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Fertilizing Naturally Occuring Bacteria Could Help Clean Oil Spill
Almost two weeks after the disaster started, the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is still gushing up to 10,000 barrels of oil into the ocean every day. Efforts by BP and the US government [...] Read »
El Pa�s interviews Jacques Herzog. En espa�ol Read »
Casa Sky Box by MAPT
Thirty Days Acquamarine
blog wunderlust : 3 May 2010
The blog wunderlust is a weekly round up summarizing the architectural highlights, news and web links, that don't otherwise fit the format of this blog. If you have any to share feel free to [...] Read »
A state Supreme Court judge ruled Friday that the developers should lose control of One Madison Park, with full authority over the condo going to the interim receiver. Given the buyer backouts, [...] Read »
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Shooting Laser Beams in the Sky Could Produce Rain Clouds
Researchers at Switzerlands University of Geneva have come up with an interesting way of making it rainshooting lasers high up into the sky. Though the strategy seems like science fiction, [...] Read »
Dresslight in Trecool
Bed to Cure Insomnia by Mathieu Lehanneur
It Happened One Weekend: Buyers Want Gently Used Buildings, Please; Libeskind on WTC
1) With stalled projects and financing troubles all over the place, new new developments aren't as hot as they were during the boom. So where are all those buyers putting their pennies instead? [...] Read »
LEED, Prefab, Apartments: The Modules
This 72-unit building, The Modules, is under construction near Temple University in Philadelphia. Designed by Interface Studio Architects, the apartment project includes 60,000 square feet of [...] Read »
Oscar at Home
The garden photo from my last post was from Annette and Oscar de la Renta's garden in Connecticut. I thought maybe you would like to see some of the rest of the garden and house as well. It's [...] Read »
CLEVELAND, Ohio  Our Lady of Perpetual Renovation. Thats what Cleveland Public Theatre staffers call their main facility, two buildings near West 65th Street and Detroit Avenue. The company, [...] Read »
Editor's Picks #157
[...] Read »
Sculptured in wood and fitting in with the topography of the orchards, this house reminds the world of a hangar and of a barn. It also preserves the rural characteristics of the surroundings [...] Read »
Remember the song on Sesame Street that went “One of these things is not like the other…”? Alright then, so: between this, this, andthis, which one stands out?  Why?  Well, if you picked [...] Read »
Adventures in Listing Photos: Lights, Camera, Action at Historic East Village Townhouse
Today EV Grieve spotlights a new-to-market listing for a 1,200-square-foot co-op at 46 Stuyvesant Street, one of those old townhouses on the historic East Village block. The asking price is $1.4 [...] Read »
Banana Republic is shooting a commercial in Park Slope, and blog Fucked in Park Slope is, surprise, not overjoyed about the shopping mall standby's invasion: "Okay, I can deal with the fact that [...] Read »
'Successful Living' lamp series from Diesel
Linkage: New HQ is Star of Goldman Show; McCarren Park Flower War; More!
[From the city's slideshow on some big changes at Grand Army Plaza, via City Room.] · New Goldman building is star of Goldman news coverage [WSJ] · Port Authority boss's WTC op-ed lists recent [...] Read »
The Passage (a commissioned art work’s story)
Lean Mirror
400W Small Wind Turbine [Giveaway]
To be considered for this random giveaway, leave a comment below through the end of Thursday, May 6, 2010.* After writing about Sam's Club's installation of 17 Skystream turbines in California, [...] Read »
Gang, Lurie, Sullivan, Samuelson, Le Corbu, Goldberg and more - fifty+ events on May Architectural Calendar
Hey, we're only two days late! The May architectural calendar starts off in a big way this week with Christian Blaser at IIT on Monday, presentation by the finalists for SEAOI's Excellence in [...] Read »
Fiberglass Chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci
from Inhabit
Read the rest of Photos from Inhabitats 5th Birthday Bash!http://www.inhabit / dmin/ p?page=better_feedption s-general.php?page=bett er_feed [...] Read »
Bloomberg Businessweek discusses the difficulties "star architects" are facing during this economic depression. The article covers the current status of offices such as Libeskind, Gensler, Perkins [...] Read »
Concrete & Leather Lamp by studio belenko!
Open Design Italia
A Fashionable Fete
Tonight is the social event of the season for the fashion flock. The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art annual gala know better as the Met Ball will support the new exhibit, [...] Read »
Can't We All Just Get Along?: Battle of the Upper West Side's New Luxury Rental Buildings
To those who think paying $8,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment at flashy new Upper West Side rental building The Corner is a bit on the crazy side, we ask this: How about $6,000? That's [...] Read »
Anti-Atlantic Yards agitator Freddy's Bar closed Saturday night with the kind of fanfare (fire dancers!) that isn't exactly surprising from the creators of the PBR guillotine and Bruce Ratner [...] Read »
kaim, object by confused-direction
Green Hotel - Hutton Hotel
House in La Finca
This is the most minimalist project design by A-cero situated in an exclusive state called La Finca in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, an area with wide green spaces, lakes and spectaculars houses. [...] Read »
from Pruned
Roman Night
(From one of our regular web haunts comes this evocative photo of Fori Imperiali at night, taken in 1934. We've probably seen many others like it: the crepuscule sky, some mood lighting and reflections, [...] Read »
u of m robotic fabrication
> > -Images from Winter 2010 Exhibition at University of Michigan robotic fabrication with Wes McGee and David Pigram. Trajectories were chosen from previous research agendas started in 2009 [...] Read »
La Boite Cafe in Austin by designSTUDIOmodern
from Inhabit
Latin America’s Tallest Skyscraper Aiming for LEED Platinum
Although not particularly known for its skyscrapers, Latin America will soon have their very own eco tower to add to the growing mix of green skyscrapers all over the world. Torre Reforma, designed [...] Read »
from Inhabit
BIG Unveils Spiraling Cycling Pavilion in Shanghai
BIG architects recently completed construction on the Danish Pavilion, a stunning beacon for sustainable transportation at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Conceived as an elegantly sloping circular [...] Read »
Tua Table Lamp by Marco Zito
Optiwind Accelerating Wind Turbine Taps New Energy Fields
Traditional three-blade turbines are great if you have lots of space to play with, but the Optiwind Compact Wind Accelerating Turbine is ideal for high-density, low-wind areas. The turbine’s [...] Read »
Building Made Entirely of Recycled Kitchen Sinks
This incredible reclaimed pavilion defies the old “everything but” cliché - it is entirely made of kitchen sinks. Built by 2012 Architechten in cooperation with Jeanne van Heeswijks of Jeanneworks, [...] Read »
Curbed Roundtable: New Luxury Rentals: Gift or Curse for the Market?
It's a new month, which means it must be time for the state o' the market roundtable, where we call on Curbed readers to help us consider some of the major questions facing the New York City [...] Read »
Opponents of Williamsburg's Domino Sugar redevelopment plan, may we direct your attention to this painting by Italian artist Bernardo Siciliano being auctioned off this month in Milan? For just [...] Read »
Monochromatic Furniture
Creepy Crawly Things: The Upper East Side's Problem That Dare Not Speak Its Name
It's an open secret that rumors of bedbug infestation can derail unit sales and make apartment dwellers generally hate life. But the tony Upper East Side is immune from all that, right? Wrong! [...] Read »
Setia Eco Villa with Top Roof Garden
sen7 - the top accessory of spring
Homage to the city history
Sustainable design of Gen7 by American Modular Systems
How Architecture Space  Can Thrive by Pulling Information Patterns
Buildings today continue to move from static to fluid design, and this fluidity is expressed by integrating not only new materials with amazing behavioral properties, but also by pulling information [...] Read »
another quality web candy - for your surfing pleasure.... via: 010/04/21/ark-house-by- axis-mundi/#more-75767 .. _______________________ _________ [...] Read »
Wrap Table
Chicago Streetscene:  Trains, boats, and automobiles
Architectural Works
Bearden Place / Shelter Architecture
[...] Read »
Woodwalk / Vir.Mueller Architects
[...] Read »
from dezeen
Living in a park by MAB Arquitectura
Spanish studio MAB Arquitectura have completed a social housing project situated in a public park in Milan. Read »
Water-Cooled House / Wallflower Architecture + Design
[...] Read »
Sky Box / MAPT
[...] Read »
The Marine Culture and Pop Music Center is an integral part of the major public investment and construction plan by the Kaohsiung City Government. Through the building of an international art [...] Read »
from dezeen
UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 photographed by Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre
Shangai Expo 2010: architectural photographer Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre sends us this portfolio of photos of the Thomas Heatherwick-designed UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, which opened yesterday. Read »
Blok1 / GROUP A
[...] Read »