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We built the perfect stairs for the perfect slinky run! We are two architectural students, we had some material left lying around... and a slinky... and were bored. - via Discussions Read »
Origin and Detour
It's hard for me to read stories about human origins without feeling like there's some kind of agenda at work, buried just beneath the surface. Modern humans are not African at all, the Piltdown [...] Read »
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Aveda is Saving Oceans & Marine Life One Plastic Cap at a Time
Wondering how to turn all of those plastic bottle caps running rampant in your household into a green, planet saving endeavor? Well, lucky for you, and for marine life everywhere, Aveda has come [...] Read »
DA Group seeking Senior/Intermediate Architect in Seoul, South Korea View thousands of active job listings in our jobs section | Post a Job Read »
The End of the Line
Prague marks the end of my time in Europe.  Day two included a trip to the expansive castle as well as the Loretto.  Trust me when I tell you I’ve done enough “places of worship” [...] Read »
House of the Week 028: Desert Nomad House
Built along the base of a mountain range in Tucson, Arizona the Desert Nomad House by architect Rick Joy is composed of a cluster of three vividly rusted metal boxes arranged around particular [...] Read »
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Regnum Tower | Park Associati
Italy-based architect firm Park Associati has designed a 145 m high Regnum residential and office tower located in Istanbul, Turchia. The sinuous form of the tower consists of three main elements [...] Read »
Chris Hawthorne echos our thoughts excactly... Dwell has invested a lot in the concept of PreFab, and with DOD this weekend... well... (via LA Times) Read »
The Danger of Digging Deeper
Artificial earthquakes triggered by deep-crust drilling operations have always been of interest here, and The New York Times brings the idea back into the media cycle today with a new article [...] Read »
Half Doses
Since Blogger's tag feature doesn't work too well with my old-skool template, I've created this archive of Half Dose features, with the most recent at the top. This post can be found via the [...] Read »
Rare Showing: Lola Montès :  Gene Siskel Film Center, Wednesday and Thursday
When we wrote about a rare showing of Max Orphuls' Lola Montes last year, we didn't think this intimate and epic - and painstakingly restored - 1955 film would be back so soon, but you have three [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Big Dig House / Single Speed Design
The Big Dig is the most expensive highway project in the history of the US. The project included rerouting the Central Artery into a tunnel under the heart of Boston, requiring a tremendous engineering [...] Read »
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Museum in a Shoebox by Aleksandr Kuznetsov
The Museum in a Shoebox, designed by renowned architect Aleksandr Kuznetsov, is a new venue for contemporary architecture, art and design which opened earlier this year in Old Town. Read »
National Wildflower Center / Ginseng Chicken Architecture
Ginseng Chicken Architecture , a promising new firm, has proposed a design for the National Wildflower Center in Liverpool.  The science center, which provides a variety of activities such [...] Read »
RMJM designs luxury resort on Vietnam
International architectural company RMJM has revealed details of the luxurious new Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa in Vietnam, which it is designing on behalf of developers Indochina Land [...] Read »
Today's archidose #327
Here's a couple views of the Mount Bonnell residence in Austin, Texas by Dick Clark Architecture . Photographs are by dick clark_dca .To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just: [...] Read »
Roosendaal Pavillion / René van Zuuk Architekten
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House 01 / za bor Architects
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re:Vision Dallas /  DB + P and Fletcher Studio
The Re:Vision Dallas competition attracted hundreds of entries from the world’s top architecture firms from twenty six countries. ”The quality of the thought and effort of the design teams [...] Read »
Thanks to some strategic re-scheduling, it appears that this weekend has become LA Design Conference-Palooza. It all started when AIA Los Angeles decided months ago to merge its Mobius conference [...] Read »
ORION is a multi-faceted design studio founded in 2007. While primarily engaged in the design of buildings, our focus is rather on questions of life and what qualities make for a graceful and [...] Read »
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Win a Voltaic Bag: Planet Green’s Solar Backpack Sweepstakes
Tired of trying to find an outlet to charge your cell phone, iPod, and computer while on the go? Then what you need is a solar powered bag to charge all your devices and free yourself from the [...] Read »
Infinity Chapel in Construction : Curved Walls
Infinity Chapel - chapel view looking out toward storefront In construction - curved wall and stair to mezzanine Read »
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San Francisco Signs Mandatory Recycling & Composting Laws
Just yesterday On June 23rd, the City of San Francisco signed into effect the nation’s first law mandating that all residents and businesses separate their recycling and compost material from [...] Read »
"From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, [...] Read »
Growing the Online Archives
A Portrait of Paul Rudolph from the Foundation's archives To further promote Paul Rudolph's life and work, the Foundation is developing a collection of information including press clippings, [...] Read »
E. Fay Jones: Marty Leonard Chapel (Interior)
(All rights reserved 2009) The following photos are all my own work, but are free for non-commercial use so long as I am credited. Larger, uncropped , higher resolution images are available upon [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 151
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Your Analog TV is Dead, Repurpose it into Something Fun!
Last week, millions of TV sets became obsolete, all due to the switch from analog to digital television. So, what does an eco-minded individual do with an old, ugly, lead and toxin filled box? [...] Read »
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LAST CALL: Pimp my Eco-Ride Contest Closes Tonight!
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15 Year Old Invents Algae-Powered Energy System
Thanks to 15 year old Texan Javier Fernández-Han, we feel a little more hopeful about the next generation’s ability to adapt to a world of limited resources. The high school student developed [...] Read »
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Foster + Partners Break Ground on Virgin Galactic Spaceport
It’s an exciting time for space fanatics everywhere as construction recently began on the world’s first commercial space launch pad, Spaceport America. Designed by Foster + Partners, the [...] Read »
Stuck in the Doldrums
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Class of 09: Will Work for Green Design
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Texas A&M University. Graduate Studio. Spring 2009 Montessori School Ryan Collier. “Education is not something which the teacher does. It is a natural process which develops spontaneously.”- [...] Read »
State of the art and competitively priced, Hedrich Blessing has been creatively articulating our clients' vision since 1929. Studios in Chicago and New Mexico. Six architectural photographers. [...] Read »
Infrastructure as Advertisement
For $200,000 a year, guaranteed for 20 years, totaling no less than $4 million, you could have the second-busiest subway station in Brooklyn named after you... or your product. This station, [...] Read »
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Tallinn’s new City Hall | BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
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We've hyped the High Line... 'cause the design team lead by Field Operations is just good... but not everyone was convinced that the result would live up to the hype. Here is one such reporter [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 153
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Harvard GSD graduate of the Landscape Architecture program Joseph Claghorn gave the "Graduate English Address" at Harvard's Commencement. He is the first student from the GSD to be awarded this [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 150
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Not to Code - but really sexy
Clearly the owners never got a permit for this project... I can't see any way that this stair is up to code. Still, its a fantastic solution , and combined with the bookcase railing above provides [...] Read »
“The progression of today’s college student is to jettison every interest except one, and in that one, to continually narrow the focus. This, despite all of the evidence of the interconnectedness [...] Read »
Alix Ingber: Rain, Rain, Rain at the Sweet Briar Community Garden
This year we have had lots of rain, and it’s been fun to watch how the garden responds. Read »
Up on the Roof
Last night was the opening party for No Soul For Sale a (very) temporary show (it closes Saturday night) at the old Dia space on West 22nd Street organized by X Initiative. The crowning achievement–literally –is [...] Read »
Similar Style
I saw this Samuel Weekender bag from Club Monaco on Vogue's Most Wanted feature today and thought it looked a little familiar. It has a similar style to the Hermes Plume bag but costs a couple [...] Read »
[...] Read »
German company betontapete is about to release a line of latex based faux concrete wallcoverings . Read »
We should thank Prince Charles for his intervention and ask him not to do it again. On the substance Charles appears to have been correct about the weakness of Lord Rogers' design. Not only the [...] Read »
Noodling in Chelsea
LA-based INABA has designed and installed Pool Noodle Rooftop in New York's Chelsea district. The rooftop space, which will be used for film screenings and special events, will be open to the [...] Read »
Here's a short interview with Bjarke Ingels from BIG on DW. Read »
I want to ride my bicycle...
I can't help but think how cute and chic bicycle riders look in New York and Europe. It makes me want to buy a bike but since I live uptown where the traffic is heavier, I'd probably be flattened [...] Read »
Chris Hawthorne echos our thoughts excactly... Dwell has invested a lot in the concept of PreFab, and with DOD this weekend... well... (via LA Times) Read »
PaD Shanghai: 152
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PaD Shanghai: 149
Location in google maps Browse all of PaD Shanghai here at …or here on the PaD Shanghai Flickr Set Read »
Cliff Garten Studio presents the Avenue of Light in Fort Worth Texas. Read »
City & Urbanism
A combination bench/planter in wood and concrete by Argentinian designed Juan Pablo Sammartino. A bit over the top perhaps, but pretty nice. (via Apartment Therapy) Read »