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Read the rest of Water Works Park Will Connect Residents With the River Watershed in Des Moines, Iowa Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: "sustainable architecture", AES, Architecture, [...] Read »
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Study Finds That Twitter May Be More Addictive Than Alcohol or Cigarettes
Addicts of today aren’t turning to cigarettes or alcohol  instead, they turn to Twitter. A new study by Wilhelm Hoffman of Chicago University’s Booth Business School has found that checking [...] Read »
How to dismantle your door: A Man Escaped (1956)
[Image: From A Man Escaped (1956), courtesy of the Criterion Collection]. Breaking Out and Breaking In: A Distributed Film Fest of Prison Breaks and Bank Heists —co-sponsored by BLDGBLOG, Filmmaker [...] Read »
Getting out of groupthink and into pursuing opportunities
There has been a lot of conversation in recent days about the form of the office and how to design it for those who work in it. This is enormously interesting to me because this conversation, [...] Read »
Editor's Picks #249
Scott Timberg wrote a piece for Salon examining how "One of the coolest creative-class careers has cratered with the economy". spaceman was surprised by some of the architects quoted and wrote [...] Read »
Lifson on Prentice Curves, Explore Engineering at CAF, Marie Aquilino, Carolyn Armenta Davis, People's History and Preservation, plus last days for Bertrand Goldberg:Reflections - more for February
We told you there was a lot more coming to the February 2012 Calendar of Chicago Architectural Events , and it turns out we weren't kidding.  We've just added another dozen+ items. On Thursday, [...] Read »
One of the more interesting sub-conversations at last fall's Art + Environment Conference at the Nevada Museum of Art revolved around the question of whether or not the future of landscape architecture [...] Read »
I would like to tell a short storyor perhaps not such a short storyabout the reasons why I chose to become an architect. Exactly why this blogs readers should be interested in my recollections [...] Read »
Half Dose #101: 100 William Street
Cutting diagonally from John Street (above) to the intersection of William and Platt Streets is the covered pedestrian space of 100 William Street. Dating back to 1974, it is "the first covered [...] Read »
Object Cancers
There was a lot of talk last week about the emergence of " physibles ," or downloadable data sets hosted on the Pirate Bay that would allow (potentially copyrighted) objects to be reproduced [...] Read »
Tigerman retains bite; exhibit encapsulates work, wit of Chicago's design provocateur
Some architects swear by Stanley Tigerman. Others, especially those whove been wounded by Tigermans biting criticisms, prefer to swear at him. In a disarmingly honest moment, the 81-year-old [...] Read »
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83-Year-Old Woman Gets the World’s First 3D Printed Replacement Jaw
An 83-year-old woman in Belgium is now the proud owner of what could be possibly the coolest lower jaw in history: a 3D printed titanium mandible replacement. The jaw was implanted successfully [...] Read »
blog wunderlust : 6th February 2012
And perhaps architecture has always wanted to be a theatre of memories Umberto Eco Think Outside the Cube : Why the Office Isn't the Best Workspace | ‘Every year, more and more women design [...] Read »
Making Planning Popular
[Image: Making Planning Popular on display at the RCA in London]. For those of you near London, you have one more day to see David Knight's Making Planning Popular on display in a group show [...] Read »
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GIVEAWAY: Win a Business of Being Born DVD Prize Pack!
If youre even thinking about having kids, the 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born is a must-see. The film explores the present childbirth and maternity care system, providing different [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Among urbanists in America, the advent of landmark-preservation laws in the 1960s is usually viewed as an inspiring time in urban planning: Concerned communities, academics, and fans of architecture [...] Read »
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Read the rest of The Extensive Montreal Botanical Garden is a Lush Escape From the City Streets Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Brother Marie-Victorin, eco design, green design, [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Giant Statue Made From 4,200 Coca-Cola Crates Preaches the 3Rs in Cape Town, South Africa Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: can recycling, Cape Town, Coca Cola, [...] Read »
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Read the rest of Herzog and de Meuron Unveil Plans for Brilliant Naturally Ventilated Mãe Luiza Gymnasium Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: applied science, Brazil, Climate Change, [...] Read »
Hanging Lamps by Inga Sempé