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from dezeen
Chen House by C-Laboratory
Finnish architects C-Laboratory have completed a timber house on a cherry farm in the mountains of northern Taiwan. Read »
Aqaulis Pier / Andrew Bedov
Situated along the Moskva River in Moscow, Andrew Bedov’s Aqaulis Pier creates a dynamic infrastructure hub that provides an alternative circulation route for the users.  The pier is designed [...] Read »
from dezeen
Dezeenwire: Sears Tower in Chicago is to undergo a $350 million green refit to “reduce the tower’s electricity use by 80% and save 24 million gallons of water a year”. The Guardian Read »
Cabin Nordmarka / JVA
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Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by SANAA (more images)
Since we’re on a summer pavilion tip today… the Serpentine Gallery in London have given us a couple more images of this year’s pavilion, which is under construction in Kensington Gardens. Read »
Fantastic 12 minute documentary of Architect/Developer Jonathan Segal. Watch, learn, imitate. Jonathan Segal documentary 12min HD from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo . Read »
from dezeen
Musée Hergé by Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
A museum dedicated to Belgian artist and Tintin author Hergé, designed by Atelier Christian de Portzamparc, opened earlier this month in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (via yatzer). Read »
from dezeen
Driftwood by Danecia Sibingo
This year’s Architectural Association Summer Pavilion, designed by 3rd year student Danecia Sibingo, will open in Bedford Square, London on 3 July. Read »
Tercio Winery / Sebastian Mariscal Studio
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from dezeen
Ladderstile House by ThreefoldArchitects
London practice ThreefoldArchitects have completed Ladderstile House, a courtyard house on Richmond Park in London. Read »
Six Ramsgate / Wallflower Architecture + Design
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Designing in Teheran / Grzegorz Witold Woronowicz
The international compet ition  Designing in Teheran  seeks to modernize the Iranian city by fusing the existing cult ural area with a more contemporary environment.  Such [...] Read »
Waterloo Arts Fest Saturday!Made in the 216Friday Evening and Saturday!Look, it may be hot and you may not be in the mood to be social but get out of your stuffy house and take a gander at what [...] Read »
It's on in Los Angeles! Two monster design shows going head to head! They're gonna knock the ever lovin' prefab out of each other! The battle of the century! The rumble in the... ah never mind... [...] Read »
Urban A&O PLLC seeking Design Architect in New York, NY Young, progressive, award-winning design firm specializing in parametric modeling (CATIA) with an international profile and portfolio of [...] Read »
Once in a great while a photo emerges that just begs to be edited with all sorts of hi-tech gadetry including digital "enhancements" of the type traditionally only witnessed on CSI:MyFanny. [...] Read »
The Greening of the Sears Tower
Chicago's Sears Tower ( soon to become "Willis Tower" ) will be undergoing a major update, cutting electricity usage by 80%. Also planned is a new "net zero" hotel next door. The hotel and tower [...] Read »
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Habitually Chic Movie of the Week: Cheri
If it turns out to be sunny this weekend, I will be baking myself to a golden glow to build up my tan again. But just in case it rains for the 30th day in a row, my alternate plan is to see [...] Read »
on the boards:  House of Art & Culture
The competition entry for a House of Arts and Culture to be built in Beirut, Lebanon by Latvian studio NRJA ( No Rules, Just Architecture ). The design aims at being a tapestry of the city, giving [...] Read »
Lessons From Nature's Architects
Human hubris often gives the impression that great architecture is and was our idea. But animals have been pulling off architectural miracles hundreds of millions of years before humans decided [...] Read »
David Woodhouse makes a building disappear at DuSable Harbor
It's Where's Waldo , the architecture edition. Can you spot where the building is here? David Woodhouse Architects tames congestion and clutter at DuSable Harbor with a graceful unmatched set [...] Read »
Planning my escape
For some reason, I've had Paris on the brain for the last month... I keep planning my escape to Paris, even knowing that it won't happen for quite some time! .I just can't stop thinking about [...] Read »
Korean Rainbow
Thanks to our friends at Curbed LA, we learn that LACMA has wrapped its Ahmanson Building in a rainbow of fabrics for its upcoming show, “Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from South [...] Read »
A renovated Elks lodge
Mike Francis had a nice piece in The Oregonian yesterday about the renovation of a historic YWCA building turned-Elks Lodge at North Williams Avenue and Tillamook Street in the Eliot neighborhood. [...] Read »
Embedded video from CNN Video CNN talks to Rem Koolhaas - "The architect planning for the future". Read »
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Please stand by...
After a very long time, there is an updated version of the Exchange Plugin, which is a free add-on for ArchiCAD 12 and Cinema4D (R10.5 or 11), for Windows and OSX. It replaces the deprecated [...] Read »
Using Tetris as a guide to reducing waste material, among other things. Deep. (via Crave) Read »
Football, Fashion, and Architecture
Sharp dressed men or Project Runway refugees? You decide. Here’s a post that is a real stretch for me to claim is related to architecture, even if only tangentially. On the other hand, it is [...] Read »
Line13 Redux | Review and Student Works
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Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated [...] Read »
Le Corbusier's Villa Stein (one floor on sale now!) would be worth as much as the GDP of the USA. David Galbraith breaks it down . Read »
from Inhabit
TwistTogether LED Block Tree Blossom at MoMA Store
The Museum of Modern Art’s Midtown Manhattan Store has sprouted a vibrant, luminous tree, made from the “Candy” collection of Glide’s TwistTogether LED Blocks. This display undoubtedly [...] Read »
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Bloomberg Networks’ architectural critic James Russell writes today about Bette Midler’s continuing commitment to beautifying some of New York’s derelict open spaces (with the unintentional [...] Read »
on the boards: Tallinn City Hall
The Bjarke Ingels Group ( BIG ) has been awarded first place in the design competition for a new City Hall in Tallinn, Estonia. Like most projects by BIG the architecture is derived by rationalised [...] Read »
Riverview Demolition Nearly Complete
Image from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune The Sarasota Herald-Tribune posted an article yesterday about the status of the demolition of Paul Rudolph's iconic Riverview High School. According to [...] Read »
Quick List 12: Of buried machines, ice tunnels, and stratigraphic euphoria
[Image: Photo of the Atlantic Avenue train tunnel taken by Joshua Lott for The New York Times ; see below for more information]. In the interest of cleaning out a long file of recommended links, [...] Read »
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from Inhabit
IC Green Container Dwellings Sprout Up in California
Inhabitat loves shipping containers, whether from down under or the Great North. These self-contained quadrilateral wonders are the perfect modular building unit; easily transported, super durable, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Chicken Feathers May Fuel Hydrogen Cars in the Future
Chickens may start losing sleep over more than Americans’ love of McNuggets. Chicken consumption in the US creates over six billion pounds of feathers each year. Previously discarded as waste, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
LOOWATT: Toilet Made From Poo Transforms Excrement into Energy
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Hana by Shige Hasegawa Design
Shige Hasegawa's Hana collection of lighting and furniture was launched in Milan this year. Hana means flower, so each piece of the series was based on this shape. The floor lamps and pendant [...] Read »
White Love Lair in Foreclosure
Sure, there are lots of foreclosures sweeping the city, sadly to say, but none is quite like 22 West 24th Street. Beyond the property’s current $82,987 in back taxes, an ownership fight between [...] Read »
Dan Graham Revealed
“Architecture,” Dan Graham claims, “is my favorite hobby,” and his work has long been a source of inspiration and ideas for architects from Herzog and de Meuron to SANAA. The most comprehensive [...] Read »
AJ's top-ten run
The Architect's Journal appears to officially be on summer break with their recent surge of sociolcultural top ten lists. First there was the The architecture of Star Wars (pt I / II ), then [...] Read »
from modern
From a totally personal point of view . . .
Can it get any better than this? I love modernism, and I love (the idea of) keeping chickens. Add one to the other and you get this: "The minimalist pavilion was built in 2001. It may be the [...] Read »
The following is a non-scientific ranking of all my destinations during my six weeks in Europe.  The rankings are strictly relative to the other places they are ranked against.  It is strictly [...] Read »
on the boards:  Wolfsburg plaza
anOtherArchitect , in collaboration with landscape architects TopoTek1 and structural engineers Bollinger+Grohmann have recently released designs for a proposed roofed pedestrian walkway in Wolfsburg [...] Read »
The researchers from Microsoft created this free gem, called Microsoft ICE, which is to be found at http://research.microso /groups/ivm/ICE/ .You can use it to merge your [...] Read »
"UNESCO has dropped the German city of Dresden from its list of world heritage sites for constructing a disputed bridge that UN officials say will ruin the city's historic Elbe Valley landscape... [...] Read »
being studying architecture in two years, we all know that is impossible to be done in less than an hour. Read »
The university will apply for a new permit for a plant that burns only wood. Read »
The 356-page document, which is available free online, covers education and curriculum, staff development, buildings, carbon-emissions programs, dining services, grounds, transportation, waste, [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
from Inhabit
Registration Open for the 2010 eVolvo Skyscraper Competition
As the world’s population shifts from rural areas towards dense urban cores, skyscrapers, urban infill, and redevelopment will become even more important in the structure of our lives. Now [...] Read »
from Inhabit
GREEN OFFICE 2015: Workplace of the Future
The Netherlands being the tiny country that it is, it’s no surprise that we tend to look to them for innovative design for dense urban spaces. RAU Architects developed their Green Office 2015 [...] Read »