloom – Flower Installation by Anna Schuleit
Club Monaco Preview & Exciting News
The warmer weather in New York has me dying for the new fall fashions I previewed at Club Monaco last week.  The lovely green shades and stripes had me at hello and will start arriving in stores [...] Read »
Rock Climbing Wall House in Japan
Sneek Peek: Cover Story
Designs for High Line's Last Section Are Released
Initial designs for the third and final section of the High Line were released Monday by Friends of the High Line. Section 3 will wrap around the striking stretch of rail yards at the center [...] Read »
Rolling Huts
As a member of the Atelier Design Team, I thought I would share some of my interests and influences by contributing to the blog. Last weekend was an excellent opportunity to get out of town and [...] Read »
Sweetgrass Faux Rattan Planters
from Inhabit
South Korean Scientists Announce Plan To Clone a Woolly Mammoth
It has been 10,000 years since woolly mammoths last roamed the earth, but if scientists in South Korea have their way the giant creatures could come back to life. Russian academics have signed [...] Read »
from Inhabit
The Startram Maglev Train Could Make Space Travel Cheaper & More Efficient
Space travel is a costly and inefficient process. Not only does it take a large amount of fuel to send the lightest payload into orbit (the Space Shuttle used over one million pounds of solid [...] Read »
Calistoga Ranch | Napa Valley Resort
3-D Printer Creates a Cathedral Fit for a Flea
Or maybe a dust mite. New 3-D printing technology developed by researchers at the Vienna University of Technology can fabricate intricate objects smaller than a grain of sand. This technology [...] Read »
from Curbed
Infographics: Here's a Chart Showing Stalled Buildings Around the Globe
Infographic via Co.Design; click to expand! First published in the Dutch design magazine Mark and named one of the nine most inpsiring infographics in the world by Co.Design, the chart above [...] Read »
Another $9 Million Banked for Chicago’s Newest Linear Park
Today, Mayor Emanuel announced an additional $9 million in pledges for the Bloomingdale Trail, completing funding for the first phase of the elevated rails to trails project, according to the [...] Read »
Koby Cottage is a Prototype Prefab Home
This is Koby Cottage by Garrison Architects in Albion, Michigan. The two-module structure of 1,100 square feet was assembled in about 48 hours and finished as a guest house for families to use [...] Read »
AIANY Honors 2012 Design Award Winners: Unbuilt Work
[Editor's Note: This the third in a four-part series documenting the winners of the AIANY's 2012 Design Awards, which are broken down into four categories: architecture, interiors, unbuilt [...] Read »
Creative Recreation Defeo
Otto Fan
Private Residence in La Gorce by Touzet Studio
David Foster Nass Photography
Blob Living Pod by dmvA Architects
Glamping - Luxury Tents With All You need.
Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir, The Residence (2012) Last week, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities was in Belgium, invited by artist-duo Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans [website], to lecture [...] Read »
Welcome to lockdown London
More visibly, this shift means that the familiar security architecture of airports and international borders  checkpoints, scanners, ID cars, cordons, security zones  start to materialise in [...] Read »
Kiwi House is a Micro Montana Dwelling
This is the Kiwi House, an 823 square-foot abode in Bozeman, Montana.  The home, owned by Stephen and Julie Shea, was designed by Comma-Q Architecture with the hearth  a soapstone fireplace [...] Read »
Soup and Crackers Bowl
The Subwing, A New Watersport Product
Stussy x Converse Sea Star
Shiree Odiz
On View> News Paper Spires at the Skyscraper Museum
News Paper Spires The Skyscraper Museum 39 Battery Pl. Through July 2012 Focusing on the years between 1870 and 1930, News Paper Spires at the Skyscraper Museum considers the buildings where [...] Read »
FSC-Certified Clamp Lamp on Your Desk
Check out this Clamp Lamp by Dana Cannam for manufacturer Pablo.  The woodsy light is made with FSC-certified maple, walnut, or white oak and latches on to your desk with two wooden fingers.  [...] Read »
AIANY Honors 2012 Design Award Winners: Interiors
[Editor's Note: This the second in a four-part series documenting the winners of the AIANY's 2012 Design Awards, which are broken down into four categories: architecture, interiors, unbuilt work, [...] Read »
LinkSolarPowerSkyscraper, Venice, Italy by LED Architecture
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Chicago Picks Bike-Sharing Vendor
Big changes are coming to Chicagos streets, as AN has reported. One of the most visible, the citys planned bike-sharing system, just took a major step forward with the selection of a vendor, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Report Finds Great Lakes Ice Cover Has Decreased a Whopping 71 Percent in 40 Years
If you live near the Great Lakes, youve probably noticed that recently theyve been better suited to kayaking than ice fishing. A new report published by the American Meteorological Society [...] Read »
Big Bang
Le Prado Residence by Maurice Padovani
Geo table by Diseno Exacto
House of the Week : Villa Shoestring
Located on Gibbs Beach, on the West Coast of Barbados this single-family beach house is framed by the vegetation on site and the sea. The residence designed by Architects Cubed (Linda Moore & [...] Read »
from + MOOD
Fragmented House \ AQSO arquitectos office
‘Arquitectos Office’ (AQSO) has recently completed the construction of the ‘Fragmented house’. The concept solution for this residence starts from a compact block transforming, after [...] Read »
Centurion Illusion Garden Mirror
from Inhabit
Coconut Coir Makes an Eco-Friendly Soil That Helps The Earth & Your Plants To Thrive
Check out the roots of the plant on the left (which was grown in peat) and compare them to the roots of the plant on the right (grown in coconut coir). Anyone who has ever cared for plants has [...] Read »
Chicago's St. Patrick's celebration this year will be something we haven't seen for quite some time. Firstly, it will actually take place on St. Patrick's Day. This year, the 17th falls on a [...] Read »
Manifest Destiny: A Guide to the Essential Indifference of American Suburban Housing
We may perhaps have been preconditioned to search out irony, but this, like most of our preconceptions, quickly began to fade. Eight years and thousands of miles later, this view has shifted [...] Read »
Kevlar Smokejumper Belt
Miami Makeover Update
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Roding Roadster 23
Denim Shoes SS 2012
Dream Deferred; Felix Salmon on MoMA's "Foreclosed"
one driving idea of the show holds firm, Bergdolls binder notwithstanding: Suburbs are generally an architect-free zone. Insofar as such creatures are spied at all, theyre employed to rubber-stamp [...] Read »
Over 70 apps nominated, 1,600 votes and 100 people booked for #BEApps 2012!
With just two weeks to go before the first ever Mobile Apps in the Built Environment Event  in partnership with The Building Centre, we're pleased to report an overwhelming amount of activity [...] Read »
DS+R Takes it Higher
Diller Scofidio + Renfro is climbing ever higher near the High Line with their first ever skyscraper.  The Wall Street Journal reports that the firm was selected by Related Development to work [...] Read »
Pictorial> Modeling for PS1: HWKN’s Wendy
So you want to win the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program? This years champs Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner of HollwichKushner (HWKN) shared some insight about their strategy with AN. The [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Millions of users leave digital traces of their activities, interactions and whereabouts on the world wide web. More and more personal conversations and private messages are being shifted to [...] Read »
Book - Infrastructure as Architecture
Infrastructure projects have grown into an important role in the public realm taking more and more responsibility in a social context. Over the past arguably hundred years more and more emphasis [...] Read »
'If Walls Could Talk': A History Of The Home
The book answers questions like: Why did the flushing toilet take two centuries to catch on? Why were kitchens cut off from the rest of a home? And did strangers really share beds as recently [...] Read »
from Inhabit
New Report Finds 3.7 Million U.S. Residents at Risk from Rising Sea Levels
A new report from Climate Central presents troubling data to suggest that rising sea levels, a result of global warning, could cause significant areas of the U.S. coastline to be flooded by the [...] Read »
Expedition Trailers by Moby1
Clarks Sportswear Collection
Lotus Silk Woven Shawls
Cratere Collection by Binome
Lefay House, A Sustainable House on the Hollywood Hills
The Vibe : 3D Printed iPhone Case Customizable with Sound
Furniture Alchemies
The Light Bulb as a Home Appliance
Im sure by now youve read some of the political talk circulating the web as a result of a recent article by The Washington Post about the Philips LED bulb that won the L Prize and $10 million.  [...] Read »
Make Architects: Why we developed our own company app
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Lost In Sofa by Daisuke Motogi Architecture
Dead On Annihilator Superhammer
Mobius chair by Judicael Cornu
The Level Apartment by OFIS Architecture
Antique Rusty Wire Baseball Catchers Mask at Relique
Can USC Grow without Devouring the Neighborhood?
College towns have weathered the recession and housing collapse more than the rest of America, but the neighborhood around USC is an exception. Now USC is planning what local officials call the [...] Read »
Design for Final Segment of High Line Revealed!
Tonight, the design team from the High Line will present plans for Section 3 to the community.  Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe will introduce James Corner from the projects lead team, James [...] Read »
Shell Shocks
We have written about the Universität Stuttgarts Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design before, but they keep pushing the boundaries of exciting new building technology. [...] Read »
Container Home Office Built for Relocation
This is a three-level studio and living space by daiken-met architects in Gifu, Japan.  Called Sugoroku Office, the space is made with seven used shipping containers and a structural steel frame [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Read the rest of PHOTOS: Moshe Safdies Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is an Architectural Gem in Kansas City Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", [...] Read »
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Read the rest of PHOTOS: Incredible Renovation of Londons Historic Kings Cross Station is Complete Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", eco design, free [...] Read »
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U.S. Solar Power Industry Growth Hits New Records
The United States is demanding green energy and the proof is in the pudding. A new report shows that 2011 saw more than double the solar panels installed from the previous year, and 2012 has [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Leafy Vertical Garden Mural Beautifies a Boarded Netherlands Office Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: 2012 Architecten, CO2 emissions, drip irrigation, eco design, [...] Read »
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Scottish Wildlife Trust Building $80,000 Eco-Friendly Toilet on Handa Island
When youve got to go, youve got to go  even if youre on the tiny island of Handa, located off Scotlands north west coast, which is uninhabited for six months of the year. Thats precisely [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Arup Unveils Stunning Solar-Powered Showcase Arena for 2022 World Cup in Qatar Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", 2022 World Cup, [...] Read »
Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love
Frank Gehry and Dennis Shelden discussion about Gehry Partners and Gehry Technologies and the future of innovation in the construction industry.. via National Building Museum Read »