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Emerald City
What if one block in Texas became the sustainable model for the world? Such was the question posed recently by Urban Re:Vision, a California-based group bent upon creating better cities through [...] Read »
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BAM’s Green Rooftop Aviary for Migrating Birds
Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) believes it’s time to go above and beyond when designing green rooftops. Exceeding the typical environmental and economical benefits of green roof systems, [...] Read »
The architecture of Star Wars
The Architects� Journal selects its top ten Star Wars buildings. Which is your favorite? Mine is the Cloud City of Bespin Read »
Looking for Work
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A Day at the Olympic Park
What goes together better than world class athletes and top notch cars? Excatly. That’s why on the second day in Munich we headed to the Olympic Stadium and BMW World. With the Olympics [...] Read »
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Urban Reserve in the Wall Street Journal
The following is from an article published in the Wall Street Journal on 5/01/2009. " Some residential suburban communities insist on tiled roofs; others dictate color palettes and lot sizes. [...] Read »
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Eco-Friendly Cascade House | Paul Raff Studio
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If you're one of the approximately 45K people that spent anywhere from $4700 - $6400 on a Viking refrigerator, watch out. The doors can fall off and KILL YOU!! Or at the very least, damage your [...] Read »
prairie style in utah
Malcolm A Keyser House 381 East 11th Avenue, Salt Lake City Did you know that Utah has one of the highest concentrations of Prairie Style buildings outside of the Midwest? Early Utah architects [...] Read »
SAIC Student Show: Making Modern - opening reception and panel with Gordon Gill, Kelly Costello today
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take in a great show featuring the thesis work of AIADO graduate students of the SAIC (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects of the [...] Read »
Architect Libeskind turns to trend of the weekRenowned architect Daniel Libeskind has ventured into the prefabricated home market with his latest project, a 5,500-square-foot villa that can be [...] Read »
Studio Sofield
Did you know that William Sofield and Thomas O'Brien opened Aero together? It was there that William Sofield met Tom Ford who tapped the interior designer to help revamp the Gucci boutiques [...] Read »
Other things. What is a magazine? / back in the YAMoPo (yet another most popular architecture sites ranking). Thanks to ArchDaily for acknowledging our architectural mix. From the listings, design [...] Read »
Tropolism: Moving Up To 7
Tropolism made it into the top 10 of the MoPo 2009 list of most popular architecture weblogs (written in English by primarily one person, and vetted by this or that metric) again this year, except [...] Read »
Tropolism: Moving Up To 7
Tropolism made it into the top 10 of the MoPo 2009 list of most popular architecture weblogs (written in English by primarily one person, and vetted by this or that metric) again this year, except [...] Read »
Full-service architecture firm in Princeton, NJ. Large firm performance with small firm service. Read »
Like an inversion of J.G. Ballard's first novel, The Wind From Nowhere – in which winds blow to hurricane strength around the world, flattening cities, decimating civilization, and making readers [...] Read »
Rolling Huts by OSKA Architects
The Architects’ Journal selects the most important buildings from a galaxy far, far away. Maybe it should've been a top 5? (via Architects Journal) Read »
Proceed and be bold
A nice blurb about Rural Studio from a recent issue of Garden & Gun magazine ("Soul of the New South"). Click image to view larger. Read »
Unseen Wren drawings exhibited
Unseen drawings by Christopher Wren of St Paul�s Cathedral are among the fascinating material at a major new exhibition at Oxford University�s Museum of the History of Science. University of Oxford Read »
PARK ASSOCIATI is an architectural design studio set up in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani e Michele Rossi in Milan, Italy, which works at various scales: from the close analysis of the dynamics and [...] Read »
architects in slc 1867-1880
Over the 13 year period from 1867-1880, there ranged from one to seven people in the city who called themselves architects. 1867 Salt Lake City Directory (No specific employment listings. From [...] Read »
Architect Rogers angry at prince The developer had planned to spend £1bn building a complex of 552 flats in 17 blocks. It had favoured Lord Rogers' modernist glass and steel design, but in March, [...] Read »
The new building will set the architectural tone for the rest of the $200-million, 170-acre campus, university officials said. Read »
Architectural Works
I’ve always like brick houses. There are just so many ways to use brick and make it look amazing on your place. So to show you some really good examples, we bring you our first selection of [...] Read »
Dwelling-workhouse HDT / Hoogte Twee Architecten
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Daniel Libeskind designs prefab
Daniel Libeskind ’s recent project, a series of signature prefabricated homes, is a drastic change from his usual commissions. Although a smaller project (5,500 square foot), the residence [...] Read »
Renzo Piano's Chicago Museum as a Roman monument
Renzo Piano often jokes, "I'm Italian, there's not much we can do about that !" He's flirting when he says it. He knows people like things Italian. I'm still ruminating (Rominating?) on why [...] Read »
The Architecture of Star Wars
Many of us, long before we even knew about architecture dreamed about a fantastic world in a galaxy far far away. Nowadays, Star Wars continue to surprise people all around the world, and we [...] Read »
Today's archidose #325
Here's a few views of the Igualada Cemetery in Barcelona, Spain by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós , 1994. Photographs are by jmtp .To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just: [...] Read »
from dezeen
Nestlé Application Group Querétaro byRojkind Arquitectos 2
Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan has sent us images he has taken of Nestlé’s laboratory in Querétaro, Mexico. Read »
Rolling Huts / OSKA Architects
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Mirage by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects
Swedish architects Kjellgren Kaminsky have completed Mirage, a new dance hall in Falsterbo, Sweden. Read »
Za Koenji Public Theatre / Toyo Ito by Iwan Baan
Once more, Iwan Baan shared with the Za Koenji Public Theatre by Toyo Ito in Tokyo, Japan. An impressive black volume in the middle of the city of Suginami in Tokyo and managed by Creative Theatre [...] Read »
Residential Tower / Meir Lobaton + Kristjan Donaldson
Meir Lobaton + Kristjan Donaldson recently shared their design for a 36 story residential tower in Mexico City, Mexico.   The project addressed the balance between the desire of living [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Sheds For Living: Small Practical Prefab Living Space
Small houses are the new black right now, and this practical little living space couldn’t be more in vogue. The “Shed,” designed by Manchester-based FKDA Architects, provides all the necessary [...] Read »
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Remote-Controlled LED Light Bulbs Offer 7 Shades of White
Energy-efficient LED light bulbs may be more expensive than CFL’s, but Sharp’s new DL-L60AV LED could be worth the high cost. The tricked-out bulb comes with a remote control that features [...] Read »
Tamarai Restaurant Lighting by PSLAB
PSLAB just completed a lighting project for a restaurant in Cairo, a lighting system made of metallic beams carrying horseshoe-like fixtures. "The grid of the substructure is induced by the façade's [...] Read »
Beautiful Maybe, But Not Bold
Yesterday, the Bloomberg administration released an RFQ for a “BQE Beautification Study.” Now that’s a tall order, if ever there was one, as the borough-bisecting biway is one of Robert [...] Read »
CASE is a building information modeling and technology integration consultancy based in New York, NY. CASE provides strategic advising to building design professionals, owners and contractors [...] Read »
Perhaps proof that J.G. Ballard didn't really die, he simply took an engineering job at MIT, scientists at that venerable Massachusetts institution have designed a new concrete that will last [...] Read »
Case Architects eco-friendly architecture and building
Genetic Stair by Caliper Studio
Houses at Sagaponac : A Contemporary Glass Room on an Artificial Ground Plane
hMa was recently contacted by Richard Reinhardt, who took over the Houses at Sagaponac Development, and asked to revisit their design for the original development. hMa's new house design is a [...] Read »
Fung / Blatt Residence
770,000 Americans already have a 'Green' job approaching the same scale as the traditional energy sector and far outpacing biotechnology's paltry 200,000 jobs despite a longer history and greater [...] Read »
The Nefertiti Lounge by multidisciplinary design studio anOtherArchitect was designed as part of Furnex , the furniture exhibition in Cairo, Egypt. Made from wood, metal and upholstery, both [...] Read »
The new art installation by Marco Brambilla for the Standard New York is out of this world. Literally. The three-plus minute video installation tracks ones movements from hell to heaven and back [...] Read »
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from 765
1) Ask a question. The best and most interesting conversations are usually about the things we don't know. To start, it's not necessary to have an idea about something, it may even be better [...] Read »
Hiding in Spammed Sight
We’ve been bombarded on the blog with increasingly insidious spam over the past few months, which led us to installing CAPTCHA to filter out the bots from the peeps. Hopefully it doesn’t [...] Read »
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Pixel City
A procedurally generated city or in other words a city generated purely by code by Seamus Young. Click on the image above to watch the video. Read »
Feldman Architecture
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Vote For Your Favorite Eco-Cutey FINALIST!
Oh those Eco-Cuties! We’ve seen a lot of super adorable pictures of tots scampering around this last week in their organic clothes, gardening, eating ice cream, and playing with their favorite [...] Read »
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Awards of Allied Arts Medal + the honourable mention for Innovation in Architecture | Paul Raff Studio
Canadian Architect Paul Raff, will be the first architect awarded both R.A.I.C. Awards of Allied Arts Medal and the honourable mention for Innovation in Architecture on June 20 in Montreal during [...] Read »
Zaha and Ben update - 7:30 a.m., June 16th
Our thanks again to Bob Johnson for the photo. Read »
More Paving on the Delaware
The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation replaced the do-nothing Penns Landing Corp. only a few months ago, but already it seems to be succumbing to the same temptations. Chief among them: Paving [...] Read »
The newly re-opened High Line was covered extensively this last week. Including here , here , and here . Read »
from Pruned
(Illustration by Graham Roberts and Bedel Saget for The New York Times .) In trying to absolve themselves of their litany of environmental sins, some golf courses have started using treated effluent [...] Read »