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ArchDaily, a site that provides the “latest architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews and competitions” has republished images of newly completed religious architecture. [...] Read »
Infrastructural Anxiety
An article by Sebastian Rotella in the L.A. Times this past weekend presented readers with an interesting example of what might be called infrastructural interpretation . [Image: Photo by ohhector [...] Read »
SWELL. Preview
Texas A&M University. College of Architecture. Fabrication Project SWELL Atmosphere. Opening July 2nd, 2009 Swell produces a physical manifestation as well as an emotional reaction, a feeling [...] Read »
Farewwll Chapel - Liubliana, Eslovenia
OFIS ARHITEKTI http://www.noticiasarqu s/farewell-chapel.htm m/25453/farewell-chapel -ofis-arhitekti/ http://www.designboom.c om/weblog/cat/9/view/67 41/ofis-architecture-fa rewell-chapel.html [...] Read »
Curves and Curriculum
There was a lot of trading congratulations and extending thanks at Chicago’s Art Institute last Friday during talks connected to the opening of the Burnham Pavilions, two temporary structures [...] Read »
Haus Interior
Elizabeth Street is my favorite Street in New York and now that Haus Interior has opened up, I have one more reason to love it! Haus Interior is owned by Nina Freudenberger, an architect and [...] Read »
housing solutions??
The closing of Kaufmann Design , for many has signalled the end of pre-fabs primordial return. Prefab had returned to the pages of flashy architectural journals as the fix to both the global [...] Read »
A generational divide? Seems a bit tame? Discuss . This building survived Norwegian controversy, with over 300 local articles written and is finally about to open. Read »
Great Advances in Elevator Design: Hell to Heaven in just 20 floors
Imagine leaving your swanky hotel room, entering the elevator and descending into hell. No, we're not talking about the trip down to the mall level at Illinois Center. It's actually an incredible [...] Read »
Winning Combination: Dumplings and Design
What do we love more than Dim Sum? Not much… But how about design and biking and Dim Sum? This Saturday LA arts incubator De Lab (Design East of La Brea) put together this genius combination, [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Architecture is also present is perhaps one of the most ancient and traditional subjects in history: Religion. So to start this week’s Round Up, we bring you previously featured religious architecture. [...] Read »
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Tallinn City Hall by Bjarke Ingels Group
Danish architects Bjarke Ingels Group have won an international competition to design a new town hall in Tallinn, Estonia. Read »
Phoenix Civic Space Shade Canopies / Architekton
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BIG wins International Competition to design Tallinn’s new City Hall
An international idea contest was held for Tallinn’s new City Hall in Estonia and the best concept was presented by the Bjarke Ingels Group from Denmark together with Adams Kara Taylor of the [...] Read »
Mixed Use Tower / Moho Architects
Spanish firm Moho Architects are currently in the schematic design phase of a mixed use tower for San Jose, Costa Rica.  The tower, whose programmatic elements will range from commercial and [...] Read »
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Roosendaal Market Square Pavilion by René van Zuuk Architekten
René van Zuuk Architekten have completed a pavilion for the pedestrianised central market square at Roosendaal in the Netherlands. Read »
Parish Church of Santa Monica / Vicens & Ramos
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Cardboard Cloud / Fantastic Norway
The “Cardboard Cloud”, an exhibit design by  Fantastic Norway , opened this weekend in Oslo to the public.  The exhibit was designed for the Center for Design and Architecture ( DogA [...] Read »
McGill University Life Sciences Complex / Diamond + Schmitt Architects
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Buffalo Architecture Students Take on Small Projects for Real-World Training
One of the difficulties of being a young architect in America is that there are too few opportunities to break into the field and show one’s work, says Brian Carter, the dean of the architecture school. Read »
The plan has been a sore point between the college and the neighborhood that surrounds it. Read »
[...] Read »
High Line Reaches The Street
Today, The Wall Street Journal ran an article on the High Line, written by none other than AN’s Executive Editor, Julie V. Iovine. Employing the same skill for observation and elegant phrasing [...] Read »
Hong Kong style MEGApixels
Want to wander around Hong Kong but find Google Maps too real? Try the pixelated version . Read »
Ranking MoPo de 2009. A continuación se muestra una comparación de cada año, con la actual clasificación de la izquierda. La lista (la objetividad en su debate, en razón, de los comentarios [...] Read »
Museum in a Shoebox is a museum of contemporary art, architecture and design. It presents real and imaginary works by real and imaginary artists, thus blurring the line between fact and fiction. Read »
You decide
Lord Rogers: Quinlan Terry: Is there really much to say? If nothing else, Terry's open space will have more value to the residents. Read »
Modern Farmhouse by J. Mark Ash
from + MOOD
Mobile Chaplet | Moorhead & Moorhead
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Import Export Architecten designed a new type of �small scale� urban camping. The mobile UC can be implanted in any city centre that likes to experiment with this new type of camping. UC [...] Read »
Form Kimura
I quite like the design of this hair salon by Form Kimura ... The simple materials and forms offer a relaxing space for the users. But, I have to admit that what originally drew me to this project [...] Read »
Best of (Trade) Show
Recognizing the top new contract product and furnishings introduced at this year’s NeoCon Trade Show, the Best of NeoCon 2009 Awards named 74 products winners of the prestigious award. A total [...] Read »
Lauren Moffatt Online Sample Sale
There is nothing I love more than a good sample sale, especially one that I don't have to leave my house to attend! The Lauren Moffatt online sample sale starts today and lasts through June [...] Read »
Taets Art and Conference Center
Rotterdam-base 123DV Architectuur Consulte BV nos envió estas imágenes del diseño de vanguardia y centro de conferencias de la Galería de Arte Taets en Zandaam, Países Bajos. El proyecto [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Another view of the Terry/Windsor concept
Here's another view by and courtesy of the Quinlan Terry office: I am by no means a classicist. I am open to the surprise of a modern building, so long as it is designed to fit-in and to support [...] Read »
Wagner Residence by Birdseye Design
Methow Valley Cabin by Lawrence Architecture
"Many “green” buildings don’t save energy (see “MIS-LEED-ING” sidebar). Why? They have too much glass, they are over-ventilated, they are leaky to air, they are fraught with thermal [...] Read »
Surf's Up!
Now that the calendar officially says summer, I'm all about summer related posts! I'm hoping my new adage, "if you post it, it will come" will bring about warm and sunny weather and what better [...] Read »
Christian de Portzamparc to devise a comprehensive, 15-year plan that would not only create new office space but also provide an architectural framework symbolizing the European Union � all [...] Read »
BIG to Design Tallinn�s New City Hall
An international idea contest was held for Tallinn�s new City Hall in Estonia, and the best concept was presented by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) from Denmark together with Adams Kara Taylor [...] Read »
Pre-fab houses don’t work
When we heard the news that famed architect Daniel Libeskind is now in the prefab home game, we knew that something has gone terribly wrong with the idea of cost-effective prefabricated, mass-produced, [...] Read »
Trestles by Atelier Haussmann
Eikongraphia has posted MoPo 2009 , the third listing of the most popular architecture weblogs. Below is a comparison of each year, with the current ranking on the left. The quasi-objective list [...] Read »
Prince Charles' choice for Chelsea Barracks
Who is Quinlan Terry? Yes, he is the architect pushed-forward by Prince Charles. See Quinlan & Francis Terry Architects. (He practices with his son Francis.) My immediate reaction On looking [...] Read »
[...] Read »
A temporary installation by artist Katie Holten to mark the 100th anniversary of the Grand Concourse, a four-mile-long boulevard that connects Manhattan to the parks of the Northern Bronx. 100 [...] Read »
Half Dose #63: Taets Art and Conference Center
Rotterdam-based 123DV Architectuur & Consult BV sent us these images for their design of the art and conference center at Taets Art Gallery in Zandaam, Netherlands. The project involved the adaptive [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Mecanoo’s Sustainable Social Housing in Málaga, Spain
Delft-based firm Mecanoo Architecten recently began construction on a new green public housing project in Málaga, Spain. Sustainability plays an integral part in the construction of the project, [...] Read »
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Monolab’s Soaring Solar Rotterdam Tower
Monolab is aiming to take solar power to extreme heights by designing their sky-high Rotterdam Tower with a skin of photovoltaic panels. At 450 meters, the Rotterdam Tower design is intended [...] Read »
UEC Iluma, Singapore
For the ILUMA building in Singapore Realities United created a light and media facade, which had to be effective both during day and night. The project is part of a new development (Urban Entertainment [...] Read »
Support Your Library RallyWednesday, June 24, 2009Main Library Branch10.30amFacing plans for 20% percent funding cuts in order to reconcile the new State Budget the Cleveland Public Library is [...] Read »