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The circus Rent Guidelines Board will hold its preliminary rent hikes vote tonight at Cooper Union. Last year, the board voted to increase rents in one-year leases for stabilized apartments by [...] Read »
2 BR, 2 BA, 1,900 sq ft co-op Asking: $1,890,000 | Zen loft 59 Fourth Avenue [Corcoran] Read »
Angry Neighbors: Balcony Battle Erupts at New Bond Street Condo Building
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Baron of Bond Street Adam Gordon tore down a couple nondescript buildings and planned to build a Frenchified collection of limestone-covered [...] Read »
We're detecting a pattern with the Apthorp: When unflattering press piles up, word of a celeb checking out the building leaks. This time it's Mickey Rourke, whom The Real Deal reports dropped [...] Read »
The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority has selected a maritime and development veteran from Indiana, as the CEO to continue its revival in the wake of a tumultuous year. William D. Friedman [...] Read »
It's not just high-end co-ops that have problems with the pooches. It's also Big Six Towers, a co-op in Woodside that has started eviction proceedings against two families for violating a building [...] Read »
Linkage: DOB Not Shepard Fairey Fans; 'Reverse Gentrification' on UES; More!
[Good seats still available on Roosevelt Island, via Curbed Photo Pool/Harris Graber.] · Art wall owner could be fined $25K by DOB for Shepard Fairey mural [Arts Beat] · 'Reverse gentrification' [...] Read »
Aptos Retreat by CCS Architecture
Blockshelf by Amy Hunting
d-VISION Plastic Lamps
[FIRST LOOK] Populous has revealed images of its new Silverstone pit lane and paddock complex, part of a £5m revamp of the Northamptonshire circuit Read »
Villa Dalí
[...] Read »
Painted Lady Strips Down
Other than harvested grain, the McCormick reaper's greatest production was family relations and their mansions. The north side was crawling with them. Founder Cyrus's 1879 palace at 676 North [...] Read »
These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d renders from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog in order to receive critics about them and to help other to design perfect room [...] Read »
Glamm Fire
The Oil Spill Looming Over Us
When trying to wrap his brain around the quantities of oil oozing into the Gulf,  Hulett Jones of the San Francisco firm Jones Haydu reacted like an architect: he went to SketchUp and did some [...] Read »
Linkage: Trump U Gets Sued; Opera Singer's Widow Wants to Sell; More!
[East River Park construction proceeds. Supposedly. Via Curbed Photo Pool/GammaBlog] · City, National Grid will dig wells to test Gowanus Canal's ickiest spots [NYP] · Trump U gets sued for [...] Read »
"Greatest news ever. You can now literally roll out of Motor City to your hotel bed."—BrianVan [Ludlow Street Mystery Building Outed as Cheap Hotel] Read »
The United States currently has no museums of math, but one math whiz/former hedgie wants that to change, and he's looking for a spot to open such a museum in New York. Number-cruncher Glen Whitney [...] Read »
The Memorial Coliseum saga: money, bureaucracy and confusion [updated]
Photo by Brian Libby In today's Oregonian, art critic D.K. Row looks at the Memorial Coliseum and Rose Quarter process currently being undertaken by the City via the Mayor's office and the Portland [...] Read »
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Electronics Recycling 101: Five Charities that Accept Old Electronics
Recycling used electronics is great, but in some cases, theres an even greener option out there  several charities accept used and even broken electronic equipment. These non-profits ensure [...] Read »
On the Market: Owner Marks $8.7M One Beacon Court Penthouse Up to $22.7M
There's been a bit of a rush to get out the door at One Beacon Court in recent months (perhaps it was the whiff of scandal?). First Bobby Abreu sold, then polo team owner Victor Vargas, then Italian racecar... Read »
Conspiracy Theories: Villager Doesn't Want Townhouse Turned Into Private Sex Club
The story of 16 Minetta Lane has already taken some interesting turns, but a Curbed tipster seems to think the best is yet to come. The leafy little townhouse belonged to celebrated event planner [...] Read »
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City & Urbanism
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Austrian Company Turns Phone Booths into EV Charging Stations
As more and more folks adopt cell phones, public phone booths across the globe are quickly becoming obsolete. And while mobile phones may be considerably more convenient than their public counterparts, [...] Read »
Book - Ecological Urbanism - a Discussion
We are starting a series of blogposts on the topic of 'Ecological Urbanism' here on urbanTick for which we invited guest to discuss the topic from different angles. Over the next few days a contributing [...] Read »
Buses and Subways and Trains, Oh My
Main and Clinton, 1929. Our home place here is in the midst of considering a change to its transit system. As usual, Rochester is the perfect case study of how cities can screw themselves up [...] Read »
Interior by Onno Donkers (OD-V) for the art and culture department of the Municipality of Rotterdam
The public spaces of the art and culture department of the Muncipality of Rotterdam consist of a 40 meter long hallway and a 10 meter public space square. Onno Donkers (OD-V) designed lounge-areas, [...] Read »
Nakagin Capsule Tower: Architecture of the Future
The tower’s stunning design may strike passersby as something straight out of a science-fiction movie, but it stands as a unique architectural beacon amongst the common apartment high-rises [...] Read »
Checking Out: 'Burg Renters Tired of Sharing Their Building With Hotel Toshi
Last time Hotel Toshi crossed our radar screen, the tenants and hotel guests were being given mysteriously different instructions for city inspection day. Unsurprisingly, the story didn't end [...] Read »
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Ground Broken on a Test Pilot Plant for Fuel Sweating Organisms
A Massachusetts company is moving forward on a test pilot facility for fuel sweating plant production  yes, thats right these plants sweat diesel. Theyve created gene altered single cell plants [...] Read »
The Peerless Automobile Factory, the Carling Brewery, and the new Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center By now, youve probably heard about the new Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center, [...] Read »
In Contract: Movie Producer Ready for Closing Credits at One Beacon Court
And so the rich guy mass exodus from One Beacon Court continues. Following Bobby Abreu, Victor Vargos, Flavio Bratore, and the dude who's trying to sell PH54E at nearly triple his purchase price, [...] Read »
The Plywood Report: Demise of St. Vincent's Hospital: Blame Condos?
Ironically, luxury apartments might have been the only thing that could have saved St. Vincent's Hospital from bankruptcy, but don't tell that to the waves of folks scrawling messages on the [...] Read »
Elad Lassry – Josh Smith
South Tyrol's sunny side
Hable Construction
D&D Market Week Panel Discussion: Refresh!
I am excited to invite all of you to a wonderful panel discussion called Refresh that I am moderating next Wednesday for Market Week at the D&D Building . The fabulous panelists include Benjamin [...] Read »
Camden Council has approved plans for three new office buildings at the southern end of King’s Cross Central Read »
An Unfinished Ruin in Savyon, Israel
A large unfinished house in Savyon , a wealthy suburb in the Gush-Dan area of Israel. Savyon was built in the 50s as a collection of medium sized houses in large gardens, and has since developed [...] Read »
Shipping Container House by One Cool Habitat
Chic in NY: Housing Works Design on a Dime
There are a lot of wonderful events coming up in the next few weeks but the first I want to remind you about is Housing Works annual event Design on a Dime . More than 40 fabulous designers, [...] Read »
Ligne Roset Anneau Chair
U.N., Me, and Everyone We Know
One might think that the $1.9 billion overhaul of the United Nations Headquarters would be a multiple-stakeholder quagmire of Ground Zero proportions. However, as Michael Adlerstein, executive [...] Read »
SLAB DESK - Genesis
Real Estate Sold: Village Green's Eco-Condos Start Selling in the East Village
We once called eco-friendly East 11th Street condo building Village Green an East Village success story thanks to strong sales in a somewhat untested location during a very crummy time for the [...] Read »
On the Racked: Carroll Gardens Store Gets TV Makeover; Limelight Opens Friday
And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up. [Vermont Market, via Lost City] 1) Carroll Gardens: The Vermont Market, a storefront with a complicated [...] Read »
Tuesday Townhouse: Barrow Street Townhouse Goes Fishing for $15.95 Million
Pardon the slightly watery slant to Tuesday Townhouse lately. But we couldn't pass up 81 Barrow Street, a two-family residence that includes an "oversized suspended aquarium." The listing photos [...] Read »
Brody House Is Money ($25 million worth)
A Quincy Jones Brody House in LAs Holmby Hills has hit the market for a whopping $24.95 million, report the Wall Street Journal and LA Curbed. The 11,500 square foot modernist home  has nine [...] Read »
University of Michigans Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning hosted the Future of Urbanism conference on March 19 & 20, 2010. An international roster of speakers academics and practitioners [...] Read »
With its impressive roof, its golden ceiling and wave-like ”moving” wall, the new Rotterdam chapel exhibits the sensual elements of the baroque. The intimate inner room has an aura of contemplative... [...] Read »
Dangerous and seductive curves
I may have referred to this before, but recent readings bring the idea back to mind. In one of those influential lectures very early in college, Hans Hollein, an Austrian architect, offered an [...] Read »
�bertect #2
�bertect vs. Jean Nouvel's Copenhagen Concert Hall Click the above image to enlarge Read »
I'm just on a short break here, finishing up some odds and ends, but will be posting again soon. Read »
Falco Collection
CLEVELAND, Ohio  Clevelands six-lane Main Avenue (Burton Memorial) Bridge was rated in poor condition for the second consecutive year, with serious drainage problems, loose concrete and rusted [...] Read »
Hotels: Emmitt Smith's Harlem Hyatt Hits the Jackpot
The investors looking to build a Hyatt hotel on 125th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem—a group that includes Dallays Cowboys (BOOOOOO!) legend Emmitt Smith—are on the road to victory. The [...] Read »
The battle for the "last Atlantic Yards holdout" title continues. Today's contender: Peter Williams. He's already made a deal with developer Bruce Ratner over some property at the site, but now [...] Read »
Sparkling Chair by Marcel Wanders
Reclaimed labtop dining tables
Spira Cafe Table
[FIRST LOOK + PLANS + PROJECT DATA] John Thompson & Partners has landed planning for its Oldham Council housing scheme at North Werneth, Manchester Read »
Thinking about a remodel in your home? Well, you might want to read this first... (via wall street journal) Read »
This month we are hosting a zine workshop taught by designer Alex DeArmond . We started off the class by meeting librarian Rosemary Furtak in Walker Library and checked out zines and artist books [...] Read »
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The Los Angeles Urban Rangers had planned to wrap up their 3-year Malibu Public Beach project with 3 mini-safaris last February before canceling them due to rain. They have since rescheduled [...] Read »
Tables by GOTWOB
Design Blooms with these Five Products
In an effort to find truly sustainable and beautiful commercial interior design, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Interiors & Sources magazine partnered to create the Bloom [...] Read »
AIA SF Marin Home Tours: Sneak Preview
This year the AIA SF is debuting a second home tour, up in Marin,  in addition to its popular home tour in San Francisco happening later on in September. Smart move: theres some great architecture [...] Read »
Surround by Natuzzi
Firm Faces #13
Architizer, as many readers here know , is a website that "empowers architecture" and architects by connecting them with each other and a broader audience. At its root is a Facebook/LinkedIn-esque [...] Read »
An Upper West Side building manager pleaded not guilty to making tenants of his three buildings write rent checks to him instead of the landlord. The manager, Luis Nunez, allegedly walked away [...] Read »
Eater has a re-opening night report from the Jane Ballroom, and there was nary a pitchfork-toting neighbor in sight: "We bid adieu around 1:45 to head home and the scene on Jane Street was exactly [...] Read »
Eight Inc seeking Junior Designer in Honolulu, HI Eight Inc, an interdisciplinary design firm with offices in San Francisco, New York, Honolulu, Tokyo and London is seeking talented and motivated [...] Read »
Two story dream in Humlebæk, Denmark
Nursing home LPPH Hainburg, Austria
Steve Cuozzo dedicates his column today to talking up a turnaround at the Fulton Street Mall, which is piggybacking on the condofication of Downtown Brooklyn (or maybe it's the other way around?). [...] Read »
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BKLYN Designs Sneak-Peek: FRAMEicariums are Ant-Farm Art
Last year, BKLYN Designs exhibitor Hugh Haydens fun recycled tennis ball-seats were amongst our favorite designs. This year, Hayden partnered with designer Katie Vitale to bring something new [...] Read »
[...] Read »
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Japan Pavilion is a Solar Energy Generating ‘Purple Silkworm Island’
[...] Read »
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Minimalist Adobe Brick Home is a Box Within a Box
A box within a box, this simple house composed of mud bricks formed into a contemporary structure is an elegant synthesis of old and new. Built in Marfa, Texas, a town better known for the artist [...] Read »
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Scientists Harness Virtual Reality to Aid Oil Spill Cleanup Effort
Weve looked at a number of possible cleanup solutions for the disastrous oil spill off the Gulf Coast  hair, underwater domes, and bacteria, to name a few. Now scientists are testing out virtual [...] Read »
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Starlight LED Lamp Made From Recycled Coins
New York designer Kellam Clarks magical Starlight lamp is a shining example of long-lasting, sustainable design with its combination of LED lights and recycled metal coins that cast varying [...] Read »
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Japanese Company Turns Adult Diapers into Energy Source
Wearing adult diapers just got a whole lot cooler  a Japanese company called Super Faith has developed a miraculous system that turns used diapers into a clean fuel source in about 24 hours. [...] Read »
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Top Green Gadgets to Improve Your Next Camping Trip
[...] Read »
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Read the rest of Lace Hill: A Living Green Mountain Building for Armeniahttp://www.inhab :// -admin/options-general. php?page=better_feedpti ons-general.php?page=be tter_feed [...] Read »
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Lend Your Locks, Used Pantyhose to Help Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts
If youre due for a haircut, dont let your hairdresser sweep those locks into the garbage can! Matter of Trust, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that collects landfill-bound locks from hundreds [...] Read »
D-House by Bunker Workshop
When Cleveland’s $200 million Healthline opened for service in October 2008, its creators called it bus rapid transit (BRT) because of its shiny new vehicles, large stations, and dedicated [...] Read »
Reverie Collection
CLEVELAND, Ohio  The Cleveland schools will add to a stockpile of closed buildings this summer, then go on a demolition spree. The district intends to level 25 buildings, including 13 of the [...] Read »
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Canelos 59 Building | Garduño Arquitectos
[...] Read »
Putting the Location in LEED
Late last week, you may have heard, the USGBC, NRDC, and CNU officially launched LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND). The pilot program opened in July 2007 with about 240 participating [...] Read »
Lydia Lunch + Juan Azulay @ Sci-Arc
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Terrace G | GRAD Arkitekter
[...] Read »
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Foster + Partners has been appointed to masterplan the Imperial War Museum’s Lambeth Road Site Read »
Arche Nebra/The Nebra Ark
Visitor Center/Observation Tower in Wangen, Germany. Holzer Kobler Architekturen : Read »
Interview with Lingerie Designer Chantal Thomass
The Modern List: Portland leads the way
Team BUILD scours Portland for modern design and culture Read »
Tegu Wooden Toys
CurbedWire: 456 West 19th's Model Sells; Burg Building's Mystery Guest
WEST CHELSEA—The "in contract" tally on StreetEasy for Cary Tamarkin's 456 West 19th Street is now up to seven units, and that includes, building PR points out, the $1.67 million model unit [...] Read »
The Pagoda, recycled wine barrel stave candleholder
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Volkswagen Unveils Folding Electric Bike
In an unexpected twist, Volkswagen recently unveiled a two-wheeled electric bicycle at this years Auto China Show. Dubbed the bik.e (yes, thats how its spelled), the sleek portable cycle is [...] Read »
Model Behavior: Soho's 350 West Broadway Unveils Model, Gets Set to Party
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Only seven apartments call 350 West Broadway home, and one of those full-floor behemoths has just been turned into a decked-out model unit [...] Read »
SMIBE (The Society for Moving Images about the Built Environment) announced winners of its second international short film competition. "Personal Infrastructures" was the theme of over two hundred [...] Read »
Hell Square Stunner: Ludlow Street Mystery Building Outed as Cheap Hotel
Back before the Lower East Side rezoning prevented such things, a mid-block sliver building started its 11-story climb at 136 Ludlow Street between Rivington and Stanton, right in the thick of [...] Read »
Annwicks Drive Modern by CONTEXT:
Dangerous and seductive curves
I may have referred to this before, but recent readings bring the idea back to mind. In one of those influential lectures very early in college, Hans Hollein, an Austrian architect, offered an [...] Read »
Architectural Works
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Paul Eluard Cultural Centre by OFF Architecture
Paris studio OFF Architecture have won a competition to design a cultural centre in Cugnaux, France, with their design featuring a woven wooden façade. Read »
Malmö Cultural Centre / Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
[...] Read »
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Netherlands Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010
Shanghai Expo 2010: here are some photographs of the Dutch pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, taken by photographer Montse Zamorano. Read »
Rose Garden Islands / OFIS Arhitekti
[...] Read »
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OMA Book Machine at the Architectural Association
A 40,000-page book binding together 35 years of writing by architects OMA is on show at the Architectural Association in London. Read »
Ella Dining Room and Bar / UXUS
[...] Read »
The Glass House, an architectural play
Two of the most iconic projects from the modern movement built in the US take part in a play by June Finfer, directed by Evan Bergman. The design and building of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth [...] Read »
Lace Hill / Forrest Fulton Architecture
For Forrest Fulton Architectures competition proposal, the Alabama-based firm designed a 900,000 sqf biomorphic spatial surface that connects the adjacent city and the landscape.  The architecture [...] Read »
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Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
German studio KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten have completed an art museum in Nanjing, China, with a series of narrow rectangular slits across the facade. Read »
Dreilinden School Propsteimatte / Lussi + Halter
[...] Read »
[...] Read »
[...] Read »
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Zierikzee Apartment Buildings by Kingma Roorda Architecten
Rotterdam studio Kingma Roorda Architecten have completed two apartment blocks on the quayside in Zierikzee, the Netherlands. Read »
Alexandra Interpretation Centre / Peter Rich Architects
[...] Read »