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The retreat is a well-crafted structure, with all the design process focus on sustainability, low-impact and off-the-grid design mandate to the site which would precede the design and construction [...] Read »
In a star-studded Gimme Shelter today (Jessica Alba hunting in Chelsea! A Baldwin on a bike!), Jennifer Gould Keil reports some interesting intel on 22 and 24 Thompson Street, the Soho townhouses [...] Read »
Another Cleveland event that I wish I could go to but wont make. Instead I will be down at Kent State looking at student projects and attempting to give helpful advice without being a yelling [...] Read »
Williamsburg's premier waterfront loft bldg Rent: $2,695 plus one month free 184 Kent Ave., B309 [] Read »
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LEGO Robot Solves a Rubik’s Cube in 25 Seconds Using Droid Phone
How long does it take you to solve a Rubiks cube? Were pretty sure that it takes us longer than 25 seconds  way longer! Were also sure that this LEGO constructed Droid-controlled Rubiks [...] Read »
La vie en rose
Linkage: Trump Soho Condos Approved; Dakota Pad Finally in Contract; No Race Cars in Jersey City; More!
[When Greenpoint vinyl melts, via Restless.] · AG Cuomo declares Trump Soho offering plan effective; buy now! [Real Deal] · Massively PriceChopped Dakota apartment now in contract [NYO] · [...] Read »
from Cluster
Astoria Scum River Bridge: Geurrilla Urban Planning
[...] Read »
Bodum Fyrkat for your Picnic BBQ
Valdemar by Normann Copenhagen
It's not a USB stick but a museum
German Prefab Shipping to the States
German HUF Haus makes these beautiful, modern, post-and-beam homes through precision engineering and factory manufacturing. The homes are expensive but a HUF house is energy efficient, spacious, [...] Read »
House in Izumi
Residence in Osaka, Japan. Design: FujiwaraMuro Architects : Read »
Bridges by Benthem Crouwel
People tend to be scared of bridges... never wanting them in their neighborhood. Here in Seattle we're dealing with all kinds of trouble with the 520 interchange and how to do it. Personally, [...] Read »
from Pruned
We recommend booking a passage on Agnes Meyer-Brandis's Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology . Read »
Wendell Castle at Barry Friedman, Ltd.
The Wright Ingredients
Local boy Andre Kikoski won the James Beard Award today for his flashy new restaurant inside the Guggenheim Museum. It replaced the once dowdy cafeteria designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, for whom [...] Read »
Linkage: Weekly Food Edition: Brooklyn Restaurant Plants LIC Rooftop Farm
[Grand Street's Two Boots is closing, via Eater] · Newbie pizza place Pulino's gets one star, is "entirely fake and entirely accurate" [NYT] · Restaurant in a rug store ABC Kitchen gets a rave [...] Read »
Conversions: Neighbors Debate Possible Mosque Near World Trade Center
Early murmurs of a plan to put a mosque and Islamic cultural center at 45 Park Place, where a plane's landing gear assembly fell through the roof on 9/11, met with mixed responses. And we're [...] Read »
Twist by Adam Cornish
Facade Facelifts: Soho H&M's Facade Proposal Falls Apart Like a $20 Sweater
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. International corporate clothier H&M is proposing a new facade for its original Soho emporium at 558 Broadway. Make that proposed: The design [...] Read »
Skyscraper Farms - better for blogs than real life?
[...] Read »
from Inhabit
First Oil Containment Dome Shipped to Deepwater Horizon Spill
[...] Read »
Appraiser to the stars Jonathan Miller is asked several times a week how to put a monetary value on an apartment's outdoor space, so he finally wrote about it on his Matrix blog. Ignore the disclaimer [...] Read »
Development Update-o-rama!: 15 Union Square West Comes Out of Hiding, Kinda
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Following a winter hibernation, the glass-encased former Tiffany & Co. building at 15 Union Square West was supposed to relaunch in March, [...] Read »
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Btek – Interpretation centre of Technology | ACXT Architects
The Btek  Interpretation centre of Technology by ACXT Architects consists of two apparently uninterrupted pyramid-shaped volumes that connect below ground level. The building is located on one [...] Read »
An anonymous Manhattanite dishes to Brick Underground about her divorce: to provide stability for their daughter, the woman and her husband rotate between their Tribeca condo and a Chelsea rental. [...] Read »
Gentrification Watch: The South Williamsburg Turnaround: An Oral History
[Photo via Flickr/wallyg.] 10/13/2008: "I found myself feeling stranded. You get depressed. You just dont want to leave the house." 3/4/2010: "I saw myself becoming increasingly isolated and [...] Read »
Business School and Teaching Complex / FJMT + Archimedia
"We developed architectural forms that open through a series of organic flowing ribbons in a gesture of invitation, outreach and optimism, gathering the energy of the site into a major new public [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Mindboggling Reveals: New School Unveils Blinged-Out Bronze Badass on Fifth Avenue
[Renderings: SOM] Today the New School will present its plan for a new 16-story mixed-use building at 65 Fifth Avenue to the public, but the Times got a sneak preview following yesterday's approval [...] Read »
Clerkenwell Design Week 2010
Cant vouch for the rest of this site, but I Am offers an example of multipurpose design idea that might have benefited from a little more discussion. Read »
Stylish Shelves @
IKEA iPhone App
Freefloat Chair from Sven Christiansen Plc
Garland Light
[FIRST LOOK + PLANS + PROJECT DATA] Paris-based Rare Architecture has completed its £17 million transformation of the 1910 Bethnal Green Town Hall into a 98-room hotel Read »
Woven Cartilage
All you skiers and boarders, rejoice! Investigators from the Orthopedic Bioengineering Laboratory at Duke University created a 3D scaffold that one day might be impregnated with your own stem [...] Read »
Modern Concrete Prefab by M. A. Architecture
Imagine living in a town that is wholly owned by your local supermarket. From the houses to the schools to the restaurants, bars, recreations centers and, of course, the supermarkets. That is [...] Read »
Toast It
The Difference a Year Makes
For better and worse, a Sacramento Superior Court judge ruled yesterday that the California legislature had not violated the state constitution in seizing some $2 billion from hundreds of local [...] Read »
"All that being said, those who fought RE development are not responsible for the demise of St. Vincent's Hospital, a loss that will cost lives. It is government officials who turned a blind [...] Read »
Lawsuits: A Decade Later, UWS Condo Project Finally Approved
In a case that makes the approvals process for most new condo buildings seem laughably easy, a proposed Upper West Side project got the thumbs up from the Board of Standards and Appeals in April [...] Read »
La Linea by Merel Karhof
IVY Coat Hooks by MOS
Celebrity Real Estate: Olsen Twins Trying to Sell Again at One Morton Square
The Olsen twins still have never lived in their 1 Morton Square penthouse, but that hasn't stopped them from attempting two pretty significant flips of the place. The first time around, in 2005, [...] Read »
Real Estate Sold: Kings of Park Slope Finally Free From Soho Shackles
Back in November 2008, an anonymous Google engineer picked up Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's townhouse at 17 Prospect Park West for $8.45 million. Why the Park Slope move? His family's [...] Read »
The 280 Hicks Street carriage house nobody wanted when it hit the block last fall for $2 million finally sold this weekend...for $2.08 million. And there was actually a bidding war over the place, [...] Read »
Ushida Findlay Architects has been appointed to work on Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond’s controversial £19 million ArcelorMittal Orbit tower at the Olympic Park in London Read »
While some are testing the waters of integrated project delivery, a group within the U.S. Dept. of Energy is tilling greener pastures by devising a new design-build project-delivery model for [...] Read »
More than five years into a collaborative building-production movement called integrated project delivery, warnings abound: Don’t try this with strangers. Read »
Paineiras Hotel Complex - Hepner, Cossia, Payar, Brych, Gonçalves & Messano
A young firm from São Paulo, Brazil received an Honorable Mention for their Paineiras Hotel Complex design in Rio de Janeiro. The architects, Alexandre Hepner, Denis Cossia, João Paulo Payar, [...] Read »
Saint John’s Abbey - VJAA
The Abbey Church complex, designed by Marcel Breuer in the 1950’s, is considered one of the most significant works completed by the Bauhaus architect. The complex includes an Upper and Lower [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
from Inhabit
World’s First Vertical Cube Garden Planted In Spain
We love us some urban gardening and this new plant cube in Getafe, Spain has us giddy with leafy excitement. It is a four sided vertical garden installed on top of a shopping center to muffle [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Game Teaches City Planners to Tackle Water, Energy Problems
If you want city planners to learn how to handle the serious problems metropolises face, let them play games. IBMs CityOne is kind of like a SimCity for urban planners and city officials. The [...] Read »
A Geography of Ecological Urbanism?
The Ecological Urbanism conference 2009 at Harvard’s GSD ambitiously set out to define a ‘new ethics and aesthetics of the urban’, taking a design approach to developing a multi-disciplinary [...] Read »
River House by McKinney York
on the boards: Mountain Biker's Paradise
Proposed for a site on a steep mountain ridge and cantilevered over the Lake Garda, Italy the hotel designed by Philip Modest Schambelan + Anton Fromm aims to cater to the sports and nature enthusiast. more Read »
Warrior Square Gardens Pavilion
Conversions: Community Board Committee Approves Mosque Near WTC
There were mutterings of controversy over a plan to put an Islamic cultural center at 45 Park Place near the World Trade Center site. But the plan sailed unanimously through Community Board 1's [...] Read »
For perhaps the first time in the history of Williamsburg's New Domino project, developer and opponents are up in arms about the same thing: a 2006 city report showing the developers could make [...] Read »
Visit a Rudolph in MA!
The Paul Rudolph Foundation is pleased to announce an invitation to visit the Yanofsky residence in Newton, MA. As covered by the New York Times and organized by a local historic group, tickets [...] Read »
Dan Brill Architects has been shortlisted for California’s Safe Trestles design competition, with the winner set to be announced tomorrow Read »
Nacho Carbonell / Djim Berger / Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
Climate Capsules: Means of Surviving Disaster
On Finding an Interesting Use for an Underground Building
In an underground building, what if the boundary to celebrate is as much the vertical one as it is the horizontal one? You may celebrate its below-ness by making connection with what is above [...] Read »
RIBA London is in meltdown following chair Azar Djamali’s resignation last week, ahead of a vote of no confidence in her leadership of the council Read »
Tube Morphology
-Amin S. Ghabrial, PhD, Assistant Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology Department: Cell and Developmental Biology Tubes of different sizes, shapes and cellular architectures compose most [...] Read »
Today I came across an e-mail informing me that Autodesk had released the new 2011 versions of their CAD and BIM software, AutoCAD and Revit. If you are familiar with these products feel free [...] Read »
Chaffinch House
Cucciolo Toilet Bowl Brush Holder by Makio Hasuike
LA Architect Barbara Bestor is KCRW's latest Guest DJ
For those of you that aren't familiar with Santa Monica College radio station KCRW, they've been running an ongoing Guest DJ project that involves inviting a local celebrity to curate a personal [...] Read »
Stained Glass Ceilings
Should starchitects avoid serious work?
[...] Read »
The owners of the Columbus House at 95 West 95th Street want to redevelop the apartment building's retail spaces into something bigger, badder and with a rooftop garden. But tenants, noting the [...] Read »
The couple chronicling their attempt to sell an UWS studio the for-sale-by-owner way on Brick Underground have found a buyer. Actually, two buyers: the neighbors on either side, who plan to purchase [...] Read »
Ready for the Hamptons!
We are having the most glorious weather today and it makes me want to take off for the Hamptons. But since I have too many projects, appointments, parties, and work, I will have to make due with [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Twist Hanger by studio belenko!
from Inhabit
5 Innovative Solutions That Clean Up Oil Spills
A jaw-dropping 2,100,000 gallons of oil (as of last Saturday) has already gushed forth from the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico since the devastating explosion thats had us [...] Read »
from Inhabit
US Embassy in Beijing Showcases Energy Efficient Design
The US Embassy in Beijing, China, designed by Craig Hartman of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, is the State Department’s second largest project in its history. Like the newly unveiled embassy [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Join Us for the Inhabitat Green Awards at BKLYN Designs this Friday!
[...] Read »
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Holyoke Cabin is a Beautiful Shipping Container Home
Holyoke Cabin is an excellent example of an elegant, efficient use of shipping containers to create a cozy cabin off the grid. Two used shipping containers, obtained for $800 apiece, serve as [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Chainless Bike is One Sweet Green Ride
Look Ma  no chain! Christian Vollmer, an industrial designer from Germany, has created an urban electric bike utilizing a pedelec system, meaning it has no need for a chain. Instead, it has [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Tiny Proba-V Satellite Will Track Global Vegetation Levels
Ever wonder what the shift to a global agricultural system has done to vegetation levels? The European Space Agency plans to find out with Proba-V, a laboratory table-sized microsatellite that [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Sweeping Eco Bridge Provides Access to World-Class Surf Spot
Trestles is a famous surf break and beach in Southern California that been threatened by development in recent years. Luckily, the beach has been saved, but its still difficult to access  the [...] Read »
from Inhabit
MIT Unveils First Solar Cells Printed on Paper
[...] Read »
Adventures in Marketing: Michael Shvo Defends White-Box Approach to Chelsea Loft
It's been a long and multi-colored journey for landmark 650 Sixth Avenue, which was converted into condos in 2007. The building debuted with a white-box/gallery marketing concept (and a star [...] Read »
Big-time building broker Bob Knakal is a brave man: He's put his testimony to the Rent Guidelines Board on why stabilized rents should be increased online for all to see. It's a long and persuasive [...] Read »
Warrior Square Gardens Pavilion
Crazy new Hell's Kitchen building The Dillon opened for business this week after overcoming such hurdles as its lender going belly up, and Crain's reports that four contracts have already been [...] Read »
Rent Wars: Rent Board Votes Stabilized Rents Up Yet Again
The city's Rent Guidelines Board, the nine-person board that sits through a few nights of tenant heckling before voting in annual rent increases for rent-stabilized apartments, held the first [...] Read »
The Universe House with Top Roof Swimming Pool
Dekka by FurnID
Adam by Jean Paul Marzais
Rainbow Stationery by Misuzu
Architects welcome book that aims to highlight the potential advantages of reusing old buildings Read »
Chicago Streetscene: Two Staircases
House of the Week 66: Szirtes House
The Szirtes House by Chenchow Little Architects reveals itself in layers, appearing as a solid volume on entry is sliced to create a narrow courtyard enclosed by a small garden wall. Timber screens [...] Read »
Friday:  dueling student shows at  UIC, IIT
This Friday, May 7th, the architecture schools at both IIT and UIC will be having their year-end shows of student work. At IIT , the exhibition runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., with the student [...] Read »
New from Mut Design
Jason Lees Design: Handcrafted Modern Furniture
CurbedWire: Architect Wins Restaurant Award; Day-O Spared (for Now!)
[Photo by Peter Aaron.] UPPER EAST SIDE—If you followed Eater National's live blog of the foodie James Beard Awards, you know that NYC-based architect Andre Kikoski took home the prize for best [...] Read »
PriceSpotter: How Much for a 3BR in One of Bond Street's Greatest Hits?
PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from an apartment listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. Tomorrow we reveal [...] Read »
iVictrola iPhone Phonograph
The Luxury Helicopter Mercedes-Benz Style was born from the partnership between Eurocopter EC145 and carmaker. This jewel wheel, designed for business and private travel, high altitude brings [...] Read »
Once again the Society for Motion Pictures About the Built Environment (SMIBE) has dared filmmakers to document the constructed world around them, with its second annual short film competition [...] Read »
Cool Map Thing: The Best Way to See Jersey City: At 200 Miles Per Hour
Some dude wants to bring a bicycle race to Bedford Avenue. Adorable! Real oil-stained manly men should take note of the above map, which plots a proposed Formula 1 race car route through Jersey [...] Read »
Office of Architecture is a New York City based architecture and design practice. Read »
Nico Spacecraft
Neighborhood Beefs: Minetta Lane Townhouse Owner Speaks: 'Never a Sex Club'
Yesterday a Greenwich Village neighbor of late designer Robert Isabel's townhouse at 16 Minetta Lane had some harsh words for the new owner of the historic home. Commenting on a mysterious (and [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Safe Trestles Competition Update
Back on February, we told you about the access to Trestles, one of North America’s most celebrated waves, and the threat due to safety and environmental concerns its going through. A coalition [...] Read »
from dezeen
House of Stone by John Pawson
Milan 2010: British architect John Pawson exhibited a pavilion made of stone in Milan last month. Read »
Biotehniska Fakulteta / Arhitektura Krušec
[...] Read »
Business School and Teaching Complex / FJMT + Archimedia
[...] Read »
from dezeen
Museo del Agua by MID Estudio
Spanish architects MID Estudio have converted a grain store in Palencia, Spain, into a museum by blocking up windows and door with metallic and wood boxes. Read »
Atelier Bardill / Valerio Olgiati
[...] Read »
Dingbat 2.0 Competition
The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design proposes DINGBAT 2.0, an open, single-stage, international design competition, reconsidering Los Angeles’ ubiquitous dingbat apartment [...] Read »
Craneloft / Yorgos Rimenidis + Michalis Softas
Yorgos Rimenidis and Michalis Softas, students of the University of Thessaly, in Volos, Greece shared their Craneloft proposal with us.  The idea is a radical experiment to transform port cranes [...] Read »
Brusselssprout Magazine: “The Game is not Over”
Brusselssprout is a free curatorial magazine on contemporary thinking and emergent art. It aims to become an open, independent and alternative platform offering content related to the artistic [...] Read »
The “German-Chinese House” at the Shanghai World Expo 2010
The event series “Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together” presents itself in spectacular fashion during its sixth and last station: the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Designed by Markus Heinsdorff, [...] Read »
from dezeen
Trestles Beach footbridge by Dan Brill Architects
Dan Brill Architects of the UK are among 12 international practices shortlisted to design a pedestrian footbridge for Trestles Beach, a surf spot in southern California. Read »