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from dezeen
M-house by Morii’s Atelier and OUVI
Japanese architects Masaki Mori of Morii’s Atelier and Shin Yokoo of OUVI have completed a house in Kanagawa, Japan, for a couple who plan to retire soon. Read »
Housing projects, a new City Hall for an Estonian city, a master plan for an island and the Danish Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010 are just some of the enormous variety of projects designed [...] Read »
Combine an iconic image (the one from the Obama elections, for instance), and combine that with a reluctant star. And what do you get? An installation called Kunst-haas at the Harvard GSD. And, [...] Read »
Today's archidose #343
Here are some photos of the Burnham Pavilion in Chicago's Millennium Park by Zaha Hadid . Photographs are by The New No. 2 .The pavilion sits next to another specially-commissioned pavilion by [...] Read »
Skysong at ASU Campus / FTL Design Engineering Studio
[...] Read »
Future Shack: Housing the 21st Century
[ September 13, 2009; 17:00 to 19:30. ] What does ‘neighborhood character' mean to you? Why is it important and what is the role of architecture? Join AIA Seattle as our own local characters [...] Read »
Sage Residence / Arbor South Architecture
The Sage Residence in Eugene, Oregon was both designed and built by Arbor South Architecture.  The residence, designed as “a super efficient demonstration house” illustrates the firm’s [...] Read »
The report titled Removing Market Barriers to Green Development (U.S. EPA, Northeast-Midwest Institute and Delta Institute, 2008) grew out of earlier work done to promote redevelopment on brownfield... [...] Read »
Café/Pastry Shop in Sintra / extrastudio
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St Edward’s University New Residence and Dining Hall / Alejandro Aravena
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Diller Scofidio + Renfro win competition for the new Image and Audio Museum in Rio de Janeiro
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OFF Architecture / Bering Strait Project
A few weeks ago, we shared the Bering Strait Project which asked participants to create a massive spanning element connecting Russia to America.  The design would physically join the [...] Read »
Kuntzel + Deygas Backstage JB/N Speakers
from Inhabit
Living Growing Root Bridges Are 100% Natural Architecture
In the forests of Meghalaya, India, the War-Khasis people have discovered a patient way of crossing the many rivers of their wet region. By guiding the roots of an abundant species of rubber [...] Read »
Buckminster Knows 062
This may well be one of the best ecclesiastical facades I've seen yet. Incredible. La Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. I'd happily tell you all about it but everything you want to know is [...] Read »
from lewism
Of the hundreds of pagoda’s in Japan only two in the last 1400 years are known to have fallen down in one of the most earthquake prone areas of the world. The Toji pagoda in Kyoto is 55m tall [...] Read »
Christ Warren of the LA based office W.O.R.D. answered some questions put to him by the Jargon Etc team. You will find comments about teaching, formalism, and an opinion about what kind of house [...] Read »
Ribbon Coat Rack
from Curbed
More West Chelsea Architectural Insanity: The Sky Galouse!
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. The troubled little lot at 552 West 24th Street, where DeArch Architects showed designs for a... Read »
from Pruned
Uncapped Streets
(Two really quick notes: firstly, landscape architect Adrienne Cortez's proposal for an alternative to uncapping fire hydrants, one which preserves the positive aspects of that quintessential [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Copper Panels by Parasoleil
Elevate designed by Gillian Westley
Diller Scofidio + Renfro Win Big at the Copacabana
Diller Scofidio + Renfro won the competition for the new Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) on the Avenida Atlantica at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The new museum will house rooms for permanent [...] Read »
from Inhabit
GREEN RANT: Stop Sending me Phone Books!
Inspiration for this rant landed on doorsteps in my area a few weeks ago, and has been sitting there, becoming increasingly soggy and unsightly ever since. Digging around the internet I found [...] Read »
Tropolism Books: The Green Workplace
Title: The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment, and the Bottom Line Author: Leigh Stringer Publication Date: August 4, 2009 Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan [...] Read »
3.5 Watts Prototype OLED Desk Lamp from Project TOPLESS
Gwathmey�s Death Further Diminishes �New York Five�
"More than 40 years ago, a group of young Manhattan architects with a shared interest in the aesthetics of old-fashioned Modernism began getting together to talk about their work, their lives [...] Read »
from Pruned
101 Plum Islands
( Clarice Starling: Every day of that week you may walk on the beach, you may swim in the ocean. Hannibal Lecter: Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Sounds charming. Starling: That's just part [...] Read »
American Space / American ArchitectureArchitecture and film; Holley House; Minimalist Residential Architecture; Houses in Garrison, NY
American filmmaker John Ford photographed the rough-hewn American landscape and inspired by creating film sequences that juxtaposed domestic interiors to vast exterior landscapes. hMa offers [...] Read »
Snowdrift touchup at the van Berkel
photograph courtesy Bob Johnson (click for larger view) Read »
What is your favorite billboard?
With the LA City Council banning multi-story supergraphics, digital billboards and some freeway signs last week (thanks Curbed, as always for the juicy details), we’ve suddently gotten nostalgic [...] Read »
4x4 House by Tadao Ando
Apartment in Moscow by Peter Kostelov
RIP - Charles Gwathmey
1938 - 2009, acclaimed architect highly noted for his work as one of the New York 5 in the late 1960s and including a sedated addition in 1992 to Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan; [...] Read »
Ivy Billboard
I love the simple sketches that Ryuji Nakamura uses to help sell the design... These sketches helped win 2 nd place in a competition for a kumamoto station. The idea is to use billboards and [...] Read »
Durisol Wall Form ICF (Polystyrene Free)
ShowCase: City of Culture of Galicia
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Reminder:  Crucial Meeting on Gropius Legacy at Michael Reese tonight
The Gropius in Chicago Coalition is seeking a strong showing of public support tonight for the saving on the Bauhaus-inspired buildings on the former campus of Michael Reese campus. The organization [...] Read »
Ghosts of Portland past: Olympic bids, elaborate lights
A few weeks ago I got to know another Portland blogger, Dan Hanekow of Cafe Unknown, when we were both interviewed for a TV show, "Outlook Portland" on NW32, about local architecture. Dan has [...] Read »
Faswall Wall Forms
The Ooob Doorstop and Bookend
Tropolism Books: The Green Workplace
Title: The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment, and the Bottom Line Author: Leigh Stringer Publication Date: August 4, 2009 Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan [...] Read »
from Pruned
Soil Maps of Africa
(“Scientists know more about the soils of Mars than Africa.” The soil map of Egypt.) is a project started by a consortium of soil scientists to create a digital soil [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Development Shines Light on Solar Energy Generating Plastics
Plastic sure has gotten a bad rap lately — it takes petroleum to produce it, most kinds are notoriously difficult to recycle and it can leach harmful chemicals like BPA. But that hasn’t stopped [...] Read »
from Inhabit
PuRE Turns Swimming Pools into Backyard Wastewater Treatment Plants
Once a status symbol of wealth and affluence, the iconic topaz swimming pool has, in more recent times, been tainted as a wasteful pit of water and energy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. [...] Read »
from Inhabit
T-Tree: A Towering Community of Prefab Pixel Homes
Appearing as a cross between a Tokyo capsule hotel and a pixellated prefab treehouse, the T-Tree housing community offers residents the opportunity to live among the clouds. One of 20 incredible [...] Read »
from Inhabit
OFF Architecture’s Visionary Eco-Bridge Spans the Bering Strait
In one of the most ambitious examples of speculative architecture of the year, Paris-based OFF Architecture recently unveiled an incredible eco-bridge spanning the Bering Strait from Russia to [...] Read »