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Raleigh, N.C. The newly expanded North Carolina Museum of Art is an institution transformed  and a reminder of the need for strong new leadership at the Cleveland Museum of Art, now seeking [...] Read »
NORTH ROYALTON Parma Community General Hospital may partner with the proposed YMCA. Although an official announcement is under wraps, hospital representatives have already reached out to officials [...] Read »
Slate carries Jacob Weisberg’s article “ Apple’s Way ,” the best explanation that I have yet read of the problem with Apple, why it will be a disaster for the media industry, and why [...] Read »
Designed by architecture firm Foster and Partners, Fortaleza Hall has been built on the Frank Lloyd Wright campus as the new space provides a permanent home for the historic replica aircraft [...] Read »
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Food Recycling, Smarter Skinning, Healthy Ungreen, + Water Footprints
Neighborhood tests food recycling. Are green buildings always healthy? Giving green buildings a smarter skin. Five sustainability tips for small businesses. Green practices conflict with homeowners [...] Read »
Alligator House is a low-cost house designed by the architects of Building studio Los Angeles as a home for refugees from post-Katrina. The name is indicative of the shape, especially the facade, [...] Read »
Perforated Metal Chair
Interview with the co-founder of the City Repair Project, a Portland group that helps neighbors turn public spaces into gathering places. Countering the "That�s public space. Nobody can use [...] Read »
Stone Lodge on The Hill, New Zealand
Not many people like to build a house near the mountains, but many people prefer the atmosphere comfortable, peaceful, cool. Building from the bottom boulders. Stacked stone pieces were stacked [...] Read »
How do you cover more ground greening America? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency figured it could reach hordes at sports events with green messages, and so it started recruiting major [...] Read »
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Drevviken House | Claesson Koivisto Rune
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Wooden Rug
The BP (British Petroleum) oil spill is perhaps one of the worst ecological disasters of our century. The Oil Companies have been drilling ('drill baby drill'?) for oil, with one thing in mind: [...] Read »
Kristall Chandelier
After Housing Bust, Builders Dust Off the Boom MachineHome prices in Las Vegas are down by 60 percent from 2006 in one of the steepest descents in modern times. There are 9,517 spanking new houses [...] Read »
When the famous IWC Ingenieur watch launched the IWC Ingenieur Automatic Edition Zinédine Zidane in blue of the 2008 edition, it was not considered wearable by many for its blue dial/blue strap [...] Read »
Beta Local | San Juan, Puerto Rico | A non-profit organization devoted to promoting critical and creative thought, action and production through an independent and flexible structure comprised [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Open Source 2010 International Seminar
[ June 12, 2010; ] In the different areas of human production, it is curious to note the constitution of global informal networks that work between themselves in a process of sharing and collaboration. [...] Read »
Gymnase CREPS / Laurens & Loustau Architectes
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Bonnet Hill House / Dock4 Architecture
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Mr. Visserplein / Bureau B+B
Bureau B+B shared with us their project Mr. Visserplein, a temporary facility for a square in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mr. Visserplein is one of the most discussed open spaces in the center of [...] Read »
House in Atagoyama / a.un Architects
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Northeast Ohio has a lot of heavy metal in its history, but may soon be known for lighter stuff. The University of Akron and the Defense Metals Technology Center in North Canton plan to announce [...] Read »
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NYC EVENT: ‘Interconnected’ Design from Portugal and Brazil
Hey NYC! If you’re looking for a leisurely activity to fill this fine Sunday afternoon, head on over to the Meatpacking District to check out TOUCH’s latest exhibition “Interconnected.” [...] Read »
Alexander Lehnerer and team win 1st Prize in CAC's Mine the Gap Competition
We'll have more about this later, but for now, we'll tell you that a team lead by architect and UIC professor Alexander Lehnerer won first prize in the Chicago Architectural Club 's Mine the [...] Read »
Curbed Photo Pool: Best of the Curbed Photo Pool
Photogs, want to contribute to the Curbed Photo Pool? Then join our Flickr group! Click the image above to view the full photogallery.· Curbed Photo Pool [Flickr] Read »
3 in 1 by Slot Furniture
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Its’ hard to recollect a household appliance design that would help keep the most contemporary interiors blooming and refreshed. Twilight helps establish better functions and better interaction [...] Read »
The Schwartz House, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Simple and Beautiful Courtyard Garden
The May rains and flowers have arrived  time to be optimistic again about Clevelands prospects. OK, that requires leaving aside recent sour news regarding the Cavs, labor troubles at the Cleveland [...] Read »
Flower Power
This spring, I am loving anything flowery, especially glazed chintz floral fabrics. I am also desperately missing American Vogue Living and even more so after flipping through the Spring/Summer [...] Read »
Lightning Bolt Umbrella
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TT-Villa | WE Architecture
The young Danish architectural firm, WE Architecture, designed this TT-Villa located in one of the most attractive island in asia  Phuket, Thailand. The house is composed of 3 linear forms which [...] Read »
USM Modular Furniture
Interior Glass Sliding Doors by Foa Porte
The Thermae Home Sauna by Spas Wellness
Last week's commenters weren't feeling too optimistic about the open house scene after a tense few days for the stock market. How's it looking this week? If you're out and about in the New York [...] Read »