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Through a media campaign, McMansion owners will be petitioned to engage the Reincarnated McMansion project. A single McMansion will be selected, audited, dismantled and rebuilt; Reincarnating [...] Read »
Moussavi the Architect
I first remembered reading about it in The Economist, arching an impressed eyebrow, and then forgetting about it. After all, this was before the Iranian elections had even taken place, let alone [...] Read »
New LED Bulbs by Sharp Can be Remotely Tuned Between 7 Shades of White
Atelier Hitoshi Abe seeking Intern & Intermediate Architect in Los Angeles, CA View thousands of active job listings in our jobs section | Post a Job Read »
A-Frames: a group pool on Flickr
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Ich bin ein Berliner
Wow, there is so much to see in Berlin.  After taking an overnight train from Munich we took to the streets early to see as many points of interest.  There are more than one can imagine [...] Read »
Whitney Art Party Wrap Up
The title of the first work above by Andrew Kuo is Late Hangover And/Or This is Why I Don't Like Mirrors on February 17, 2009 and could pretty much sum up how I am feeling this morning! Just [...] Read »
More on Mir Hussein Moussavi
Image credit: A close relative relates that his chief influences include the Italian architect Renzo Piano. He goes on to explain that Mousavi takes some elements of modern Japanese [...] Read »
Ellingsen tonight, cans and bricks this weekend, zoning later
Department of Goings-On - update edition: Eric Ellingsen - tonight, Thursday, June 18th 6:00 p.m., at Archeworks, 625 N. Kingsbury at Ontario. A gallery talk on Ellingsen's exhibition SEA: [...] Read »
Common Boston '09 has kicked off tonight with a Pecha Kucha and will continue until Sunday. If you're in the Boston area make sure to check it out. The festival includes tours, discussions, [...] Read »
Prairie Avenue Summer Sale
Just over three months ago, Chicago's Prairie Avenue Bookshop held a Spring Sale with 25% savings. Their Summer Sale doubles those savings on purchases over $100. The sale started a couple days [...] Read »
rh + architecture
[...] Read »
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COFFIN SHELVES: Furniture for Life (and Death)
In certain cultures, it’s customary for the dead to be buried with their possessions. For a change, how about being buried in your possessions? That’s the twist that William Warren put on [...] Read »
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IJburg House by Kirsten Gabriels and James Webb
on the boards:  Kunsthaus
Proposal for the extension to Kunsthaus art museum in Zurich, Switzerland by REX-NY . The expansion includes permanent galleries, temporary exhibitions, education and event spaces, offices and workshops. Read »
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LAST CHANCE to Win a Limited Edition Strida Folding Bike!
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Cohen Residence Open House this Sunday
Martie Lieberman contacted us today about her sale of the Cohen residence by Paul Rudolph. She will be hosting an open house this Sunday 6/21/09, and sent us the following information: The Cohen [...] Read »
In last week's blog wunderlust we reported that we were snubbed once again from the YAMoPo (Yet Another Most Popular) a listing of architecture blogs created by ArchDaily . Most interesting in [...] Read »
"Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, 65, designed a new Acropolis Museum for Athens, which will open this weekend. SPIEGEL spoke with him about the end of Great Britain's argument that Greece has [...] Read »
View From The Top
Yesterday we took a construction tour of Gensler’s new 55-story  Marriott/ Ritz Carlton tower at LA Live, at the south end of downtown LA. A  great tour overall, with plenty of spectacular [...] Read »
I'm a Christian, but that's what I'm thinking tonight. Read »
U. of Denver Students Start Bike Program With the City
A U. of Denver spokesman said that to his knowledge, this was the first time a university had formed a partnership with a city to create a bike program. Read »
City & Urbanism
In their annual Fast Cities ranking, Fast Company magazine nominated Seattle as the winner. In addition, they listed twelve other cities that need to be recognized for their individual innovations. [...] Read »
Steven Holl-Designed Knut Hamsun Center Opens in Norway
The Knut Hamsun Center, located in Hamar�y, Norway and designed by Steven Holl Architects, will open to the public on August 4, 2009 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Knut Hamsun�s birth. Bustler Read »
Neeson Murcutt Architects' site finally up and running! Shown: Box House, a "hard tent"
NY Apartment design by hMa featured in  Met Home's Glamour : Making it Modern Book
hMa is pleased to announce the publication of Metropolitan Home's Glamour : Making it Modern. The book features hMa's Ash 4 Ways / White Space Apartment both inside and on the back cover. More [...] Read »
High Line Impressions
On Tuesday I took my first stroll on The High Line , one week after it opened. It's an extremely photogenic park, so I took plenty of photos but distilled them to just over ten for this post [...] Read »
Reese House #1 by Andy Geller, 1955
Architecture, Design and contemporary Culture in SouthTirol. Online magazine in german language. Read »
Ad HOK in Anaheim
HOK tops Gehry/RMJM, Calatrava, Pelli, SOM/Parsons, Foster, Stern, and Morphosis as designer of a new Anaheim transit center. Because really, who doesn't like expandable membranes. The Architect's Newspaper Read »
In a fascinating coincidence of attention today, the business press is mentioning GM and Google in the same breath. What’s the subject? – How to achieve the organizational agility that [...] Read »
The quiet dignity maintained by Lord Rogers for the past few months while all and sundry speculated about his doomed Chelsea Barracks scheme was comprehensively shattered this week, as you may [...] Read »
from 765
Port Covington: The Ghost of the Masterplan in Tinkerer's Paradise
In 1898, the city of Baltimore subsidized the creation of the Western Maryland Railroad , intended as an alternative that would compete with the high prices of the Baltimore and Ohio line , which [...] Read »
Knoll Kids
Architectural Works
Young Portuguese Architects Exhibition at the RIBA Gallery
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Winners for the Bering Strait Project
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Villa Moniuszki / Schleifer & Milczanowski Architekci
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from dezeen
Urban Camping by import.export
Belgian architects import.export have created a mobile multi-storey structure that allows people to camp in urban areas. Read »
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All our stories about Zaha Hadid
We’ve created a new category on Dezeen, featuring all our stories about Zaha Hadid. Enjoy! Featured architect: Zaha Hadid Read »
Business Center Miramare / 3LHD
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Farewell Chapel / OFIS Arhitekti
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Meet Monelle
I first met Monelle Totah, the vice president of design for Williams-Sonoma Home at the new store opening party last October and was immediately interested in her job. The product development [...] Read »
What’s the proper architecture for a traditional campus or aesthetic?  There’s no clearcut answer, but the design your architect proposes for your next building will probably fall into [...] Read »
Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Sets
Anuncio oficial de la nueva línea de licencia de Frank Lloyd Wright establece con LEGO! Creado en colaboración con la Fundación Frank Lloyd Wright, Brickstructures, Inc. y la arquitectura [...] Read »
Amsterdam Apartment by Kirsten Gabriels and James Webb
Second Homes for Leisure Living
A Few Bright Satellites
Greg Bethel designed a soft rubber water-bottle cap in the shape of a faucet handle, evoking both the humorous connotation of water bottles as portable spigot, and the historical collision of [...] Read »
from + MOOD
Sapphire Gallery | XTEN Architecture
Sapphire is a residential gallery addition to private residence with approximately 1,500sf located in Los Angeles, California, designed by XTEN Architecture. The lightweight structure lifted [...] Read »
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Plan, Elevation & Section of Cascade House | Paul Raff Studio
Plan, elevation and section are always our favorite drawings to tell a full story to a project, further to our previous post of Eco-Friendly Cascade House by Paul Raff Studio. Here are the floor [...] Read »
NYNEX, Embedded Angel of New York City
[Image: The original fire house from Ghostbusters , seen here via Google Street View ]. Every once in a while it's rumored that there will be a Ghostsbusters III – the current rumor being that [...] Read »
From my own prejudice and the little I know of Lord Rogers' design, I think we are probably better off with it in the garbage can. But that doesn't mean that we should suffer this sort of foolishness: [...] Read »
Pure by Pastoe
from Inhabit
Beautiful Garden Studio Built from Reclaimed Fence
Here’s a project that will get any weekend warrior excited, especially one tackling the tear-down and installation of a new fence. Occupying a footprint of no more than 8’ x 10’ this [...] Read »
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What do YOU think about our new site layout?
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Kiefer Technik Showroom, Graz
In a city where good architecture is practically de rigueur, Graz still manages to surprise and inspire with the strength and sheer variety of its built environment. In fact, the city’s stable [...] Read »
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Sainsbury’s New Kinetic Energy Powered Green Supermarket
Next time you feel like generating a little energy, just roll into your local Sainsbury’s! The third largest British supermarket chain has just unveiled a new energy system that generates power [...] Read »
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The Nautilus - Giant Snail-Shaped Home Fit for a Family
The Nautilus, designer Javier Senosiain’s bizarre, snail-shaped dwelling, is a mind-bending union of artistic experimentation and simplified living. Inspired by the work of Gaudí and [...] Read »