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Week in Review: Rush Limbaugh PriceChops; Zac Posen's Quirky Condo Unveiled
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. This week's top stories: Rush Limbaugh Will Take $1 Million Less to Leave New York Forever, Zac Posen's Quirky Condo Creation Unveiled in [...] Read »
from + MOOD
Enramada | REC Arquitectura
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How Embarrassing
So, the World Expo 2010 is taking place in Shanghai, and many of the world's best architects have contributed designs. Many countries have hired the best architects found in their own country, [...] Read »
Transported Back at 20 Exchange Place
Buildings are like stories, marked by scenery, time and place, and plot. They often have a rise and decline, and maybe a rise again. Buildings evoke an era, and characters conceive, design, build, [...] Read »
Boys Bedroom Ideas by ZG Group
The latest workplace design trends
Among the most common expressions of advice as anxiety turns to optimism in the economy relates to the preparedness and actions of leaders. You must rapidly move from the status quo, so many [...] Read »
Blue Pike Farm Open House May 15, 2010 10am  2pm 900 E. 72nd St Cleveland, OH 44103 It has been a long and cold winter. My biggest regret is the sever lack of tomatoes that had any flavor. I [...] Read »
"I assume Ann street got rid of that creepy porn store that was right by J&R. These are great places. The block isn't fantastic, that area is a bit like a slice of downtown brooklyn in Manhattan. [...] Read »
Real Estate Sold: Lapsed Upper East Side Mansion Sells for Third Time in Four Years
As entertainingly reported by the late, great Max Abelson (real estate reporters who move on to covering finance are dead to us), developer Charles Yassky purchased the 36-foot-wide red-brick [...] Read »
Sponsored Post: Curbed @ Columbus Square Party Report: All Decked Out
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. [Photos by Daniel Krieger] Thanks to the hundreds of Curbed readers who joined us on the lush, two-acre deck at Columbus Square, the hot, [...] Read »
If your plans for the 127th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge don't involve getting a $27 tattoo of the bridge on May 23rd, well, we're not sure what you've been waiting for. We assume now that [...] Read »
3 BR, 1 BA, 850 sq ft co-op Asking: $389,000 | Sun, 112 661 41st Street, 3C [Owner] Read »
Three Cents Worth: Three Cents Worth: Manhattan Absorption Tall Tales
[This week, real estate appraiser, Curbed graph guru, and podcaster extraordinaire Jonathan Miller wonders how long it would take to sell out Manhattan's current apartment supply.] [Click to [...] Read »
Vertical Farm Concept: Eco-Laboratory
In 2008, we first looked at this Eco-Laboratory concept for a living building, which won the Natural Design Talent Competition in 2008. Designed by a team from Weber Thompson, the Eco-Laboratory [...] Read »
Beautiful Bathroom Sets Design By Foster
The beautiful bathroom Sets is made by Foster, and is part of the collection of Piaf. This product can provide a sense of luxury and style. Launched under the slogan “products of high quality, [...] Read »
Book Review: Digital Architecture - Passages Through Hinterlands
A collection of the latest, provocative projects from the field of digitally-enabled architecture. Oscillating between the analog and the digital, from concept to realisation this is a book that [...] Read »
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Blu Completes Another Next Gen Prefab
Notwithstanding the much talked about death of prefab, factory-built homes that are energy efficient and made with healthy materials keep finding buyers. Blu Homes, a prefab startup that just [...] Read »
Juan Herreros Architects designed this little house located in Artá, a small village in Mallorca, Spain. The project converts an existing vernacular structure that formerly served as a refuge [...] Read »
Last Monday, we published a story on Boston finalizing its plans for the future development of the Greenway. In it, we made small mention of developer Don Chiofaro and his Boston Arch project. [...] Read »
isak lovebird cups at lojadestar
New Practices on the Block
The New Practices New York juried portfolio competition took place on Wednesday. This biennial competition, sponsored by the AIA New York chapter and now in its third iteration, has quickly become [...] Read »
CurbedWire: Renderings Imagine What 'Brooklyn's Park Avenue' Might Look Like
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. PARK SLOPE & POINTS BEYOND—Though the real estate boom added oodles of hastily assembled condo buildings to its flanks, Brooklyn's Fourth [...] Read »
Eater Tastings: The Lion Roars into the Village; Keith McNally Forgets to Take His Meds; Pink Teacup Reopening!
This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog... 1) Greenwich Village: Ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at the most exclusive new restaurant table in New York. [...] Read »
Pratt Pavilion wins Building Brooklyn Award
hanrahan Meyers architects are pleased to announce that their Juliana Curran Terian Pratt Pavilion, designed for the Pratt Institute campus in Brooklyn, New York, has been awarded a Building [...] Read »
The work is an exploration in representing psychological space and part of an ongoing series. Click here to view more work by Emily Speed Read »
1100 Architect seeking Intermediate Architect in New York, NY 1100 Architect, an internationally recognized, published and award-winning New York architecture firm, is seeking a talented, motivated [...] Read »
Liminal Air
I'm in the midst on an unexpected roadtrip, traveling through mountain pine forests and red domes of roadside rocks framing campsites for the next several days, which means I'll presumably be [...] Read »
Real Estate Sold: Upper East Side Penthouse Takes a Tumble and Sells
Snazzed-out Upper East Side condo development 170 East End Avenue has been taking its lumps lately, but a building with its own private squash court can only be down for so long. And just like [...] Read »
curbed marketplace: Sunday Open House Roundup
Time for this week's open house roundup from your friends at Curbed Marketplace. More where this came from in our Open House Calendars. And a reminder: sales listings are only $25 this month. [...] Read »
La Riviera Preview
The "frosting" on the cake, La Riviera Restaurant and Bakery. Bryan, TX. To be completed in June 2010. Read »
Navy Chair
Japanese architect Yoshichika Takagi has completed a house in Sapporo, Japan, where the interior is divided by a series of wooden structures with pitched roofs. Called House K, the project forms [...] Read »
Contemporary Dining rooms by Ammie Kim
The latest workplace design trends
Among the most common expressions of advice as anxiety turns to optimism in the economy relates to the preparedness and actions of leaders. You must rapidly move from the status quo, so many [...] Read »
CLEVELAND, Ohio  The Higbee Building next to Tower City is emerging as the location for an early version of Clevelands casino. Casino developer Dan Gilbert confirmed in a statement Thursday [...] Read »
Linkage: Tunnel Boring Machine Heads Into Second Ave Subway; More!
[Excavation beginning on the southbound Second Avenue Subway tunnel, via Gothamist] · How building rules hurt apartment values [MLG] · Second Avenue Subway's tunnel boring machine gets switched [...] Read »
It's been a few months since we've seen signs of life at Harlem's Gateway Condominiums, the pair of new buildings spread horizontally on top of existing buildings on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. [...] Read »
In Contract: Closings Delayed for Williamsburg Condos People Actually Want
Williamsburg's 69 Berry Street is a bit of a surprising success story. The building (a former Development Du Jour) hit the market in October, and all six full-floor units, which were priced between [...] Read »
High Line Construction Chronicles: High Line Sequel Starts Taking Shape
Speaking of the High Line, as we so often are, Fred Wilson provides this fresh photo of the park's under-construction second section, which has been delayed until next year. That sweet, sweet [...] Read »
On the Market: The Compass (Lofts) Points to Fulton Street, uh, Ann Street
Blogger EV Grieve has a bit of a bone to pick with The Compass Lofts over their address, which is given as 42 Ann Street but is actually 127 Fulton Street. Fulton Street, Ann Street, whatever—these [...] Read »
UT SOA Materials Lab
Winners Announced for Wyclef Jean�s Yel� Haiti Competition
Winners have been announced of the international student competition to design a music studio in Cit� Soleil (Port-au-Prince), Haiti, on behalf of Wyclef Jean and his charity Y�le Haiti . [...] Read »
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Glassphemy: A Way to Recycle Glass Bottles with Fury!
Pissed off about oil spills? Angered by over-packaging? Rather than letting all that pent up frustration to get the better of you, why not grab a used glass bottle instead and commit GLASSPHEMY!?  From [...] Read »
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Bookshelf Built Simply from Waste Wood Blocks and Rope
Call it Survivor: Designers Edition or Project Eco-Design, but weve got one reality TV inspired challenge for you: What could you build with just some cotton rope and a pile of wood blocks? [...] Read »
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Exceptional Earth-Walled Home is a Desert Oasis
This truly stunning home in Scottsdale, Arizona offers a great lesson in site-appropriate design. The large roof overhangs and massive rammed earth walls help keep it cool in a desert environment. [...] Read »
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BIOMIMICRY: Pratt Student Designs a Table Inspired by Insects
Industrial Design student, Alvaro Uribe of Pratt Institute, wowed us last weekend at BKLYN Designs with his sleek Mantis Table. Inspired by insect body parts and adding a light and elegant touch [...] Read »
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New Photosensitive Smart Skin Could Cut Buildings’ Energy Use
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Fierce Solar-Powered Eco Tower is Perfect for Hot Climates
This spiraling hollow structure is an exploration into a new prototype for a sustainable tower that may become a necessity if the planet heats up even more than it already is. Wrapped in a thin [...] Read »
Chic Design Reality Show Scoop
I really don't like design shows on television. If I see one more messy house or piece of painted plywood furniture, I'm going to go postal! That's why I was excited to hear that some of our [...] Read »
Solution for Small Apartment by Spiritual Mode
Michigan Avenue Bridge Has its Cake; Others Eat it
On Friday, the Michigan Avenue Bridge, a key component of the Burnham plan that pushed development north of the river and created the Magnificent Mile, turned 90, with a small celebration at [...] Read »
Japanese Suppose Design Office have completed this house in kodaira in Tokyo. The building is half covered with tarpaulin to blur the barrier between indoors and outdoors. Bare soil is left in [...] Read »
Garage Conversion by SHED Architecture & Design
Modern Washbashin Bathroom in Bilbao series from Regia
If you read my blog regularly, you might come to the conclusion that certain parts of the city are filled with nothing but falling-down buildings. While there are definitely some problem structures, [...] Read »
OBERLIN — The new East College Street Development in downtown Oberlin is set to open its first two buildings this weekend, while Sustainable Community Associates has started construction on [...] Read »
PriceChopper: After Developer Mutiny, Tribeca Summit Cuts Prices
Once again following the lead of its role model Riverhouse, which cut prices after a shakeup among the sponsors, Tribeca Summit has brought in the PriceChopper. The luxury condo conversion's [...] Read »
Bio Torres en Lauchhammer, Alemania
Etiquetas de Technorati: Patrimonio industrial bio towers in lauchhammer, germany   Por primera vez en el mundo, el coque, que es un material duro, el carbono poroso del carbón, fue [...] Read »
Looks like NYU is prioritizing its expansion wish list/NIMBY mindmelter: Crain's reports the school will begin the public approval process for its 40-story "pinwheel" tower at Bleecker and Laguardia [...] Read »
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Fungi Could Break Down Toxic BPA
BPA is nasty stuffthe chemical is linked to obesity, cancer, and endocrine problems in fetuses and children. Its also ubiquitous in our daily lives, present in 2.7 million tons of plastic used [...] Read »
Hellman-Chang Swarovski Crystal Omni Side Table
Today we have 16 competition deadlines that will be coming up in the next week, and 20 brand new competitions that have just been announced (with deadlines much further in the future). In addition, [...] Read »
Architectural Works
EEAE / ENHSA Architectural Theory Subgroup Workshop
[ September 1, 2010 to September 3, 2010. ] The EAAE Subgroup on Architectural Theory, following its last workshop in Fribourg (CH) where the always ambivalent relation between technical practice, [...] Read »
Jalan Merlimau / Aamer Architects
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Infinity Forest Project / Scale Architecture
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Today's archidose #418
A couple art installations/intervent ions: Fernando and Humberto Campana 's My Home Exhibition installation on Frank Gehry's Vitra Design Museum in Weil Am Rhein, Germany, 2007. Hugo Kaagman 's [...] Read »
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UAE Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Foster + Partners
Shanghai Expo 2010: here are some photos of the United Arab Emirates Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, designed by Foster + Partners. Read »
AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part X
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Williamsburg Waterfront Performance Venue International Competition
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Eva Franch, new director for the Storefront Gallery
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HH House / Miyahara Architect Office
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