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ShowCase: Estudio Explanada
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NeoCon Notables
The mood was noticeably subdued at this year’s NeoCon World’s Trade Fair in Chicago, which ends today, but many attractive and innovative new products were introduced. For our special Midwest [...] Read »
Two tales of bridges
In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, Duke University civil engineering professor (and author of popular books like Remaking the World and The Evolution of Useful Things) Henry Petroski has an [...] Read »
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Business Center Miramare | 3LHD Architects
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Tips on getting your work published
Dwell's Alissa Walker (also of Gelatobaby fame) talks to me, Frances Anderton , and Craig Nakano about interesting ways we've been pitched story ideas. The three of us will be discussing this [...] Read »
joseph f smith building
Constructed with the theme of “light and truth,” the modern glass facade of the building’s main entrance contrasts with a cloistered inner courtyard featuring a fountain. The glass-enclosed [...] Read »
Katrin Arens: kitchen furniture and storage from reclaimed wood
Wanduhr DIY wall clock by Michael Rosing for Radius
Yesterday, as James Joyce fans will know, was Bloomsday : June 16th. The day Leopold Bloom made his famous walk around Dublin in Joyce's 1922 novel Ulysses . [Image: Street map of Dublin ]. Ulysses [...] Read »
Lord Rogers’s attack on Prince Charles dismissed by one constitutional experternon Bogdanor, Professor of Politics and Government at the University of Oxford, and one of the experts who might [...] Read »
Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait Project Announces Winners
The Bering Strait Project international ideas competition recently announced the winning concepts in the professional and student categories. The Bering Strait Project attempts to span the Bering [...] Read »
Stefano Tonchi Lives Large
The first time I saw style scribe Stefano Tonchi's apartment on Studio Annetta , I was smitten. Seems Suzy found the place featured in Spanish Architectural Digest which everyone keeps telling [...] Read »
Far Far Away
Yesterday, New York real estate blog Curbed picked up a rather nerdy feature in the UK-based Architect’s Journal: their top ten list of the most important buildings from Star Wars. In addition [...] Read »
Los Angeles, year, 2106. A runaway video brought back by connoisseurs. Glen Small's Biomorphic Biosphere , designed since 1965, offers a similar future environment. Read »
OMA and Urbanus Win Shenzhen Crystal Island Competition
The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), in collaboration with Shenzhen-based architects Urbanus, has been awarded first prize in the design competition for a major new cultural center, [...] Read »
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Jolyon Yates’ Beautifully Curving ODEChair and Stingray Stools
In the ongoing quest to dovetail sustainable style with carefully sourced materials, it is refreshing when a designer makes it easy to fall in love with and feel good about soulful green design. [...] Read »
MIT Developing Concrete That Lasts for 16,000 Years
Civil Engineers at MIT have announced that they are developing a new type of concrete that is extremely resistant to deformation over time and is exponentially stronger and more durable than [...] Read »
Day Trip to Stuttgart
After spending two days in Munich, we felt as though we had seen everything we wanted to see and decided to take a day trip to Stuttgart.  There was not much planning so when we arrived and [...] Read »
Cargotecture 160sf Surf Shack
Little House Construction Workshop with Dee Williams
House of the Week 027: Cascade House
Described as "a sculpture of stacked boxes composed from shards of glass and muted black slate," the Cascade house in Forest Hills, Toronto was designed for a family relocating from the harsh [...] Read »
Batu bata ramah lingkungan, ( tentu saja) buatan mahasiswa Indonesia !
Gerombolan Sekumpulan mahasiswa Prasetya Mulya berhasil memenangkan Global Social Venture Competition tahun 2009. Mereka berkarya membuat batu bata dengan campuran telek kotoran sapi dan pembakarannya [...] Read »
A reflective review of the High Line. (via Design Observer) Read »
These modular furniture pieces are pretty nice.  They can be adapted to the size of the outdoor space and add visual impact to a plaza, etc.  One of the problems with the typical urban plaza [...] Read »
Related to my post yesterday on the repurpose agenda, I found a bit of give and take in the blogs today with Richard Florida at The Atlantic and Ed Glaeser at the New York Times. People versus [...] Read »
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Kokopo House Fuses Luxury and Sustainability Under One Roof
The Kokopo House proves that luxury, eco-minded amenities and off-grid living may co-exist. Peering over the top of the forest, the home’s open structure creates a luxurious treehouse-like [...] Read »
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MIT Developing Concrete That Lasts for 16,000 Years
Civil engineers at MIT are currently developing a new breed of concrete that will be able to last for 16,000 years. Concrete is one of the most frequently used and widely produced man-made building [...] Read »
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BarbieFoot Foosball Table Bends It Like Barbie
Combine your collection of Barbies and your love for foosball all in one strange game table! Using Barbies as the players, French designer Chloe Ruchon has created the BarbieFoot, a completely [...] Read »
from Inhabit
High Altitude Wind Turbines Could Completely Power NYC
How much wind power is available way up high in the sky? Turns out a lot, according to new research from the Carnegie Institution for Science and California State University. Researchers there [...] Read »
from Inhabit
SUSTAINABLE SPIRE: Twisting Ivory Observation Tower for Dubai
XTEN Architecture recently unveiled an elegantly spiraling observation tower that stands to make an incredible new addition to Dubai’s skyline. Dubbed the ZPO Tower, the structure features [...] Read »
FROM DaveHill'sLondonBlog: Kit Malthouse: Bricks Are The Future What a relief! An act of large-scale vandalism has been averted. London should be grateful to the Qataris for their wisdom in turning [...] Read »
from modern
Oh – to be a kid again (with wealthy, design conscious parents!)
Heard from swiss miss about Knoll's new furniture line: the Modern classics scaled to small children! Here . – GF Read »
Farewell Chapel by Ofis
Slovenian architecture firm Ofis just completed their competition-winning farewell chapel in Krasnja, near Ljubljana, Slovenia. Images and project info after the jump. Read »
The Villa – Libeskind Signature Series
Serie firmada de la Villa-Libeskind photo credit: ©Screen ID Descripción del proyecto: Al igual que un cristal de roca cada vez más, surge una estructura dramática de la tierra. La Villa, [...] Read »
NotM Dan Hisel: RAW Art Works
NotM Dan Hisel: RAW obras de arte Situado en Lynn, MA, RAW Obras de Arte se esfuerza en proporcionar locales de jóvenes con "una creativa casa donde pueden explorar con seguridad personal y [...] Read »
Check out a conversation between Margie Ruddick, Sandro Marpillero and Linda Pollak about their very cool design for Queens Plaza. Read »
Minamihara Weekend House by Dasic Architects Inc.
Here is a very cool project that goes beyond the High Line to transform a network of working transit infrastucture into an functional urban oasis. An interview with members of the multi-firm [...] Read »
Wood Slice Walkway
Right now JR is in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil because the context of favelas has encouraged him to meet women for whom crime, violent loss of loved ones and arbitrary repression are part of everyday [...] Read »
A few things that have crossed my monitor screen recently: - Anaba has the latest on Christoph Büchel's appeal in the MASS MoCA case, including links to the parties briefs. I spent too much [...] Read »
Last Thursday, June 11th, artist Jim Tichy and students from IIT, SAIC, Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, and Bezalel Academy Tel Aviv presented Lighting Crown Hall , turning it into "a massive light [...] Read »
SpaceInvaded: Bildbauten by Phillipp Schaerer
The series of images with the title "Bildbauten" deals with the effect and the claim to credibility of images of architecture that appear to be photographs. It further questions the medium �photograph� [...] Read »
U. of Scranton Is Set to Begin Building $70-Million Science Center
The completed science center will house 22 classrooms and seminar rooms, 34 labs, and 80 faculty offices for the departments of biology, chemistry, computing sciences, mathematics, and physics [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
We've featured a couple groovy bird feeders on L+L over the years... here's a straight forward little number made from recycled scrap stainless steel. The Nido Bird Feeder, $79 at Bambeco. (via [...] Read »
Art Party
I didn't have time to write a big post today because I'm off to get ready for the Whitney Art Party tonight. I can't wait to stalk Bradley Cooper...I mean check out all the great art up for [...] Read »
Mies van der Rohe's Basement.
The Tugendhat Villa in Brno, designed by the architect Mies van der Rohe, is an exceptional example of the international style in the modern movement in architecture as it developed in Europe [...] Read »
Buckminster Knows 056
Competition completed. I reckon you will agree this is a more-than-worthy come-back project. Berthold Lubetkin's (1901-1990) Penguin Pool at London Zoo (1934).   [image credits here and here ] Read »
IceLink / Land Bridge / Yesterday
[Image: From "IceLink: Occupying the Temporal Seam" by Lateral Architecture ]. In their submission to the recent competition to design a bridge across the Bering Strait – the Bering Strait [...] Read »
Wearable Architecture
We’ve heard the story now and again, designers being influenced by art and architecture, but just when we thought architects were the ones taking cues from designers – think Zaha – Italian [...] Read »
10 Barn Lights
This is the funniest spoof that compares "Ready to Assemble" furniture (like IKEA’s systems that require a lot of loose parts, connectors, and patience to assemble) with Legare’s "Fun to [...] Read »
Torch Ligt by Sylvain Willenz for Established and Sons
Times Museum Guangzhou | publication
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A top five list according to TH. (via Treehugger) Read »
Lighting Crown Hall - film
Jim Coudal of daily must read - and his pal, the esteemed Steve Delahoyde, put together a fine film of last week's lighting of Crown Hall by artist Jan Tichy and his students. Watch [...] Read »
a malaysian stadium, the roof of the sultan zainal abidin stadium collapses on its own recently. nobody is injured and fellow janitors managed to get to safety - but few vehicles were damaged. [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Loft House / Ryan Stephenson, Joey Fante, Kait Caldwell, Aimee O’Carroll
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OMA´s new landmark for Shenzhen: Crystal Island competition
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Beyond Media 2009: Visions
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Shenzhen Crystal Island by OMA and Urbanus
Dutch architects Office for Metropolitan Architecture and Chinese practice Urbanus have won a competition for a new cultural centre and transport hub in Shenzhen, China. Read »
Stadiums for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
Although the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a little bit less than a year away, in Brazil they already started to prepare for the 2014 World Cup . Brazil has won more World Cups than any other [...] Read »
Monolab’s High Rise Tower
The Dutch firm Monolab has designed a tower to rise 450 meters out of Rotterdam’s Maas Harbour.  Noting the city’s existing buildings as being “primitive and of mediocre quality,” [...] Read »
from dezeen
Farewell Chapel by OFIS Arhitekti
Slovenian practice OFIS Arhitekti have completed a chapel next to an existing graveyard near Ljubljana in Slovenia. Read »
from dezeen
Za-Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito
More images from Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan: this time the Za Koenji Public Theatre in Tokyo, Japan, by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Read »
Boavista School / José Marini Bragança
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Mirage Dancehall / Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
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Taiwan Center for Disease Control Complex / Studio Shift
Studio Shift received an honorable mention for their design of the Taiwan Center for Disease Control.  The complex, which fuses public landscape with scientific research, is poised to be one [...] Read »