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Before Richard Meier and the Spotted Pig, the Far West Village was all about trannies, hookers, and trannie hookers—but is it still? The Post reports that CB2 is asking for a crackdown on the [...] Read »
Indoor Waterfall by Harmonic Environments
Quick Exits: Courtney Love Departs Chelsea's Celebrity Townhouse
Confirming what a few Curbed commenters suspected some weeks back, developer and broker Michael Bolla tells Daily Intel that Courtney Love has already moved out of 436 West 20th Street, the Chelsea [...] Read »
Brooklyn Bridge Park Watch: Jean Nouvel's Brooklyn Barn Will Light Up the East River
Queen of Dumbo Jane Walentas appeared before Brooklyn's Community Board 2 last night to reveal the plans for the Jean Nouvel-designed waterfront pavilion that will house her restored antique [...] Read »
Cube 5 by H-Haus
Linkage: Red Hook Trolley Has a Chance; Calatrava's New NYC Project; More!
[Fun with Banksy via Curbed Photo Pool/sabeth718.] · City will study new Red Hook waterfront trolley to Atlantic Ave. [NYP] · Crooked crane company owner could get six years in pokey [NYDN] [...] Read »
Los Molles House by dRN Arquitectos
Marni Boutique Interior Design in Las Vegas
Developer London and Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q) is looking for a new architect to take forward the redevelopment of Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium Read »
Luxury LEED Townhomes in California
In the high-end home market, some buyers think buying a green property entails a lot of sacrifice and loss of amenities, but maybe this development in Santa Monica can change some of that. Located [...] Read »
Kind of Gross
Created in part by urine, these could be the building blocks of the future... One minor problem - contamination of the ground water. .Via Gizmodo .. Read »
Two-tired Cleveland commuters soon will have a place to rest their bikes and bones. Regulations taking effect June 16 require secure bicycle racks to be installed at many parking lots and garages [...] Read »
Orkys – Solar Powered Orchid Light
Halting the rubber stamp: protest planned at Wednesday CRC Review Panel meeting
Interstate Bridge, photo by Brian Libby Depending on your point of view, it can be called either an "Independent Review Panel" or, as David Osborn prefers, the "Rubber Stamp Panel". Either way, [...] Read »
CurbedWire: 15 USW Relaunch Complete; South Village Seeks Protection
UNION SQUARE—The redesigned website for the relaunched 15 Union Square West has gone live, and other than the mysterious woman in the red dress, we're most drawn to the photos inside the apartments. [...] Read »
Hot Fun in the Summertime: Hudson River Park's Chelsea Cove Taken Out for a Spin
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. The latest section of Hudson River Park's Chelsea Cove opened to the public today at Pier 62 just north of Chelsea Piers, following a semi-private [...] Read »
The design style bed is youthful and modern with many color choices as a surprise for the user. Have you ever thought about every night when you lie on a bed in purple, or red or dark blue? Perhaps [...] Read »
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Architecture: Gene Kaufman's Buildings Would Go Over Better in France
Gene Kaufman may have done more to shape the Manhattan skyline during the building boom than any other architect, thanks to his role as prolific hotel builder Sam Chang's right-hand man. The [...] Read »
from Inhabit
DuPont’s New Ink Can Quickly Print Cheap OLED Displays
Want an ultra energy-efficient OLED television? Youll have to pay  LGs 15-inch display, for example, will cost a scathing $2,725 when it is released later this year. But OLED displays may [...] Read »
Not-So-Great News For Great Park
Is the air coming out of the big orange balloon? Orange County’s Great Park, which is rising on the former El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, has since its inception in 2002 been the last great [...] Read »
Development Du Jour: Three-Year Lower East Side Mystery 38 Delancey Hits Market
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Location: 38 Delancey Street Size: 55 units Prices: $615,000 to $1.355 million in listings online so far Architect: Harry Hong Developer: [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Constrained City - the Pain of Everyday Life
The urban context directly shapes our experience of the city. As we make our way down to the bus stop the sun rays falling through the leave canopy bouncing on the shiny metall of the railing [...] Read »
Construction Watch: 11 Times Square Leased Up and Fully Exposed
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. International law firm Proskauer Rose has sealed its deal for a big chunk of office space in the brand new 11 Times Square tower, meaning [...] Read »
2 BR, 2 BA, 976 sq ft condo Rent: $2,854/mo. | The Brooklyner 111 Lawrence Street, Line H [] Read »
Paul McCarthy
iCushion – iPhone for Your Comfort
Al Fresco Alert: City Begins Balcony Safety Blitz With 16 Buildings
The inhabitants of 16 city buildings are no longer allowed to use their balconies after a flurry of safety inspections by Department of Buildings officials, the Times reports. The inspections [...] Read »
Primetime nursery school
Temperature Sensor LED Glow Showerheads
[FIRST LOOK + PLANS] Work has begun on a £7 million refurbishment of four residential blocks on the edge of Manchester City Centre Read »
One & Co. Office
[...] Read »
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Persian Gulf Harnessing Microbes to Transform Desert into Farmland
The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait are in the midst of a massive project to re-landscape their deserts and transform them into fertile farmland, providing food security for their future. [...] Read »
Narrow Streets Los Angeles
David Yoon, an LA-based writer, designer and self-proclaimed "urban planning geek" has developed a fascinating photo-study of Los Angeles called " Narrow Streets ". Yoon photographs streets across [...] Read »
Routemaster 2.0
The City of London unveiled a new version of its iconic red doubledecker bus today, replacing the Routemasters everyone knows and loves. Which was a little surprising, as we thought Transit London [...] Read »
Cleveland Area History (www.clevelandareahisto is a blog dedicated to engaging readers with those people, places, and events that tell the story of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. With emphasis [...] Read »
�bertect #3: The Interview
"What is a little mess when it is so very necessary? I am the ultimate critic. The architecture world has lost its mind. It needs therapy. I am here to help." Click the above image to enlarge Read »
Linkage: Doormen Googling Residents; Cuomo Wants Rushmore Suit Dismissed
[Via Curbed Photo Pool/Tim Schreier] · Doorman googles building resident, has to apologize [BU] · Attorney general asks judge to dismiss suit against him in Rushmore dispute [Real Deal] · [...] Read »
blog wunderlust : 17 May 2010
The blog wunderlust is a weekly round up summarizing the architectural highlights, news and web links, that don't otherwise fit the format of this blog. If you have any to share feel free to [...] Read »
Do you think this is the type of chairs or stools double mattress? It simply Binoculo, was designed by Simona M. Favrin, Sofa Italian Design company. The chair has a simple design, compact and [...] Read »
The Pompidou Mess
[...] Read »
PriceChopper: Battle of the Big Downtown Brooklyn PriceChops!
How do you like your PriceChops: All at once in a big dramatic slash, or a bunch of itty-bitty cuts that add up to something equally deadly? Either way, Friday the 14th had something for you [...] Read »
Duplex, 2 BR, 2.5 BA, 1,718 sq ft Asking: $2,450,000 | 20 soaring LR 456 W. 19th St., 2/3A [] Read »
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Chair Made From 350 Cut Up Playing Cards is a Winning Hand
Each day thousands of playing cards are used in the endless games of Black Jack and Poker that take place in Las Vegas casinos  and these cards are often quickly laid to rest to make way for [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Hong Kong Transportation Hub Actually Improves Air Quality
Under the Same Roof is an exciting new design for the Hong Kong Boundary Crossings Facility (HKBCF) that will be located on an artificial island in the Pearl River Delta in Hong Kong. Designed [...] Read »
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Steel Scrubbing Sponges Turned into a Metallic Cloud Chandelier!
Who would have thought that something that is used to clean the grimiest areas of your kitchen could become this beautiful chandelier?  We stumbled upon Daisuke Hiraiwa’s booth last weekend [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Scientists Unlock Secret of Super Strong Spider Silk Material
[...] Read »
kkaarrlls 10: Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knüppel
Shaped like a chest of drawers, Pl(a)ywood does not actually have any inner workings, but is composed of 38 loosely stacked plywood boards that can protrude to act as shelving. Read »
from Inhabit
First Certified Passive House Ever in the Western US!
[...] Read »
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LED Light Fixtures Create the Illusion of Daylighting
Daylighting is one key to keeping our mental states balanced when were indoors, but sometimes its impossible to bring sunlight into interior places. Luckily, one innovative designer is experimenting [...] Read »
Crimes Against Humanity: Banned Developer Pays Settlement From Bakery Wages
Back in October, Finger Building developer Mendel Brach was banned from selling condos for five years thanks to some shenanigans on Bed-Stuy's Spencer Street. He was ordered to pay $10.9 million [...] Read »
Duplex, 2 BR, 2.5 BA, 1,718 sq ft Asking: $2,450,000 | 20 soaring LR 456 W. 19th St., 2/3A [] Read »
Hey, East Villagers, meet the newest wannabe member of your community board: actress Chloe Sevigny. Sevigny tells an interviewer she'd "never go to the Lower East Side or Nolita," but even so, [...] Read »
A silver lining for prospective buyers amid all the new development stops and starts of the bust: the new sponsors of troubled projects have no problem cutting prices. The Wall Street Journal [...] Read »
One Macquarie by Arkhefield
Alice Supply Co. Metal Toolbox - Nautical
17" Black Communist Downlighters
El Ministerio de Vivienda presenta en Bruselas el laboratorio de ideas de los arquitectos españoles noveles en Arquitectura sin papel
Expone los trabajos de 15 estudios de arquitectura que han abandonado el soporte papel y hallado en el ordenador su mejor herramienta de trabajo y una nueva vía de explotar su creatividad [...] Read »
West Ham United said the football club was ‘hopeful’ of moving to the Populous-designed Olympic Stadium after the London 2012 Games Read »
NONAM North America Native Museum
Native American museum in Zurich (Switzerland) designed by GXM Architekten : Read »
Chicago Streetscene:  Oysters on Asphalt
CLEVELAND, Ohio  Supporters of a downtown district showcasing the regions strengths in product design will test the concept with a furniture fair in mid July. The Cleveland Furniture and Millwork [...] Read »
Lounger by Loll
architecture, music, books all in the same stream Read »
Lexus Tower by London-based Agency Daniel Widrig
This short post presents London-based Agency Daniel Widrig 's proposal for the Lexus Tower, a 98,000 sqm tower that consists of appartment, hotel, leisure, shopping. The project will be built [...] Read »
Easy Being Green
The Syracuse School of Architecture launched the Ground Up housing competition with the express purpose of challenging the notion that green building had to be expensive. Selecting three homes [...] Read »
This mid-terrace house in Ireland has been extensively refurbished into a contemporary live/work space by ODOS Architects. The new structure was conceived as a simple form which connects at ground [...] Read »
Modern Living Room Sofa Furniture from Natuzzi
The lengthy renovation of the International Toy Center at 200 Fifth Avenue hasn't really changed the building's exterior, but the WSJ explains what's going on inside the office building. A courtyard [...] Read »
from Inhabit
London’s Hybrid Double-Decker Bus Officially Unveiled Today
Transport for London has been working on a new, more efficient, double-decker bus for London to replace the classic Routemaster. Today, London Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London officially [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Toxic II Table by Oliver Haddon
Oliver Haddon developed the Toxic II Table while he was at Buckinghamshire University in England in 2009. The designs were developed from studying flowers and the patterns the occurred within [...] Read »
The Apartment House by Formwerkz Architects
Formwerkz Architects were challenged with a difficult task when designing the Apartment House in Seletar Close, Singapore. The home was to be designed for one large family across three generations [...] Read »
Extensions: A Successful Container Addition
Aluminum Stair
Ignore this morning's Linkage photo, because the new Banksy pieces in Dumbo, Chinatown, FiDi and Soho have already been hit by rival street artists. First Shepard Fairey and now poor old Banksy. [...] Read »
8 Cool MacBook Keyboard Decals
A broker feud in the Hamptons has led to an antitrust probe by the Justice Department, with a small fry accusing the big boys of not playing fair. The high-end Hamptons brokerages use a listings [...] Read »
“Santa Alchimia”
Thinking of You "Now"
When In Your Design Process Do You Have Most Leverage Over Cost and Quality?
Over the decades, architectural design methods have been intrinsically linked with new tools that architects use to turn their visions into realities. New tools like virtual computer visualization [...] Read »
Architecture -- Los Angeles Times - Read »
La Riviera Advance
the track lights will be gone. Read »
Donal Judd's Library houses 13,000 books spanning a range of subjects as broad as the artist's thinking. Judd's arrangement of the library reflects his sensitivity to geography and understanding [...] Read »
Cleveland is usually very pertinent when it comes to environmental disasters. Most famous for the Burning River(Cuyahoga) which set the stage for the creation of the Environmental Protection [...] Read »
The first exhibit hosted in our new CUDC gallery will have its opening reception on May 17, 2010 from 5-8pm. The exhibit entitled Napoli Senza Titolo (Naples Untitled) is a photographic exploration [...] Read »
This book is a graphic catalog of material in relation to design. It is a stunning 3 lb. collection of analytical drawings and texts and a handbook for any architect. I highly recommend. Read »
"Toren's location is just bad and most people who have been in there have noticed something very unsettling about the whole development, from the stark white entry, to the motion activated hallway [...] Read »
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Lexon Rolls Out Eco Office Supplies Made from Bamboo
For all of you who get giddy over purchasing new office supplies, we’ve found the perfect eco-friendly line that’s about to top your desk  and your design loving hearts  off with joy! Powered [...] Read »
Architecture: Gene Kaufman's Buildings Would Go Over Better in France
Gene Kaufman may have done more to shape the Manhattan skyline during the building boom than any other architect, thanks to his role as prolific hotel builder Sam Chang's right-hand man. The [...] Read »
Celebrity Real Estate: Uma Thurman's Village Townhouse On the Market for $14.2M
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Blog The Real Estalker is pretty sure this townhouse at 18 West 9th Street belongs to actress Uma Thurman. But perhaps not for long! It hit [...] Read »
Off the Market: Tribeca's $20M Fairchild High-Five No Longer Available
At North Tribeca Karl Fischer special the Fairchild, 16 out of 21 units are in contract, but there's one unit nobody seems to want: the five-unit combo #7TH8THPH. The 10,000-square-foot triplex [...] Read »
A crude bomb was found on the ground floor of a three-story building in Jersey City, 1010Wins reports. Terrorism? Nope. Police think the gas-can-and-wire bomb, which was rigged to go off if the [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Pamphlet Architecture 32 Call for Entries
By addressing the capacity to cope, the ability to bounce back, and the mitigation and management of risk, proposals are welcome that showcase a fresh understanding of the possibilities and opportunities [...] Read »
Vitra Showroom
[...] Read »
Sava Footbridge / Peter Gabrijelčič + Peter Koren
[...] Read »
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San Juan de Dios Apartments by Duarte Arquitectos
Chilean studio Duarte Arquitectos have designed an apartment building for a hill-top in Valparaiso, Chile. Read »
Pritzker Ceremony / SANAA
ArchDaily had the privilege of attending the Pritzker Prize ceremony last night on historic Ellis Island as Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa were honored.  Regarded as the highest honor bestowed [...] Read »
Lycée de Jolimont / Laurens & Loustau Architectes
[...] Read »
Australia St infants School COLA / Scale Architecture
[...] Read »
Architecture Foundation Cordoba / Point Supreme Architects
Greek architects Point Supreme shared their urban plan + architecture foundation building competition proposal for Cordoba, Spain with us.  The proposal seeks to connect the San Pablo block [...] Read »
Facade Renovation / Martin Fenlon Architecture
Martin Fenlons rusted steel canopy was recently constructed in LA.   The canopy was a facade renovation that took the existing building and added a ‘tube frieze’ in place of typical canopy [...] Read »
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Batemans Row by Theis and Khan Architects
London studio Theis and Khan Architects have completed their own home and studio in east London. Read »
modeLab Scripting Parameters Workshop
[...] Read »
AD Recommends: Best of the Week
[...] Read »
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Inntel hotel by WAM Architecten
Delft studio WAM Architecten have completed a hotel that looks like a pile of houses in Zaandam, the Netherlands. Read »