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Learning from Legos
If one factor alone was responsible for us becoming architects, it was probably Legos.  And as fascinating as the plastic bricks are, they’re not what captivate us these days. As professional [...] Read »
The IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture - Catalonia) has announced the staging of the 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest under the topic THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY , envisioning the habitat [...] Read »
Private house in Dublin by FKL Architects
What happens when an ice cream-obsessed design writer meets two ice cream slinging architects? She makes a video! Our dear friend, colleague, and (now) hero Alissa Walker (aka Gelatobaby) recently [...] Read »
Manhattan's new High Line park in the sky recently opened to much acclaim, and Inhabitat just posted a great video that explores the finished park, its history and its design. It offers a great [...] Read »
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Heads Up!
Seen on a few sites like materialicious and Trendir a little while ago, I can't help myself and must post something about the Zufferey house by Nunatak Architectes here on Modern. The photo of [...] Read »
The neat conflation of several of this site's key concerns: ruins, architecture, ephemera and modern history, at The Rubble Club , 'an organisation to remember buildings demolished in their architect's [...] Read »
on the boards:  Cairo Expo City
Zaha Hadid has been awarded first place for the design of the Cairo Expo City, beating a host of international practice including Norwegian architects Snøhetta .The undulating fluid forms of [...] Read »
2nd Workshop Aast/// Design With Revit
Design with Revit - Progettazione architettonica e simulazione del rendimento energetico dal 29 giugno al 4 luglio h 9.00 - 18.00 presso MusicLab La Suoneria, Settimo all'interno della [...] Read »
The most amazing photographs of the "Ferris Bueller House"
Yes the glass pavilion "Ferris Bueller House" - a fine mid-1950's design in Highland Park, Illinois: along with its added garage or auto "display case" or vitrine: Sudler Sotheby's International. [...] Read »
X Y and Z by Daniel Lorch
"It all began with a magnetic joint which I accidentally found at a small producer for magnets." X Y and Z by Daniel Lorch is a series of inspired lamps; a magnetic joint, a text about minimalist [...] Read »
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Form, function, use, and choice
I am continuously fascinated by my random and serendipitous reading of articles that appear as “discussions” taking place in the almost simultaneous, but usually independent, publication [...] Read »
Tom Vanderbilt – author of the excellent Survival City: Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America , as well as the recent Traffic , and subject of a short but very interesting interview [...] Read »
One of the well known and colorfully respected figures of Los Angeles architecture scene passed away on Thursday, June 4th. Bernard Zimmerman, FAIA served as the chair of Cal Poly, Pomona and [...] Read »
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Studio Shift’s Epic Green Center For Disease Control
Scientific research unites with the public landscape in Studio Shift’s honorable mention submission for Taiwan’s Center for Disease Control. Cited as a gateway to the future development of [...] Read »
Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC seeking Senior Associate/Architect - for Affordable Housing in Philadelphia, PA We seek an experienced, dynamic and talented Senior Architect to join our firm to provide [...] Read »
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Great Green Gifts For Hipster Dads!
We’ve already given you some great green gift suggestions for your dad this Father’s Day, but what about that hipper, younger dad you know? You know: your hubby, brother, or that cool dad [...] Read »
Box House | Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato
It is a small construction with an equally simple program: A caretaker’s house of a property on an island on the North coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Read »
PaD Shanghai: 138
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Wooden House by Atelier Martel
The Hollow Hills
In a quick read through the consistently – and often amazingly – interesting links supplied by Archaeology Magazine , I came across an example of what is easily one of my favorite nonfiction [...] Read »
Got 12 cents a square foot?   Take our Post Office - Please!
That's right , friends. Just 12 cents, a measly 12 cents per square foot, could make you the proud new owner of Chicago's largest antique: the 1932 former post office! Straddler of expressways, [...] Read »
Deal or No Deal?
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Tastemaker's Tag Sale: Hamptons Edition
The weather report is a little iffy for this weekend but if you are still headed for the Hamptons then you should put the Tastemaker's Tag Sale on your agenda. The group from Domino is at it [...] Read »
Fran�ois Mitterrand left the new French national library and the controversial glass pyramid in the Louvre. Jacques Chirac left the Mus�e du Quai Branly, an anthropological museum, with an [...] Read »
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Nokia Phone Charges by Drawing Energy Out of Thin Air
File this under, “Technology I Never Knew Existed,” but Nokia says that in a few years time, they will be able to charge cell phones by using ambient radio waves. This intriguing and exciting [...] Read »
There must be something in the air at the present moment with two new, or newish, archi-blogs emerging, and getting a lot of press in a very short time. First off is [ Bad British Architecture [...] Read »
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In Ati's words
Here's a nice remembrance from Ati Gropius Johansen about the process of designing their 1938 family home in Lincoln, MA. If you haven't already, do visit the house: June 1 through October 15: [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 139
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Just so you know, we have a wishlist at And, our 4 year anniversary is fast approaching. Click the button to send us stuff:... Read »
Just so you know, we have a wishlist at And, our 4 year anniversary is fast approaching. Click the button to send us stuff: ...... Read »
Tidbits from the Japanese architect. (via design boom) Read »
Summertime Blues
I feel like all it's done in New York lately is rain so all I can think about is the beach and summer. That's probably why this house in Southampton designed by Markham Roberts is one of my new [...] Read »
Come To The Cabaret
Last night we had the pleasure of checking out Last Remaining Seats, the L.A. Conservancy’s  series of classic films inside the historic theatres of Los Angeles. Last night featured Cabaret, [...] Read »
Whoever Rules the Sewers Rules the City
UCLA's cityLAB has launched a new design competition called (somewhat lamely) WPA 2.0 , where the WPA refers to the Works Progress Administration . But the competition itself looks cool. Its [...] Read »
on the boards:  Co-op Canyon
La based architects standard have recently been awarded an honourable mention in the Re:Vision Dallas design competition for the design of modern urban village inspired by the cliff dwellings [...] Read »
Get Into Heaven Free Card
On one hand, of all the people I know I’m probably the least likely to want an audience with the Pope.  On the other hand, I’m probably the most in need of an audience with the Pope.  [...] Read »
Mark your calendars if you happen to find yourself in any of the following cities in the upcoming week... San Francisco , Bronx , New York , Chicago , London , Newcastle , Santa Monica , Philadelphia [...] Read »
Arne Jacobsen for Vola
International competition: Self-sufficient City
Not Vancouver-related, but fun. This landed in my inbox today and I am passing it on: We are organizing the  3rd Advanced Architecture Contest,  envisioning the habitat of the future. The aim [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 137
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The Great Lakes Paleolandscapes Project
[Image: Evidence of an ancient hunting site; photo by John O'Shea, courtesy of ScienceDaily ]. In more archaeological news, evidence of an ancient human settlement, including "caribou-hunting [...] Read »
Figurative sculptor Joan Benefiel has designed an installation of 10-foot tall translucent orange resin figures mounted on pilings of a derelict Hudson River pier on the west side of Manhattan. [...] Read »
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More Spatial High Jinks 4: Arbor-veillance
(Image by Rebecca Macri .) Proposal #1: Harvest the metabolic energy of trees to power a maintenance-free, mesh-networked sensing system to predict and detect forest wildfires. (Image by Rebecca [...] Read »
Malcom Wells: Dreamer of an Underground Utopian Architecture
Recalling their dream buildings, architects are sometimes amused at the process, sometimes bitter, but rarely are they as entertaining and as poignant as Malcolm Wells, the pioneer of underground architecture. Read »
State officials said that the building projects would act as an economic stimulus. Read »
The Reality of Building Integrated Wind
With the recent push to move away from our dependence on oil, and into an era of energy generated from clean and renewable sources and an added 30% tax credit for more incentive, many misconceptions [...] Read »
Architectural Works
Our green friends from Inhabitat had the chance to visit the recently opened High Line project in New York, and interviewed the lead design architect James Corner from Field Operations and Ricardo [...] Read »
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The Sunset Magazine Modern Cottage
Known for showcasing the latest innovations in architecture, construction, design, and green-building practices on the West Coast, Sunset magazine’s Idea House program recently debuted its [...] Read »
UCSD Price Center East / Yazdani Studio
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Brazilian Pavillion for Shanghai Expo 2010 / Fernando Brandão
AsBEA (Brazilian Association of the Offices of Architecture) and APEX (Brazilian Agency of Promotion of Exports and Investments) have announced the winning project to represent Brazil in the [...] Read »
Co-Op Canyon / Standard Architecture
Standard Architecture ’s conceptual design, Co-Op Canyon, has recently received an honorable mention for the Re:Vision Dallas competition .  The competition provided participants with the [...] Read »
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The “Front and back” Apartment / h2o architectes
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Office in the Woods by Selgascano
Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of Selgascano have designed an office for their own practice, located in the woods near Madrid in Spain. Read »
Hind House / John Pardey Architects
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Wooden House by Atelier Martel
Paris architects Atelier Martel have completed a house with four gabled facades in the Vosges mountains in France. Read »
City & Urbanism
If you took out a mortgage in 2007, there's an over 20 percent chance you'll default on it. via NPR: Your Odds Of Defaulting. Read »
from Inhabit
This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time. We were super excited to be on the scene for a sneak peek of new elevated park, which was built [...] Read »