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Architectural Works
modeLab Strip Morphologies Workshop
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Retail Center / Global Architecture Development
Global Architecture Development (GAD), an Istanbul and New York based firm, is working on a 25,000 m²  shopping center in Turkey.  The new retail area injects the area with a larger sense [...] Read »
La Campana House / Alejandro Dumay + Francisco Vergara
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Plastic House / Unit Arkitektur AB
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The International Parking Institute 2010 Awards
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Club BlackboX by Parasitestudio
The design proposal started from generating a completely black box, as well as a shape and as a concept, an abstract space that doesn’t breathe towards the outside world but keeps locked within [...] Read »
Refurbishment of Boa Hairdresser’s Salon / Claudia Meier
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Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1
Almost a year ago we told you of a survey Autodesk was conducting regarding the UI and printing capabilities of Autocad with Mac users, the first confirmation of Autodesk finally working on a [...] Read »
LAS VEGAS  Americas capital of gambling boasts an Eiffel Tower, an Arc de Triomphe and a Rialto Bridge. Now it has a shiny new bragging point  the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain [...] Read »
I am long overdue posting this, but if you are in the city today, go to the Fast Trash exhibit organized by Juliette Spertus with Project Projects. It’s a fascinating look at the system of [...] Read »
Nelson Marshmallow Sofa Design
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“Haus des Gastes” Visitor Center | Gnädinger Architekten
German architectural firm Gnädinger Architekten has converted a former textile factory into a Visitor Center  Haus des Gastes located in Beeskow, Germany. The project comprises a new modern [...] Read »
Gate : Linkable Bench System, Blastation Collection
Unique woven bed Collection
Powerfall by Zodiac Pooclare
In last week's open thread, a commenter wrote, "I've been looking steadily in Brooklyn (Park Slope, Prospect Hts and the Heights) and Manhattan for 8 months. It's like a dance where everyone [...] Read »
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FIFA World Cup 2010 – The Green Point Stadium | gmp architekten
The 68,000 spectators Green Point Stadium designed by gmp architekten, is one of the major stadiums to host the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. With its horizontal facade expression and [...] Read »
breathing Chair by Wu Yu-Ying
Curbed Photo Pool: Best of the Curbed Photo Pool
Photogs, want to contribute to the Curbed Photo Pool? Then join our Flickr group! Click the image above to view the full photogallery.· Curbed Photo Pool [Flickr] Read »
Plaza of the Americas to get renovation: Wrigley next, please, please.
Is that the slight hint of a smile I see on the face of the statue of savior-of-the-Mexican-R epublic Benito Juárez? On Saturday, 42nd ward alderman Brendan Reilly announced via his weekly [...] Read »
My mother taught first-grade Sunday School for 36 years. During that time, she enlisted my father to make the various gadgets and props that she used, which he dutifully built, transported, set [...] Read »
DNA Lamp : Next Collection
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Brinken Terrace | 70°N arkitektur
In Norway, 70°N arkitektur has designed the Brinken Terrace situated on top of the Tromsø island facing west with its beautiful view. The project is composed of two apartment buildings with [...] Read »
Paper Monster’s Stencil Collages
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from Inhabit
7 Eco-Friendly Sandals To Kick Off Summer in Style
When it comes time to show off those post winter toes, one can easily find themselves overcome with equal parts excitement and horror. But embarrassing foot etiquette aside, there’s nothing [...] Read »
Rockstable:Instrument Furniture
Leaner Greener, Low Carbon Diet, Smaller Selling, + Energy Economy
Old is the new green. Opinion: don't LEED us astray. Clinton: green energy can grow economy. $2 billion skyscraper receives LEED Platinum. Generating energy from sewage wastewater. Going on a [...] Read »
Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1
Almost a year ago we told you of a survey Autodesk was conducting regarding the UI and printing capabilities of Autocad with Mac users, the first confirmation of Autodesk finally working on a [...] Read »
Nimrod Low Chair Designed by Marc Newson
Controversial Shepard Fairey Mural Painted Over
Shepard Fairey, of the Obama Hope poster and Andre the Giant Has a Posse meme fame, was recently commissioned to do a mural in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from my hometown [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Genius Transformer Baby Gear: The Koo Goes From Bassinet to Rocker
Is a new baby in the house keeping you on your feet and out of energy? The Koo might be your best bet in beating the  ‘round the clock battle of tear wiping, frequent feedings and of course, [...] Read »
Ford Calumet Environmental Center | Studio Gang Architects
The City of Chicago Department of Environment and the State of Illinois partnered to develop a new environmental center in the Calumet area just south of Chicago. Ford Calumet Environmental Center, [...] Read »
Let’s start at the beginning. The first sphere on the left is quite obviously our planet.  The sphere in the middle represents all the water on our planet.  And the sphere on the right is [...] Read »
Just a brief note—the kind of brief note that I should post more of—but if you haven’t tried Google Maps on the iPad, you should. I think there are a lot of problems with the iPad, particularly [...] Read »
Chaise Lounge by Answerdesign
Sunday last day for Delestowicz-Wierzbowski open studio show
Today is the closing day for this weekend's showing of the latest work by artist Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski, whose murals include From Sea to Shining Sea , commissioned for what's billed as [...] Read »
Linkable Bench System
Health beds to cure insomnia
Sliding Shelves Designed by Lutz Hüning
Modular Bar in Parque da Cidade
Diogo Aguia built this attractive bar in 2008 as part of a design competition through the Oporto School of Artchitecture. Built in a week, it utilizes 420 Ikea boxes built around a wooden and [...] Read »
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Otto Bock Science Center Medical Technology | Gnädinger Architekten
The Otto Bock Science Center Medical Technology by German architectural firm Gnädinger Architekten was started from the idea of human muscle fibers, a metaphor for the simulation of complex [...] Read »