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Now it's not just your friends and neighbors who have nicer apartments than you, it's also the totally fictional people in Broadway plays! The Times argues the latest group of plays set in New [...] Read »
VW’s Folding Bik.e
woodwalk showroom
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Obama Puts the Kibosh on All New Offshore Drilling
Its been nine days since the explosion on BPs oil rig off the coast of Louisiana and things only seem to be getting worse. More oil is leaking into the Gulf than expected and by this time the [...] Read »
Archaeology and Reconstruction
Archaeological and Reconstruction Artist Peter Dunn will be hosted by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust to visit select Heritage Sites around Jamaica to produce a series of reconstructions. [...] Read »
Concrete Honey and the Printing Room
[Image: " Beamer Bees " by Liam Young and Anab Jain ]. I had an interesting and long conversation last week with John Becker, one of my students at Columbia's GSAPP , about everything from the [...] Read »
Linkage: Secret Gardens of Hell's Kitchen; Last Cronkite Co-op Sells; More!
[Cute overload as family of ducks crosses Park Avenue, via NYPost.] · Last Walter Cronkite co-op at 870 UN Plaza (a tiny studio) sells [NYT] · Tenth Ave. train trench allows new condos to build [...] Read »
the cygnet kids chair
Solar powered LED Mosaic jars
Solar Decathlon Europe
The Solar Decathlon Europe competition is an international competition among universities around the world with the goal of advancing the knowledge and dissemination of industrialized, solar [...] Read »
The Victorian Society has objected to the demolition of a red-brick hospital on the site of O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects’ competition-winning London School of Economics (LSE) student centre Read »
collins and turner
. At Boomerang Drive, two houses are sited along a sand-dune facing the beach. The houses are siblings, related by a common architectural vocabulary and palette of materials. They share their [...] Read »
House of the Week 65: San Remo Drive
The design of the San Remo Drive residence by KAA Design Group draws inspiration from Southern California's rich history of early modernist residential design namely Schindler's Kings Road House [...] Read »
[bracket] vol1
Here is the first image on forthcoming [bracket] vol. 1, "On Farming", that Mason C White has posted in his Flickr's page... [bracket] will be published by Actar Editoria l. I am looking forward [...] Read »
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Stunning Renovation Showcases Reclaimed Materials, Flexible Spaces
Sometimes it takes looking to the past and pulling cues from previous design theories to break new ground and push modern green design forward. Dezeen shows us Edwards Moore’s stunning renovation [...] Read »
CurbedWire: Penthouses Revealed at 456 West 19th; Downtown's Poker Face
WEST CHELSEA—The wraps have come down and the penthouses (and their wavy terraces) have been revealed at 456 West 19th Street, architect/developer Cary Tamarkin's latest condo building near [...] Read »
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Champ: A Sofa that Helps You Get into Shape!
There’s no reason to let your couch kick your butt into an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Designed for Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi, Tobias Fraenzel’s “Champ” lets you show [...] Read »
PriceSpotter: Big Reveal: How Much for a Menagerie on the UWS?
And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game! Location: 253 West 73rd Street #9G Asking: $899,000 What we had this week was a fairly standard 1BR in the Level Club, [...] Read »
Helvetica. It has now told all about the character of the worlds most famous and discussed. Have been dedicated to movies, books , exhibitions, can be found everywhere around you, the products [...] Read »
The Pedro Espada investigation is so dominating everything else happening in Albany that Tenant Lobby Day—in which the State Assembly passes tenant-friendly rent-regulation measures in front [...] Read »
Construction Watch: Soho's Mondrian, Opening in November, All Glassed Up
After a few delays, the Mondrian Soho Mondrian New York—the new Soho luxury hotel that's not Trump Soho or the James New York—seems pretty sure about a November opening: It's in gigantic letters [...] Read »
The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) seeking Architect in New York, NY OMA New York is looking for an architect/ designer for a number of residential, cultural and urban design projects [...] Read »
CNN interviews Detroit residents about the city's policy to densify it's healthy neighborhoods and destroy it's unhealthy ones. CNN Read »
LA Considering a Massive Central Park above Highway 101
CalTrans and the City of Los Angeles are seriously considering a proposal to cap the 101 trench in downtown LA with a beautiful urban park. The new park would stitch together the downtown area, [...] Read »
Modular Stencil Corbu Font
Sustainable Christie Beach House by Altius Architecture
Destructoporn: Days are Numbered for Soho Landmark on Grand Street
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. The forlorn stack of cast iron at 74 Grand Street is facing its final days. Now the upper floor is gone and bricks that formed the rear wall are in a... Read »
Bon Weekend!
I'm heading down to Soho today to continue my carpet search but where I would really like to be is gallivanting around a pretty garden like Jennifer Garner. I'd also like to wearing the same [...] Read »
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Purple Pokeberries Could Provide Low-Cost Solar for Developing Nations
Civil War soldiers used the dye from purple pokeberries to write letters home. Now, the bright-colored weeds are being used for a far more modern purpose. Researchers at Wake Forest Universitys [...] Read »
Weekend Links April 30
[...] Read »
Geemo Building Toy
Nest Table turns heads with its innovative design
Below,a few iterations of something that may sound eerily familiar: "Hello News," a promotional image and music package that centers around a song originally written in the late 1970s by jingle [...] Read »
Modern Coop with Reclaimed Cedar
Whether its urban farming or backyard chickens, there's a movement afloat to raise and grow food locally and organically. If you're interested in running a chicken coop -- and speaking from personal [...] Read »
The latest in a series of practice profiles looking at architects who have recently decided to go it alone either through choice or redundancy Read »
The Lighting is Everything
The light fixtures in this space really make it.... without them, it would just be a big (and overly tall) room. Instead, the fixtures bring the space into a more intimate and human scale. I'm [...] Read »
August 15, 1967 Short clip by Tom Palazzolo of the unveiling of the Picasso sculpture in Chicago's then Civic now Daley Plaza (Chicago Filmmakers). I love to hear the voice of the original [...] Read »
Spare Land-Use Change?
Yesterday, the Times ran an interesting story about the potential illegality of Community Benefit Agreements, as determined in a report by the New York City Bar Association. The report argues [...] Read »
Dogfight over 'doggie in the window' building
A fascinating little architectural dogfight is shaping up over the future of Chicago's "doggy in the window" building, architect Stanley Tigerman's Anti-Cruelty Society - Blair Kamin for the Chicago Tribune Read »
Linkage: More Coney Island Acres for Sale; Bloomberg Gets Poetic; More!
[Via Curbed Photo Pool/Several seconds] · Three more acres of Coney Island are now for sale, with no asking price [Crain's] · Mayor Bloomberg writes Emily Dickinson-inspired poem about NYC [...] Read »
"Check out 9B, Apparently the terrace is BIGGER than the condo! Just set up a tent out there and you have a 2nd bedroom!"—anon [Hester Street Condo Building Lives Next to Historic Hole] Read »
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Green Decontaminants Could Clean Up Terrorist Attacks
Theres nothing remotely green about nerve gas, mustard gas, anthrax, and other nasty chemical agents that could be used in a terrorist attack. The cleanup process, on the other hand, doesnt [...] Read »
Studio Nommo is a studio that produces handmade turkish wallpaper. His new collection was designed by twelve illustrators from around the world. The styles used are very different, united only [...] Read »
The Six Digit Club: Williamsburg Penthouse Promises a Grand Old Time
Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Click the image above [...] Read »
Paul Gross and Martha Burns, the Canadian actor couple known for roles in Due South and Slings and Arrows, have purchased the fifth-floor loft at 62 Orchard Street for $2.2 million. They paid [...] Read »
on the boards: South Lake Recreational & Retail Centre
The South Lake Recreational & Retail Centre is a proposed multi-facility structure designed by architects Studioshift , featuring amenities for shopping and commerce as well as leisure housed [...] Read »
Looking for something to do? Here are some suggestions for those of you in the following cities within the next week... Hollywood , London , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Washington , New York [...] Read »
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Japanese Researchers Invent Elastic Water
The material shown in the picture above is just ice, right? Look again. Elastic water, a new substance invented by researchers at Tokyo University, is a jelly-like substance made up of 95% water [...] Read »
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InterModal Design Launches New Prefab Shipping Container Units
Although modular by design, shipping container architecture have mostly been executed by individuals or firms on a case by case basis. Now, InterModal Design, a subsidiary of Hive Modular, is [...] Read »
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Silvertree Eco-Tower Rises in the UK
The Royal Victoria Docks in London are bursting with development, and we were excited to hear that the latest tower to take hold boasts some extraordinary eco features. Designed by Studio RHE, [...] Read »
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Green Tech’s Big Patent Problem
You may remember the battle that raged between pharmaceutical companies who wanted to hold on to their patents and African nations who couldnt afford the non-generic price tag on the AIDS drugs [...] Read »
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Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Mushrooms and Hair!
The massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has spurred scientists and engineers to consider numerous solutions to clean up the slick  from erecting a giant underwater dome to contain the [...] Read »
Sun Tunnel by Ross Lovegrove
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Read the rest of 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Finalists Announced! ttp:// /wp-admin/options-gener al.php?page=better_feed ptions-general.php?page =better_feed [...] Read »
Dragonfly.MGX Lamp by WertelOberfell
from + MOOD
6 Family House Staldern Regensberg ZH | L3P Architekten
The 6 Family House Staldern Regensberg ZH in Switzerland, is a housing project designed by Swiss architect L3P Architekten. It features the randomized glazing and openings on the facade with [...] Read »
Stefano Boeri at his place…
Ghost estates testify to Irish boom and bust.
There are 621 ghost estates across Ireland now, a legacy of more hopeful years. This means that one in five Irish homes are unoccupied. All as a result of the housing market collapse and economic [...] Read »
2 BR, 2 BA, 1,307 sq ft condo Asking: $1,995,000 | The Harrison 205 West 76th Street [Corcoran] Read »
First Word: Emmitt Smith Wants to Break Harlem's 125th Street Curse
Emmitt Smith can do it all—win Super Bowls, dance with the stars, garble his words uncontrollably on ESPN—but can he succeed where so many others have failed and build a new hotel on 125th [...] Read »
Still smarting that Gramercy Park has been closed to keyholders for a handful of days this month without proper notice, National Arts Club President Aldon James is escalating his insurgency. [...] Read »
Ultra Flat Wall Clock
Upcycled Container House in Malaysia by Ken Kwok
RIBA London chair Azar Djamali last night (29 April) resigned ahead of a vote of no confidence in her leadership Read »
House on Mt. Merino
House on Mount Merino in Hudson, NY (USA); designed by Joel Sanders Architect : Read »
ColladoCollins has submitted final plans for Tesco’s 450-home development in Bromley-by-Bow, east London Read »
Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston
I love myself a good fashion documentary and so of course I am dying to see Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston . It is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival Friday night and you know there will [...] Read »
Critical Cities poses the question of what happened to the career of one of America's most innovative modernist architects? Read Read »
Of all the entries on this blog over the past three years, the one that has sparked the most interest in terms of emails and queries is this one on architect William Lescaze’s 1934 New York [...] Read »
Is that [bracket] I smell?
We're detecting a pulse. [bracket] is coming alive! via Read »
BIArch challenges us to rethink architecture with the following very relevant, and very important, questions: How is the role of architecture changing in face of the current challenges? Why is [...] Read »
CLEVELAND, Ohio  Cuyahoga County today announced 11 local firms chosen to help design and landscape a medical mart and convention center proposed for downtown. The consultants, many of which [...] Read »
On the Racked: Soho's Big Croc Shows Itself on Spring; More From Racked!
And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up. 1) Soho: The Crocs complex at Spring and Wooster Streets—part historic renovation, part glassification—has [...] Read »
The Russian designer Alexander Mukomelov has created this stylish and innovative bath, called Infinity. Infinity offers a sensory experience it at 360 degrees, thanks to integration with smart [...] Read »
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Vein-Like Piezoelectric Shower Harvests Kinetic Energy to Heat Water
This incredible concept for a self-heating piezoelectric shower combines inspiration from the human body’s circulatory system with technological innovations in piezoelectricity. The fluid web [...] Read »
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Doctors Conduct First Heart Surgery Using Remote Controlled Robot
Doctors at a British hospital have just carried out the worlds first surgery using a remote controlled robot! The procedure fixed a patients irregular heart rhythm, and although the doctor [...] Read »
Development Du Jour: Hester Street Condo Building Lives Next to Historic Hole
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Location: 55 Hester Street btwn Essex/Ludlow Size: 11 stories, 27 one- and two-bedroom units Prices: $625,000 to $1,049,000 Architect: Jung [...] Read »
Sam's Club Installs 17 Micro Turbines
Today, in Palmdale, California, Walmart (NYSE:WMT) flipped the switch on 17 small wind turbines in the parking lot of bulk retailer, Sam’s Club. Based upon estimates, Walmart and Sam’s Club [...] Read »
The glamification of Bleecker Street's retail has made Village landlords greedy, the Wall Street Journal reports, and they're letting storefronts sit empty instead of reducing rent demands. "Shuttered [...] Read »
Petting Farm - 70F
Most city parts of Almere, a city with almost 190,000 inhabitants, have a petting farm. In the den Uyl park there used to be one, but it burned down in the early 80s, leaving only its concrete [...] Read »
De Rotterdam ‘Vertical City’ - Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) has designed a mixed-used development – De Rotterdam ‘Vertical City’ located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with approximately 155.000 m² floor area [...] Read »
Engineering News-Record’s Senior Editor Tom Sawyer, and Jenna McKnight, deputy news director for McGraw-Hill Construction, spent a week in Haiti in mid-April staying with a local family and [...] Read »
How could a building that combined the genius of Buckminister Fuller and the power of the Union Tank Car Company become obsolete in little more than ten years? Read »
City & Urbanism
Indiemapper - Mapping to Go
Mapping has become a big thing in our everyday lives. This goes hand in hand with stepped up efforts to collect but also release data. It has become a data war with big web players such as Google, [...] Read »
I just love the black and white timeLapse stuff. This one is some 'Mixed Bag' with everything from architecture to nature - Yes the cricket is my favourite ,this sequence is very beautiful - [...] Read »
Tradition and eccentricity: City undergoes acupuncture treatment as part of Portland Plan
Needle installation at Mt. Tabor, image courtesy The Portland Acupuncture Project Over the past several years, I've received acupuncture treatment for a variety of ailments: headaches, bronchitis, [...] Read »
AR in Your Shoe
Walking the city in your shoe is one thing, but walking the internet in your shoe is quite another. So far a few key strokes and mainly the one finger to scroll and click the mouse were the tools [...] Read »
sponsored post: Download The New & Improved Corcoran iPhone App
This winter, our friends at Corcoran unveiled a shiny new iPhone app, putting the joy of Corcoran listings in the palm of your hand. The app has the full suite of search capabilities for rental [...] Read »
Marie Antoinette Pop
Recaps: Selling New York: Pool Party on the Upper East Side!
Last night was another episode of Selling New York, HGTV's reality show following Manhattan brokerages CORE and Gumley Haft Kleier as they try to sell fabulous properties fabulously. Here, writer [...] Read »
Good news, Cooper Square Hotel fans: Vanishing New York is once again airing the complaints of the people living behind the hotel's patio bar: "The planters were supposed to have been filled [...] Read »
Development Update-o-Rama: Garfield Sparta Shakes Off Controversy and Seeks Buyers
Former development battleground 580 Carroll Street, aka Garfield Sparta, has now been on the market for about a month. And the slightly battle-scarred project—"this building was not exactly [...] Read »
Late Last Night (Ate Las Nigh) (At La Nit) (A A I!)
US Expo Pavillion = NASA Storage Shed
[...] Read »
PT AX20 Floor Lamp
Aedas has won the go-ahead for this £2.6 million, Cor-ten crematorium building in Dewsbury, Yorkshire Read »
Dixon Jones, Squire and Partners and Kim Wilkie Associates’ new masterplan for Chelsea Barracks sticks to the affordable housing pledge originally made in Richard Rogers’ scrapped plans Read »
Alvar Aalto Sample House
Flower Friday
(Click on images for larger view.) Read »
Shanghai Flowering
[Image: Flowers on display in Shanghai, via Eastday ]. I just found an old article I'd saved way back in 2001 about cloned flowers being used to beautify the streets of Shanghai . While cloning [...] Read »
Rockin Neutra
The magnificent Neutra VDL House on the Silver Lake Reservoir is one of our favorite places in Los Angeles. Now we like it even more, thanks to its first ever concert series, inspired by Richard [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Whirlpool’s Green Eco System Kitchen Debuts in Milan
This year’s edition of the Eurocucina kitchen showcase at Milan Design Week was painted green by Whirlpool’s GreenKitchen eco-system prototype. Featuring an impressive level of interconnectivity [...] Read »
Some Recent Cometition Results
[...] Read »
Architectural Craziness: Ancient Mead Hall Magically Transported to West 8th Street
What's up with all the crazy restaurants lately? In the fine tradition of the Times Square fairy tale house comes Rabbit in the Moon, a bi-level gastropub on West 8th Street complete with what [...] Read »
We're kind of excited about the 1,100-square-foot wraparound porch on the Country Living Magazine "House of the Year." While we try to figure out whether we can sneak a porch swing onto that [...] Read »
Boundary Desk by Felix de Pass
Know Thyself OK, a little test for you “traditionalists” out there. How would you label this plan? If you said “classical,” you are correct. If you said “modernist” (or even thought [...] Read »
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Wind-Powered Knitting Machine Lets Nature Knit Scarves!
[...] Read »
Arrested Development: Playtime's Over as Toy Building Heads for Foreclosure
Like hovercars and x-ray glasses, were the plans for 1107 Broadway, one of the former International Toy Center buildings, just too cool to actually become real? The condo conversion/Curbed crush [...] Read »
NYC Guide RFB #2
In my previous Request for Buildings (RFB) for my Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture -- to be published by W. W. Norton next year -- I asked for help from readers to determine [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Sky Residence II + Sky Business towers / Risco Architects
One of the most ambitious projects of Risco architects is the concept design for the new towers  Sky Residence II + Sky Businees  located in Luana Sky Center. Two towers with great programmatic [...] Read »
Allandale House / William O’Brien Jr
[...] Read »
from dezeen
French Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Jacques Ferrier Architectures
Shanghai Expo 2010: photographer Montse Zamorano has sent us some photographs of the completed French Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, designed by Jacques Ferrier Architectures. Read »
from dezeen
Trail House by Anne Holtrop
Dutch architect Anne Holtrop has completed a pavilion in an overgrown field in Almere, Netherlands, with plans that follow existing trails and paths across the site. Read »
Shirakuchi House / Design nico Architect Associates
[...] Read »
Van Leeuwenhoek Laboratory / DHV Architects
[...] Read »
DesCours 2010: Request for Proposals
[ December 4, 2010 to December 11, 2010. ] DesCours is a free, public, week-long architecture and art event now in its fourth year, held the second week of December in New Orleans. This event [...] Read »
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Office building in Calle Alfonso Gomez by Samuel Torres de Carvalho and Pedro Palmero Cabezas
Photographer Fernando Guerra has sent us some photographs of an office building designed by Portuguese architects Samuel Ruiz Torres de Carvalho and Pedro Palmero Cabezas in Madrid, Spain. Read »
Czech Republic Embassy in USA / Chalupa Architekti
[...] Read »
Dolni Dobrouc Sport Hall / Alexandr Skalický Architekt
[...] Read »