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Asked do you read design / architecture magazines? He answers, I don't read it I just look over it. I think its not so important to follow the architectural news. designboom Read »
Gehry Officially Gone
As we wrote in  our story last week, Frank Gehry might not be involved with any buildings on the Atlantic Yards site and not just the arena. As a Forest City Ratner spokesperson told me, “Frank [...] Read »
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Ella Umbrella Stand Grows a Garden in Stormy Weather
Grey skies got you down? Turn to Simon Enever’s very clever Ella umbrella stand to brighten your home and remedy those rainy day blues. This rather elegant new age umbrella stand uses rainwater [...] Read »
The longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall is known for its colorful and political murals. The iconic images, though, have flaked and faded. This summer, artists from around the world have [...] Read »
Front and Back Apartment by h2o architectes
from Inhabit
Water Droplet Resort Will Convert Air into Purified Water
Architecturally and thematically designed in the shape of a drop of water, the Water Building Resort intends to become the first building ever to convert air into water with the help of solar [...] Read »
House of the Week 026: Pheonix
A 30 ft geodesic dome for and by a Jamaican architect ( Pat Stanigar ) was completed in 2004, on the site of a previous dome (c.1984) that was burnt to the ground in 2002. The project is aptly [...] Read »
A Melbourne school designed by John Wardle Architects to occupy a site surrounded by important landscapes. (via Archidose) Read »
Bucking the trend to ditch the starchitect, Zaha Hadid Architects has beaten Norway's Snohetta to win a competition to design Cairo Expo City, a 450,000 sq m exhibition and conference complex. [...] Read »
Recover from your Workday in just one graceful half hour: Rush Hour Concerts at the Cathedral of St. James
So here's the deal . . . Leave the office at 5:00 after a hard day, 5:15, have some Argo tea, snack's from Trader Joe's, perhaps even a little wine. 5:45, hear a chamber concert in one of [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Metro seeks feedback on latest Urban Growth Boundary expansion proposal
The Metro regional government is seeking public feedback on how to accommodate up to 300,000 new homes by 2030. To expand the urban growth boundary or not to expand. The Metro Council produced [...] Read »
Finally, the analysis of the factors of the PerfectCity Charter issue “Identification” is finished and online. The dossier is to find in the “PerfectCity Charter” section in the sidebar. [...] Read »
Architectural Works
AD Interviews: Mehrdad Yazdani
A few weeks ago we were in LA for Postopolis!, and we toured around the city visiting interesting practices.  One of our biggest surprises was Yazdani Studio . We started to see this firm [...] Read »
Arantzazu Renovation/ AH Asociados
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Alejandro Aravena wins Marcus Prize for Architecture
Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena has been chosen as the 2009 recipient of the Marcus Prize for Architecture. The Marcus Prize for Architecture is a $100,000 prize funded by the Marcus Corporation [...] Read »
The Los Angeles based Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) and Bruce Mau Design (BMD) have just been awarded the Big Blue Bus Architectural and Branding Package by the city of Santa Monica.  [...] Read »
from dezeen
Kindergarten Sighartstein by Kadawittfeldarchitektur
German practice Kadawittfeldarchitektur have completed a kindergarten in Sighartstein near Salzburg, Austria, clad with metal elements designed to look like blades of grass. Read »
Sodra Lanken / Rotstein Arkitekter
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YAMoPo 2009: Yet Another Most Popular Architecture Sites Ranking
[...] Read »
Willoughby 7917 /  Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects
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New Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance / Graft Architects
The committee for the Russian-Jewish Museum of Tolerance finalized the German-based Graft Architects ‘ design for the new museum.  Grafts’ renovation and expansion of the 1927 Konstantin [...] Read »
Casa Hernandez by vora arquitectura
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Down The Drain In That Other Venice
Artist Mike Boucher was excited to bring American suburbia to the Venice Biennale, constructing a floating McMansion—complete with cheesy yellow vinyl siding—set to grace the city’s [...] Read »
11 Eco Upholstery Textiles Revolutionizing the Global Market
Arch Daily's YAMoPo 2009
Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald
Things Magazine
Fine, biting comment about online design culture, curation, collection and presentation (with the emphasis on the latter): 'The newest design blogs are particularly telling of this as they largely [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Xero Project Set To Green the City of Dallas
“What if one block in Texas became the sustainable model for the world? What if everything we knew and believed about design needed to change? What if we need to change along with it?” David [...] Read »
What do you do when you're trying to shut down a high-profile prison for unofficially accused international terrorists? Ship the prisoners off to a nation of disappearing islands. The U.S. might [...] Read »
There was a fine turnout at 1 Montecello in the Cleveland Heights Community Center tonight for the rather well advertised public meeting/unveiling of the new Cedar Hill Red Line and inter-modal [...] Read »
high line [phase I] is open!
photo by iwan baan; friends of the high line phase I of the new high line park in manhattan was recently opened, and it is a stunner! articles and praises galore for this unique urban space: [...] Read »
Tropolism Exhibitions: The Pictures Generation 1974-1984
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been an embarrassment of riches this summer. Roxy Paine's rooftop installation is an artwork so right for its summer vista (in a way the Madison Square Park [...] Read »
Tropolism Exhibitions: The Pictures Generation 1974-1984
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been an embarrassment of riches this summer. Roxy Paine's rooftop installation is an artwork so right for its summer vista (in a way the Madison Square Park [...] Read »
Mia Lehrer + Associates seeking Studio Manager Landscape Architecture Office in Los Angeles, CA Award winning landscape planning and architecture firm in Los Angeles seeks professional capable [...] Read »
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Beach Pavilion | Moorhead & Moorhead
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Architecturally and thematically designed in the shape of a drop of water, the Water Building Resort intends to become the first building ever to convert air into water with the help of solar [...] Read »
Sinus House by Cebra Architects
Check out these photos of the High Line at night! Lighting design by L’Observatoire International. Awesome. (via Curbed) Read »
The High Line reviewed; "They have given New Yorkers an invaluable and transformative gift." (via NY Times) Read »
mt olivet cemetery
Cemeteries are beautiful places that offer a great deal of design on a small scale. These sacred spaces also provide an important connection both to the earth and to our past. Mount Olivet Cemetery, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Register Now for the One Good Chair Competition!
It’s already time for the One Good Chair Competition again, and this year we couldn’t be more excited about the theme - local and regional furniture. The annual competition, sponsored by [...] Read »
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Villa UH1: Hillside Geothermal House in Sweden
Situated in a residential neighborhood outside of Stockholm, Villa UH1 is designed as a German bunker from WWII and is built right into the side of a naturally sloping hillside. A living roof [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Firewinder: The Wind Powered Outdoor Light
The Firewinder is an innovative outdoor light solution, powered entirely by the wind! Inspired and developed by young British inventor Tom Lawton, the Firewinder spins as the wind blows, turning [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Solar Powered Machine Spins Furniture Shaped by Sunlight
Austrian designers mischer’traxler have created a solar powered machine that makes an incredible array of furnishings that vary based on how much sunlight it receives over the course of a day. [...] Read »
Zaha Hadid & Buro Happold Win Cairo Expo City
Zaha Hadid Architects will be designing the new Cairo Expo City together with global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy Buro Happold. Bustler Read »
When In Rome
Do as the Romans do.  So that of course involves visiting the Pantheon, Forum, Colosseum, and many beautiful Renaissance and Baroque churches.  So like I’ve been doing for the other cities, [...] Read »
The Art Above
[...] Read »
Oh, James!
As you can probably imagine, we get some stupid, some silly, and some just jawdropping press releases around the office, especially for overly highly designed products. In a new blog feature [...] Read »
10 Globe Pendant Lights
Dry Line
Unless you’re living under a rock, you already know the High Line officially opened its first section to the public on Monday. One of its highly styled neighbors and our favorite designer happens [...] Read »
The Barn Raiser Homes
More High Line coverage; some different photos views than I've seen elsewhere. (via Metropolis) Read »
A US company which monitors internet traffic predicts that the millionth new English word will be created later. BBC Read »
MATADOR atelier d’architecture
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Designed by James Corner Field Operations with Diller Scofidio & Renfro, the first phase of the High Line, which opened on Tuesday, is a series of low scruffy gardens, punctuated by a fountain [...] Read »
Climate Change May Mean Less Wind -- and Less Energy
It’s unclear how this phenomenon, if it exists, would affect colleges’ investments in wind turbines and other wind generators. Read »
The money “does do some projects, but everybody acknowledges that is just a start,” one facilities administrator says. Read »
Tremont ArtWalkFriday, June 12, 2009Tremont Neighborhood of Cleveland Ohio6-10 pmDetail - Curve Set 4Jayce RennerOn display at Brandt Gallery Read »