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Beautiful concrete installation looking for a nice home
Mark, Columbia University school blogger , is looking for a permanent home for his team's concrete installation Amphorae . More information from Mark after the jump. Read »
The repurpose agenda – more on participation agreements
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A New-vel Skyline
After both impressing and frustrating the Landmarks Preservation Commission last year, Jean Nouvel’s Torre de Verre is making its way through the public review process in order to secure a [...] Read »
van Berkel pavilion unveiled!
why does it put me in mind of an egg salad sandwich? (I think I need to go to lunch.) again, thanks to Bob Johnson for the pic. Read »
During our interview with André, the renowned hotelier talked about how he likes to give each of his hotels its own personality, a reflection of himself. Well, as the hotel continues its soft [...] Read »
Working out of the Box: Thumb
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Tool Free Furniture That is Easy to Assemble! Here is a cool video of how a ready to assemble furniture can actually be easy and fun for anyone to put together. If you want to hear the history [...] Read »
Peet's Coffee has joined an effort to develop a vibrant coffee industry in sub-Saharan Africa. The Coffee Initiative, as it's called, is run by TechnoServe, anonprofit funded by the Bill & Melinda [...] Read »
Starck K Kitchen Sink by Duravit
from iMod
Atomic Ranch
I ran across a cool magazine over the weekend called Atomic Ranch. Atomic Ranch celebrates midcentury houses—from 1940s ranch tracts to 1960s architect-designed modernist homes. With an emphasis [...] Read »
The spatial adventure of home foreclosure continues: empty homes in the U.S. hurricane belt run the risk of becoming "wind-propelled debris" should they be hit by a future storm. As the Associated [...] Read »
I cannot help but I must post this strip here. In fact, this image is stuck on OMA’s canteen. credits to klaustoon Read »
Line13 Redux | Workshop Field Trip
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Office Building Sells at 40% Below Construction CostsThe building is roughly estimated to have cost about $500 a square foot, What's hard to believe (i.e. I don't believe it) is that the building [...] Read »
from PYTR75
Spend 50 bucks minimum, get HALF off on all books at the Prairie Avenue Bookshop
This is the good stuff, the stuff you can't get on your Kindle. Through July 18th, one of Chicago's great treasures, the Prairie Avenue Bookshop, is having a remarkable sale that presents an [...] Read »
Translucency and Light
BUILD is wrapping up a project that introduces translucency and light in some new ways; today’s post includes several finished photos of the assembly and covers some of the design and construction [...] Read »
Brooklyn-based designers XLXS - Taka Sarui + Julia Molloy have just completed GrowShelter in Philadelphia, winner of the Schuylkill Environmental Education Center Sustainable Design/Build Competition. [...] Read »
Art Galleries Growing?
At a time when most art galleries are struggling, it seems some of the big guys are doing just fine. First our friends at Escher Gunewardena, who designed the Blum + Poe gallery in Culver City, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
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Libeskind Designs a Prefab Home
Zaha has landed
Blair Kamin was reporting last week that the Zaha Hadid designed Burnham Centennial pavilion in Millennium Park was weeks behind schedule, with only the skelton likely to be place for this Friday's [...] Read »
Parsons Appoints William Morrish Dean of the School of Constructed Environments
Parsons The New School for Design has appointed William Morrish Dean of the School of Constructed Environments, for a term beginning July 1, 2009. Morrish is a nationally recognized urban designer [...] Read »
Ryan Avent says so: ...development patterns in the suburbs and exurbs are remarkably inflexible. Just as there’s no way to adjust suburban single-family subdivisions for higher densities, there’s [...] Read »
Coffou Cottage by Brininstool and Lynch
More photos of Banksy's exhibition in Bristol. [photo gallery] (via BBC) Read »
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from Pruned
We ♥ Irish Handball Alleys
Some photos of Irish handball alleys taken from a research blog devoted to cataloguing them and studying their histories. They're not something we were specifically searching for. In fact, we [...] Read »
let me introduce you the dubbed worst building in the world; ryugyong hotel. this building in pyongyang, north korea was planned to be 105 stories and 330 meters in height and get this; it [...] Read »
Paul Rowland has been picked to become the new executive director of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Read »
Thomas O'Brien: Part Deux
When I started my blog, it was really an online inspiration album of tear sheets of all the interiors that I loved and wanted to save for myself. Since then, it's become a whole lot more. Now, [...] Read »
While this Telegraph piece praising Prince Charles' intervention in the Chelsea Barracks saga is superficially very depressing (' Chelsea Barracks: Thanks to Prince Charles for meddling ', don't [...] Read »
Libeskind Designs a Prefab Home
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from Curbed
MoMA Mia! Nouvel's Taller Tower Gets a Thumbs Up Down
Click the image above to view the full photogallery. Two weeks ago the Community Board 5 subcommittee that oversees land use and zoning sent a clear message to the developers of the Tower Verre [...] Read »
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ArchDaily interviews Mehrdad Yazdani more here Read »
The 'Amorphophallus titanum' is a huge flower (reaching more thank 6 feet tall when it blooms, opening to a diameter of up to 4 feet), but its claim to fame is its stench; it smells like rotting [...] Read »
L.A. Times: The Beauty of Mini-Prefabs
Kitchens by Futura Cucine
Could this be the least inspiring CGI ever?
Maybe it’s the roundabout in the foreground. Perhaps it’s the way in which the graphics artists have artfully obscured the actual buildings behind a wall of foliage. Whatever, this has to [...] Read »
A quick reminder that I am @bldgblog on Twitter. Many more links and ongoing conversations appear there. Read »
June 15th is the deadline for the early bird registration. So... tomorrow. Hurry, this is yet another fantastic international/local opportunity to showcase your talents to the world. Blurb: As [...] Read »
Monday, Monday
My weekly page update: mkSolaire by Michelle Kaufmann Designs. This week's book review is Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth 1820-2000 by Dolores Hayden and The Cul-De-Sac Syndrome: [...] Read »
Ugallery Winner!
Congratulations to Tasha Conti of Tuscon, AZ! She is the lucky winner of the $100 Ugallery gift card! Maybe she can use it toward this lovely painting by Colleen Wirz titled Tropical Jungle Pink ! Read »
from Inhabit
Holey Concrete: Pervious Paving Reduces Stormwater Run-off
Let’s be clear - paving a surface does not reduce storm water run-off, but if you must create a street, parking lot, driveway, or any other form of this detriment, an apples-to-apples comparison [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Kaplan Thompson House: Virginia’s First LEED Platinum Home
Arlington, Virginia recently received its first LEED Platinum home, which simultaneously holds the honor of Best Single Family Residential Project from the Virginia Sustainable Building Network. [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Researchers Unveil Flexible Solar Cell Roof Shingles
By far one of the most wasted spaces of every residence is the roof - of course it is there to protect us from the elements, but surely it can be put to better use. Aiming to innovate upon conventional [...] Read »
from Inhabit
INTERVIEW: Sustainability Advisor Lonny Grafman on The Waterpod
If you live in New York City, you may soon have the chance to check out the Waterpod, an incredible self-reliant eco-habitat, exhibition, and living space designed to showcase sustainable grassroots [...] Read »
from Inhabit
World’s First Hybrid Solar Power Plant Opens in Israel
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants are an amazing, wonderful, renewable energy technology, as long as the sun is shining. However solar power alone cannot provide on-demand power, especially [...] Read »
Pods by Pad
Straight and Narrow at the Globe
This past week, the Boston Globe’s editorial page has been enthralled with the Greenway and Don Chiofaro’s proposed Boston Arch thereon. (We’d like to think they were inspired by us.) [...] Read »
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Denari Starstruck Again
The LA Times reports what we already knew:  LA architect Neil Denari, who already designed the Endeavor Talent Agency headquarters, is now working on the interiors for WME Entertainment in [...] Read »
from lewism
Powerkiss is a Finnish Startup which integrates power charging of your mobile phones and other gadgets into pieces of furniture with no requirement for cables. The future for this should be huge [...] Read »
Studio by Joseph Sandy
So Franklin was recently describing some of his recent purchases from library sales in Boston. Some nice things, very nice, to be sure--but I think I have him beat. It's not exactly a fair contest--I [...] Read »
from + MOOD
DEX Showroom - Understated Elegance | Studio 63 Architecture + Design
DEX Showroom in Osmannoro, Firenze, designed by Italy-based firm Studio 63 architecture and design. The showroom is given identity by the facade design that appears like a pixelized picture [...] Read »
Ridge House by Cary Bernstein Architect
a video of projects exploring mobility and housing and check out the Embassy of Piracy vid Read »
Guerrilla artist Banksy has unveiled an exhibition featuring more than 100 works which were installed in the museum amid great secrecy. He said: 'This is the first show I've ever done where taxpayers' [...] Read »
STAR LITE AM-FM 2 SPEAKER / elseplace Read »
Society set up to offer support to designers whose work has been demolished. The Independent Read »
Thomas O'Brien: American Modern
I don't remember what I was looking for but somehow stumbled upon a small snippet that announced that Thomas O'Brien is coming out with a book. It will be titled American Modern and will be [...] Read »
Architectural Works
MoPo 2009
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Pullpo Advertising Agency / Hania Stambuk
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Oscar Niemeyer auditorium under construction
Ravello, off South Italy’s coast, is said to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth. And Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s all-white curvaceous auditorium is set amongst its luxuriant [...] Read »
re:Vision Dallas / Honorable Mention for PIKL´s Commonwealth
We have been featuring several Re:Vision Dallas entries because the competition has attracted forward thinking designers with solutions we’d like to share.  The newest submission from PIKL [...] Read »
from dezeen
Sapphire Gallery by XTEN Architecture 2
Los Angeles practice XTEN Architecture have completed a gallery perched on top of an art collector’s house in Los Angeles. Read »
Santa Rita Geriatric Center / Manuel Ocaña
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Crossing NOW Exhibition in Beijing by Pasi Aalto
Architectural photographer Pasi Aalto sent us a good photo report on the Crossing Now “Dialogues for Emergency” Exhibition. This exhibition was organized after the Sichuan earthquake (May [...] Read »