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Ex Arsenale at Maddalena by Stefano Boeri Architetti
Italian architects Stefano Boeri Architetti have completed a complex of buildings including a conference centre, exhibition venue and marina in Sardinia. Read »
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Dezeenwire: Sunday Times architecture critic Hugh Pearman has posted his review of Bernard Tschumi’s new Acropolis Museum in Athens on his website - Read »
Different kinds of health architecture in different parts of the world. From Portugal, Netherlands, Japan, Sudan and Burkina Faso, we bring you our Round Up of previously featured health architecture [...] Read »
Botany Studio + House / Workshop1
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Building collapse in Shanghai
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International student housing competition for architects UPTO35
Dezeen promotion: we’ve teamed up with Greek developer Oliaros to launch UPTO35, a competition open to architects under the age of 35 to design an affordable student housing complex in Athens. Read »
Sou Fujimoto is a Japan architect that has been pushing what we traditionally call a house, but way beyond that just formal aspects. New typologies are explored, introducing new ideas on “living”. [...] Read »
Three student projects from Tulane City Center
The Tulane City Center houses the Tulane University School of Architecture’s urban research and outreach programs. So far this year, the students at the Tulane School of Architecture have built [...] Read »
Modern Colosseum / Cepezed Architects
The Netherlands-based  Cepezed Architects  were recently appointed by the offices of the Hague Capital of Culture to design a temporary theater.   The city strives to be named the [...] Read »
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UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 by Thomas Heatherwick
British designer Thomas Heatherwick has released images of his updated design for the UK pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010. Read »
Today's archidose #329
PS1 Young Architects Program, 2009 , originally uploaded by downtownBLUE . Afterparty , this year's P.S.1 Young Architects Program by MOS , 2009. The installation opened Sunday and runs until [...] Read »
Office Silo & Containers / Vaillo + Irigaray
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Walking Berlin by Fantastic Norway
DMY Berlin 09: Norwegian designers Fantastic Norway have sent photos of Walking Berlin, a project in which they dressed up as their latest building and walked around Berlin. Read »
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Sansaburu Kindegarten by VAUMM
Basque architects VAUMM have completed a kindergarten at Eibar in Gipuzkoa, Spain (via yatzer). Read »
Euro RSCG / Atelier Phileas
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Green Roofs for Melbourne / 1:1 architects
1:1 Architects  shared their design idea for retro fitting high-rise buildings in Melbourne with a modular system of independent green roof structures. The new roof is designed to be installed, [...] Read »
The Emerald Coast of Queens
On Thursday, we wrote about a new park that had been unveiled as part of the city’s plans for Hunter’s Point South. Not to be outdone, Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens West’s original greenway, [...] Read »
For the 53rd Venice Art Biennial, Jorge Otero-Pailos, a professor of preservation at Columbia, made a cast of the pollution on a wall of the Doge’s Palace on the Palazzo San Marco. Trained [...] Read »
Courtyard housing competition brings zoning code amendments
In 2007, the City of Portland invited architects from around the world to share ideas on the design possibilities for housing oriented around shared courtyards. The Courtyard Housing Competition [...] Read »
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Invisibility Cloaks May Shield Buildings From Earthquakes
We all know that invisibility cloaks can protect Harry Potter from Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris, but now physicists in France and the UK say they may be used to hide buildings from the devastating [...] Read »
Beyond Media 2009 ::: Urban Visions
The final contents of the URBAN VISIONS exhibition can be seen online. The exhibition aims at testifying the ability some cities had in seeing their transformations in perspective, in looking [...] Read »
The ExtraRoom, a space to achieve psychological alterations
Directly influenced by the 50s and '60s experiments, ExtraRoom puts the sensory deprivation practice in a near futuristic scenario, when mind reading technologies are in common use and thoughts [...] Read »
Antony Todd on Sale
Antony Todd has exquisite taste and now that eponymous shop is having a sale, you may actually be able to afford a few of his impeccable choices. Items that are 25-40% off are marked with a [...] Read »
The New Fauves seem kind of Stuckist . That's not a bad thing / Triangle Triangle is one of those abstract sites that seems to distil whole swathes of contemporary cultural production down into [...] Read »
McMansions: Stop or Pause?
The WSJ discusses the decreasing popularity in McMansions as the economy continues to deflate the expectations and desires of home owners. Is consumer confidence to blame credit, or does it represent [...] Read »
London Olympics stadium design could change again
Designs for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium could be altered at the last minute amid a major change of plan for the venue in legacy mode. BD Online Read »
Beach Pavilion | Moorhead & Moorhead
Beach Pavilion (150 m2) is part of a private residential beachfront compound in Uruguay. Located immediately adjacent to the ocean, its primarily function is to provide shade and amenities (a [...] Read »
Geek-out on steel Read »
What Happened to Monday's Entry?
After such a great last couple of weeks I felt terrible about not getting Monday's entry out until 10pm. Each weekend I like to take the family out to a new location or three, and take as many [...] Read »
Bob Collins at Todd Romano
It's funny when an answer to one of your questions falls in your lap. I've been trying to find out who represents Bob Collins & Sons in New York and just I found out that Todd Romano has recently [...] Read »
ESPECIAL Proyectos Increíbles - Shift
Taiwan Centers for Disease Control Complex Shift http://europaconcorsi.c om/projects/99421/image s/1360188/slideshow m/25095/taiwan-center-f or-disease-control-comp lex-studio-shift/ [...] Read »
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GrowShelter: Living, Growing Shelter for Plants, Animals and People
Julia Molloy and Taka Sarui of Brooklyn design collaborative XLXS created the GrowShelter, a highly unique living environment where humans, plants and animals may co-exist. Consisting of three [...] Read »
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From the Vault: 5
Location in google maps Browse all of From the Vault here at …or here on the From the Vault Flickr Set Read »
"Pits and the Pendulum" in Boston
Ted Smalley Bowen writes in an article for the Metropolis POV "Letter from Boston: It’s the Pedestrian-Oriented Small Commercial Districts, Stupid" about Boston Mayor Tom Menino's quest to [...] Read »
Not Pritzker perfect, but a new South Loop park  a welcome addition to State Street
This is what it looked like in 2006, a flat, usually deserted expanse of fenced-in lawn: This is what it looked like just this past February: Now Pritzker Park, at State and Van Buren, is finally [...] Read »
Conservative Investment Policies Helped Cooper Union Afford Thom Mayne Building
Although many other colleges have seen the value of their investments decrease significantly, Cooper Union’s endowment is expected to amount to about $600-million as the fiscal year ends today [...] Read »
CiA staffer Eamonn Canniffe’s 2007 book ‘Modern Architecture through Case Studies 1945 - 1990′ (with Peter Blundell Jones) has been published in Japanese. This new edition is available here. (more...) Read »
The Portland Development Commission (PDC) held its annual election of officers at its June 24 board meeting and chose Scott Andrews, president of Melvin Mark Properties, as the new board chair. [...] Read »
Interior Screening
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See Bruce in Court!
We recently wrote above how opponent’s best hope of stopping Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project was not the departure of Frank Gehry but lawsuits. There was a good possibility the “sweetheart” [...] Read »
Southlake Town Square
Southlake Town Square is at the forefront of a new architectural and urban planning movement in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I'm not even entirely certain what to call it, because it's such a [...] Read »
Temple to Catch the Forest
I've always had a bit of a protestant mindset when it comes to places of worship... The simpler the structure, the better for communing with a higher being. This temple to catch the forest by [...] Read »
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Reverse Cushions Made of Recycled Car Foam
We all know that food and water are basic human needs, but what about something as simple as a place to sit? Right now, there is a pressing need for nearly 2 billion basic, low-cost seating units [...] Read »
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A77 Architects Fashion Home From Demolition Materials
Argentinean architects Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi of Estudio a77 transformed an existing 1950s house on a small lot in an upscale neighborhood of Buenos Aires into an innovative eco-friendly [...] Read »
Let It Snow by Mi Young Yeo
Mi Young Yeo of Korea's Gocce Design has created the kaleidoscopic Let It Snow, a user-friendly ambient lighting system. Turn the central crystal like a knob or dial and control the amount of [...] Read »