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Extravagance – A new vision for Botanical Gardens in Moscow
// At once evoking a spine, an alien creature, and a psychedelic interpretation of the formal French gardens of old, this amazing rethinking of what a botanical garden can be challenges the mind [...] Read »
Bioengineered Brick Wins 2010 Metropolis Next Generation Design Prize
An American architecture professor, Ginger Krieg Dosier, 32, Assistant Professor of Architecture at American University of Sharjah (AUS) in Abu Dhabi, has won this year�s prestigious Metropolis [...] Read »
For the second time in months, an abandoned building has exploded in the city of Cleveland, injuring nearly one dozen people. Yesterday, an abandoned convenience store on the city’s southeast [...] Read »
PriceChopper: Rush Limbaugh Will Take $1 Million Less to Leave New York Forever
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh listed his huge Upper East Side penthouse for $13.95 million after announcing that he's quitting New York [...] Read »
Iris Kitchen by Mobalpa
The latest high-profile luxury condo development caught up in legal issues regarding loans is the Financial District's William Beaver House, with a lender claiming that billionaire developer [...] Read »
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BP Considers Tube, Top Hat to Stop Deepwater Horizon Leak
After its containment cap filled with ice-like crystals and failed to stop the flow of oil, BP has been scrambling to come up with new solutions to the Deepwater Horizon leak. And we hope they [...] Read »
Soleil, a round bathtub from Porcelanosa
Fathers Day Skull Ring: Gold Plated 3D Printed and Cool
Chinese Character Kanji - Animal Figures
Get Rid of the Weak Links in Your Design Process (Slideshow)
Different architects and architectural teams work in different ways. Their design processes vary not only within their own artistic styles but also with each project type that they embark upon. [...] Read »
HOK vice-president works with Party to deliver high-level built-environment advice to ministers Read »
House in Iruma
Residence in Iruma, Saitama (Japan). Kato Architect Office (images: imagegram ): Read »
I first watched this presentation because I thought I would learn new insights about social media networking and better ways to share my passion of architecture with readers such as you. But, [...] Read »
CurbedWire: Russki's Atlantic Yards Deal Sealed; Williamsburg Wreckage
[Havemeyer Street building in Williamsburg going for that open-air feel. Photo by Will Femia.] PROSPECT HEIGHTS—Well-armed Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov closed on the Atlantic Yards [...] Read »
"This entire building will become iconic. Feels very clublike if you can afford entry. Not for everybody, but what is?"—royal.77 [Million-Dollar Discounts at Relaunched 15 Union Square West] Read »
Want a tightly curated list of Curbed's top stories blasted to your favorite social networking platforms the moment they're published? Then follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, brahs. Thousands—repeat, [...] Read »
Curbed Inside: Zac Posen's Quirky Condo Creation Unveiled in Flatiron District
Click the image above to view the full photogallery.[Photos by Will Femia.] Good goth almighty, look what fashion designer Zac Posen has done to the duplex model unit at 16 West 21st Street, [...] Read »
Mafi Flooring @ 40 Bond Street NYC
Every now and then someone brings up the idea of moving the NHL's New York Islanders to a new arena near Citi Field, but is the talk heating up? Mets CEO Jeff Wilpon says he's spoken with Islanders [...] Read »
Eva Franch appointed new Storefront Director
Eva Franch, Catalan architect, researcher, teacher and founder of OOAA [office of architectural affairs], has been selected to replace Joseph Grima to direct New York's Storefront for Art and [...] Read »
The Fires: Save the Date
Two weeks from now, on Tuesday, May 25, at powerHouse Books in Brooklyn, BLDGBLOG will co-host a live conversation with authors Joe Flood and Steven Johnson about Flood's new book The Fires . [...] Read »
UXUS created a unique dining concept for Ella, located in California’s State Capital, Sacramento, that embodies the principles of Rustic Luxury. The Selzim Restaurant Group commissioned UXUS [...] Read »
Jaymark Custom Cabinets
Burying freeways with parks
[...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Design, Time and a New City
The general discussion around Ecological Urbanism or Sustainability in an urban context is very often not about design. It is about technical aspects, about technology and science. Very much [...] Read »
Carroll Gardens blog Pardon Me For Asking has a thorough and relatively painless summary of yesterday's big Gowanus Canal powwow, in which the future of the blocks surrounding the Superfund site [...] Read »
Starting Saturday:  Filling Calatrava's Chicago Spire hole
OK, on one level, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, as I was lucky enough to serve on a jury with such great people as Jeanne Gang, Martin Felsen, Anthony Wood and Robert Somol judging [...] Read »
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MIT Harnesses Biological LEGO Blocks to Build New Organs
Researchers at the MIT-Harvard Division of Health Sciences and Technology have created a new type of biological LEGO building blocks that can be used to form new organs. By binding cells together [...] Read »
Supercalifragilistic – The Show
Real Estate Sold: We All Just Sold Bernie Madoff's Penthouse, At a Discount
The number has been floating around for a while, but now the deal's been filed with the city, so it's official: husband-and-wife toy titans Al and Patsy Kahn paid $8 million for Bernard Madoff's [...] Read »
ToughRock Mold-Guard Gypsum Board from Georgia-Pacific
Purist Faucet Line from Kohler
The number of architects claiming unemployment benefit has fallen for the eighth month in a row, despite the overall number out-of-work people in the UK having risen to its highest levels since 1994 Read »
Club Med Boutique
[...] Read »
House in Minerva, Barcelona (Spain). Estudi d'arquitectura Toni Gironès : Read »
It's often said a child's lifelong love of reading begins at home. But declining literacy rates among the nation's public elementary school students suggests this maxim needs revision. For reading [...] Read »
Catalyze This
Last fall, the Downtown Alliance unveiled a plan by ARO and a dozen or so other designers aimed at reviving an area the civic group dubbed Greenwich South. Among the proposals was an iconic, [...] Read »
Many of the skyscrapers built in Cleveland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries have received steel and glass façades that make them appear to be more recent structures and hide any clue [...] Read »
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New Analytic Tools Encourage Greener Computer Code
[...] Read »
For years, the MTA has been dumping decommissioned subway cars into the ocean to create artificial reefs for marine life. If youve ever wondered if it works, YouTube appears to have the answer. [...] Read »
ESPECIAL Proyectos Increibles - Schambelan + Fromm
Hiding in Triangles Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm 010/05/12/hiding-in-tri angles-by-philip-modest -schambelan-and-anton-f romm/ http://www.copypasters. com/ Read »
Minimalist Modern Chapel Design: Tenth Church of Christ, ScientistInfinity Chapel, NYC
hanrahan Meyers architects (hMa) are pleased to announce that Infinity Chapel is finished and opening to the general public on June 30, 2010. Infinity Chapel is designed around mathematical [...] Read »
Engineered Smooth Heart Pine
from Inhabit
Read the rest of Rem Koolhaas Redraws Europe To Reduce Carbon Emissions by 80%http://www.inhabitat .com/wp-admin/ohttp://w in/options-general.php? page=better_feedptions- general.php?page=better _feed [...] Read »
Hat Hat by Katrin Greiling
Astoria's Pistilli Riverview East hasn't garnered many positive reviews regarding the converted factory's design, but now buyers are airing some far more serious gripes with the building out [...] Read »
Plant Walls for Vibrant Green Spaces
The folks at Plant Solutions installed this vibrant living wall in a conference room of their Scottsdale office. The TerraScreen Living Wall is made with two 4'x4' panels, which are made with [...] Read »
High Line Construction Chronicles: Renzo Piano and the High Line Duet for the Maintenance Men
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. The Whitney Museum scored starchitect Renzo Piano to build a new downtown megamuseum along the High Line's main entrance at Gansevoort Street. [...] Read »
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UM Project’s Cork U.M.O. is a Coffee Table, Bench and Desk All in One!
One of our favorite finds from this years BKLYN Designs is the U.M.O., a playful piece of multitasking furniture that transitions from a coffee table to a bench to a desk with a simple flick [...] Read »
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Futuristic Oceanic Pavilion Unveiled for 2012 Yeosu Expo
Emergent Architecture and Kokkugia have designed an incredible Oceanic Pavilion for the Yeosu 2012 Expo in Korea, which will provide another showcase of amazing architecture once the Shanghai [...] Read »
T Lamp by d.lab
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San Francisco’s Vertical Gardens Exhibit Closes This Weekend!
Bright green, hanging and vibrant flora are invading the city of San Francisco, in the most global and ubiquitous sense. Vertical Gardens, an exhibit at the American Institute of Architects, [...] Read »
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Palo Samko Salvages Wood Table With Beautiful Butterfly Joinery
This year at BKLYN Designs Inhabitat favorite Palo Samko unveiled this beautifully detailed table made from salvaged wood. Samko utilizes parts of wood that others may consider flawed  rather [...] Read »
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Bio-Grow Uses Electronic Waste to Make Algae for Biodiesel
Talk about sustainable multi-tasking. Not only have students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created a device that cultivates algae for biofuel production, theyve made it out [...] Read »
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Decommissioned Subway Signs Get a Second Ride as Cool Furniture
One of New York City’s greatest features is undoubtedly the subway system. 718 Made in Brooklyn, which we had the pleasure of peeping last weekend at BKLYN Designs, pays homage to the underground [...] Read »
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Philips Unveils World’s First LED Replacement for Most Common Bulb
There are over 425 million 60 watt incandescent bulbs sold every year, which makes the energy-sucking globes the most commonly used bulbs in the United States. Lighting the way to a more energy-efficient [...] Read »
All the Pavilions at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo
// The 2010 Shanghai World Expo ‘Better City, Better Life’ has officially opened its doors to more than 70 million expected visitors. Although 190 countries are participating in the event, [...] Read »
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Super-Insulator Aerogel Could Be Used to Soak Up Oil
Not only does the space-age material Aerogel have super-insulating powers  it is also remarkably effective at soaking up oil. AeroClay, one of the makers of the insulation, is currently working [...] Read »
2 BR, 2 BA, 1,400 sq ft Co-op Asking: $1,395,000 | Duplex Penthouse 138 East 36th Street, PH B [] Read »
Preservation Watch: City Council Sides with Landmarks Over UWS Church
In the face of graffiti by church officials, attempts to rally the troops, and an eleventh-hour prayer vigil, the City Council still decided yesterday to uphold the landmark designation of West-Park [...] Read »
Skybox House by Primus
X Spots The Mark
The chances of any of us being invited to stay at Valentino's fabulous flat or chic chateau are slim to none, but that doesn't mean we can't experience a Jacques Grange designed interior. The [...] Read »
Linkage: Bidding War at 1 Fifth; More Celebs Move Into Superior Ink; More!
[West Chelsea skyline update, via Curbed Photo Pool/The Ride in Pictures.] · East New York building owner acquitted in construction worker's death [NYT] · Latest Superior Ink celebs: Kings [...] Read »
Transtube, a new cylindrical shower from Roca
The Centre Pompidou-Metz Museum
PEEP-HOLE – No Soul For Sale
Vertical Mausoleum
University of Arkansas. School of Architecture. Second year studio. Student: Lucky Critic: Jean Jaminet The project was modeled in Rhino using only nurbzes , that is impressive! Read »
Chicago Streetscene: Law and Disorder
(Click image for larger view.) Read »
Philips Unveils 60W Replacement LED
Today, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG) announced the industry's first replacement for a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. The EnduraLED light screws in just like an incandescent and only [...] Read »
random stuff
since we are hard at work trying to push the fifth LEED platinum building in colorado through the permitting process, here are some random readings that have caught our eye: -typically, peter [...] Read »
Linkage: Weekly Food Edition: Haagen-Dazs Comes to Washington Square
[Demolition's underway at the Day-O Diner, via Eater] · Williamsburg Malaysian BBQ newbie Fatty 'Cue gets one star [NYT] · Some pizza geeks aren't lovin' Pulino's [NYM] · Critic says there's [...] Read »
Detroit Disassembled: Photographs by Andrew Moore June 5, 2010 -  October 10, 2010 Arnstein, Bidwell and Isroff Galleries Akron Art Museum One South High Akron, OH 44308 (330) 376-9185 Detroit [...] Read »
PriceSpotter: How Much for a 2BR Seaport Loft with Built-Ins?
PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from an apartment listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. Tomorrow we reveal [...] Read »
The New Yorker's Paul Goldberger casts his eye on the new Goldman Sachs headquarters at 200 West Street this week and concludes that the building is a pretty darn perfect metaphor for the firm [...] Read »
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Visualizing 5,000 Barrels of Oil a Day as a Victorian Row House
Although no one knows exactly how much oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico per day, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has estimated the number to be about 5,000 barrels a [...] Read »
Glass Rock Garden by SWON
Celebrity Real Estate: Oprah's Designer Shows Off His West Chelsea Starchitecture
You won't find the name Nate Berkus on any deeds to date at 100 Eleventh Avenue, but here he is in this Oprah Winfrey Show clip showing off his apartment in what is clearly French starchitect [...] Read »
Newly in contract and newly inducted into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame: a 10-room co-op in the Dakota, a building which seems to be having its newsiest week since 1884. The apartment went on [...] Read »
The contrast between colors and between full and empty is certainly the aspect of design that most jumps eye observing Metropolis library Tisettanta. It is a modular structure light and airy, [...] Read »
Brix – Boxes and manuals
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Gorgeous LED Flowers Bloom at Night
Solar-powered gadgets are often strictly practical, with little consideration for design sensibilities. Thats not the case with the Morning Glory, a series of LED flowers designed by Wendy Legro, [...] Read »
Ellsworth residence, Arizona
Architect Michael P. Johnson loves a challenge; and building in a desert, as his latest project, the Ellsworth Residence demanded, certainly presented one. The architect had to deal with the [...] Read »
The Barn House, Belgium
For architect Rita Huys, transforming an old barn into a stylish new home, was not just about creating elegant interiors with a rustic touch; the buildings relationship to the outside world [...] Read »
Architect Magazine lists SERA Architects as nation's #3 green architecture firm, ZGF as #7 firm overall
Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building renovation, rendering courtesy GSA The May issue of Architect Magazine has come out with two lists: its second annual Architect 50, listing the nation's [...] Read »
Development Update-o-rama!: Williamsburg's 125 North 10th Finds PriceChopper Success
Some time ago a new resident at Williamsburg condo building 125 North 10th Street wrote us a heartfelt letter begging for other buyers to join the party. It worked! OK, maybe the "dramatic price [...] Read »
A federal judge has granted tenants of under-fire landlord Joel Weiner and his Pinnacle Group the right to file a class-action lawsuit. Rent-regulated tenants have been charging for a while that [...] Read »
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Deer Grotto | Visiondivision
[...] Read »
Multipurpose Beecolour Stools
60s Bubble Lamps @
"Bureaucratic squabbling" is what delayed the opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1, and it's also what's delaying the $3.5 million reconstruction project at Dumbo's Empire Fulton Ferry Park, [...] Read »
Composite Calcium Collection from Amtico
Richard Haut’s round-up of European Union Competition wins, this week featuring Kengo Kuma’s Aix-en-Provence success and a design competition for Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk railway station Read »
Alpine Living Space
An American student has won the International Student Open Design Competition, supported by John McAslan + Partners and Allied London, for a new music studio facility in Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Read »
With the deadline for nominations less than a week away four candidates are battling for the next RIBA presidency: Angela Brady, George Oldham, Richard Parnaby and Roger Shrimplin Read »
Daniel Libeskind is to unveil plans for a Kurdish national museum in the ancient city of Erbil in north Iraq Read »
Tryst by Peter Pless
House of the Week 65: Krater
Situated on top of a hill in Antiparos island, in Greece the sculptural 570m 2 residence by decaARCHITECTURE is partially submerged to protect it from the strong winds as well to engage with [...] Read »
What if in our attempts to Re-Imagine we find that some of the realities behind our visions won’t follow? Do we fight through it? Or will we fall back into the resting state of what is a Cleveland [...] Read »
Architectural Craziness: FiDi Fantasy Tower Back for More! (But Still Not Happening)
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Greenwich South is a made-up neighborhood with a bunch of made-up skyscrapers. Now, our favorite of those made-up towers—part of a design [...] Read »
Grow Baby Grow
Sure, sports fields are great. But wouldnt it be cool if your school had a great garden? GOOD Magazine and the LA Unified School District think so too. Theyre looking for architects as well [...] Read »
Secret Gardens: Battery Park City's Teardrop Park South Finally Opens
Completing the Teardrop Park setup several years after the first section opened in 2006, Battery Park City's Teardrop Park South finally opened today. The Tribeca Citizen thinks it doesn't quite [...] Read »
Feuds: Settlement Nears After Owner-Developer Scuffle at Midtown Condo
For a building whose marketing pitch uses the words "spectacularly serene," there hasn't been quite enough serenity to go around lately at Windsor Park, the West 58th Street condo conversion. [...] Read »
Tumor Buildings: LPC Sends Village's Gourmet Garage Building Away for Third Try
The owners of 115-125 Seventh Avenue South, probably better known as the Gourmet Garage building, went before the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday for a second shot at approval of [...] Read »
[...] Read »
The Danish pavilion at EXPO 2010 gives visitors the opportunity to try some of the best aspects of Danish city life themselves. Through interaction, the visitors are able to actually experience [...] Read »
J.L. Miller Company Cabinetmakers
One prize at this year's Dumbo Arts Festival is a rent-free artist's studio for a year (a $30,000 value!), provided by neighborhood overlords Two Trees, Animal reports. Young starving artists [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Gary Chang: Life in 32 sqm
[...] Read »
Celjska Koca / Arhitektura Krušec
[...] Read »
One & Co / Cary Bernstein Architect
[...] Read »
Peppermint Bay / TERROIR
[...] Read »
[...] Read »
Integrated Habitat Design Competition
Integrated habitat design ensures that development maintains the health of the natural systems that we all depend on. The focus of the IHDC competition is to ensure that working with nature, [...] Read »
Deer Grotto / Visiondivision
For their latest commission, Visiondivision addressed the extension of an 18th century cottage with their typical offbeat approach (check out their other projects previously featured on AD). [...] Read »
from dezeen
Marne College by Wind Architecten Adviseurs
Architectural photographer Gerard van Beek has sent us some images of a college in Bolsward, Netherlands, designed by dutch studio Wind Architecten Adviseurs. Read »
Kolelinio / Martin Angelov
In January, Angelovs provocative idea for a second circulation lane, which allowed bicycles to travel across steel wires, sparked quite a debate.    Angelov has branched off this initial [...] Read »
Daniel Libeskind to design Jewish Museum Berlin Academy
[...] Read »
Alila Villas Uluwatu / WOHA
[...] Read »