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252 : Ruffled feathers
Bloody hellfire - there's a fierce storm a-brewing over at the RIBA's folksy RIBAnet online forum. Well ... it's actually been a-brewing for a couple of weeks but has only reached gale force [...] Read »
Times Square, Slightly Tamed
I’m a Times Square avoider. It’s too crowded, clogged with slow moving tourists, for me to get where I need to go without being so frustrated that I swear to never return. On rare occasions, [...] Read »
Kirei Wheatboard: clean, green MDF
Vito Acconci discusses why he's closing his studio, his future plans, and how he wound up shifting from art to design in the first place. (Hint: It was because of a recession.) The Architect's Newspaper Read »
House in Kamakura by Suppose Design Office
New York officially opened its elevated High Line sky park today, and we were on the scene to take some first-hand pictures of the incredible project. Constructed upon the skeleton of an old [...] Read »
My In Detail article in the current issue covers Rafael Moneo’s Northwest Corner Building at Columbia University. In addition to filling the final vacancy in the 1890 McKim, Mead & White master [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Code-X’s Solar Powered Yacht - The Ultimate Hybrid Luxury Boat
Eco-minded luxury yacht lovers are undoubtedly eyeing the Code-X-Yacht; a hybrid catamaran which according to Code-X, “unites radical purism, the optimal benefit of renewable energy and the [...] Read »
Atlantic Yards: The First Post
Atlantic Yards by Frank O. Gehry: we never liked it. It might be too big. It was a stadium for basketball, a sport we just don't care about and whose only reference point for us is "Madison" [...] Read »
Award-winning architect Amanda Levete, together with directors Alvin Huang, Kwamina Monney and Ho-Yin Ng has formed Amanda Levete Architects on a strong foundation of established and new projects [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 135
Location in google maps Browse all of PaD Shanghai here at …or here on the PaD Shanghai Flickr Set Read »
Watershed Down
[Image: Mike Bouchet's Watershed being towed through Venice towards the Arsenale basin, against a backdrop of Italian palazzi]. Note: This is a guest post by Nicola Twilley. The 2009 Venice Biennale [...] Read »
from Pruned
Ghost Houses
(From our repository of decorative whatnots and filler knickknackeries, this photogenic ghostly imprint of aborted architecture. Some refer to them as medianeras , others as the unconscious art [...] Read »
Editor's Picks #109
[...] Read »
Student Works: A New Vision for Shippingport, Louisville, Kentucky
During the academic year 2008�2009, the College of Design at the University of Kentucky conducted a year-long research and design study of the Shippingport area in Louisville. The Shippingport [...] Read »
June 9, 2008Cleveland Heights Community Center1 Monticello Blvd, Cleveland, OH7pmArchitect Mehrdad Yazdani will be at the public meeting to discuss his design (which is not complete but still [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
from Inhabit
New York’s High Line Park in the Sky Opens Today!
An elevated park in the sky built on top of the skeleton of an old rail system? It may have sounded impossible only five years ago, but today, the eagerly awaited High Line elevated urban park [...] Read »
Ryan Avent on Building Speculatively: A reader emailed this along, noting that Chicago Transit Authority was looking to make “speculative” expansions, that is, in anticipation of future growth. [...] Read »
House in Sakuragawa by Suppose Design Office
from Inhabit
Zaha Hadid Lifts Seoul with Green-Roofed Dongdaemun Plaza
Situated within the urban depths of South Korea’s largest shopping and business district, Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park will provide shoppers, tourists and residents of Seoul with a place [...] Read »
Exterior Wood Louvers from SkyShield
Terry Tynan's Handmade Machine Age Lighting
Do visitors know where they’re supposed to go when they visit your church?  Bethesda United Methodist Church in Powdersville, SC took a common device – the directional sign – and made [...] Read »
concept + practice
Back in 2005 AOC made mention in the international media that they were going to concentrate on more strategic and conceptual work. The practice’s commitment to an architecture that engages [...] Read »
Architectural ideas, musings, photography, analysis, and interviews, on my long, ongoing journey from student to Architect. Read »
[...] Read »
Thursday, One Night Only:  Eine Kleine Nachtlichtmusik at Crown Hall
In the early days of Mies van der Rohe's Crown Hall, the jewel of the IIT campus, architect John Vinci, then a senior, convinced the school to let him use the new building for the annual dance. [...] Read »
�CORIAN� super-surfaces� is the exhibition that DuPont� Corian� and Amanda Levete_Architects (AL_A) are creating for the 2009 edition of the Milan week of design. A conceptual interpretation [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 134
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VAG has Andreas Gursky on now. Go. Read »
Taking Back the Vacant Lots...could this event be construed as evidence a shift from auto-centric and generally top-down development patterns to a more community-based future, focusing on the [...] Read »
The recent news that the developer Forest City Ratner had scrapped Frank Gehry�s design for a Nets arena in central Brooklyn is not just a blow to the art of architecture. It is a shameful [...] Read »
Look at all that space.
A peek inside the ateliers of China�s super-star artists. Wallpaper Read »
from Inhabit
Junktion Transforms Trashed Furniture into Treasure
As one of Tel Aviv’s most thought-provoking new companies, Junktion, a young, edgy and innovative design studio, is breathing new life into the trash their city has cast aside. Junktion began [...] Read »
Architectural Works
from dezeen
House in Jigozen by Suppose Design Office
Here’s a third project from Japanese architects Suppose Design Office: this time a residential project in Jigozen, Japan. Read »
Cairo Expo City  / Zaha Hadid
[...] Read »
Many days, we get to spend more time at the office than in the comfort of our home. Depending on the office, that may not be a bad thing after all. To start this week we bring you our second… Read »
Today's archidose #322
Here's a few views Aqua Tower in Chicago, Illinois by Studio Gang nearing completion. Photographs are by karla kaulfuss .Previously: :: Today's archidose #230 :: Aqua Update :: Aqua Redux :: [...] Read »
from dezeen
Cairo Expo City by Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid Architects have won a competition to design Cairo Expo City in Cairo, Egypt. Read »
The New York High Line officially open
[...] Read »
House on lot 23 / Juan Esteban Correa
[...] Read »
Mirage / B4FS
Our friends from Argentina B4FS Arquitectos shared with us their proposal for the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Competition in Dubai. With Mirage, B4FS Arquitectos obtained the third prize in the competition. [...] Read »
NADiff a.p.a.r.t / Schemata Architecture Office
[...] Read »
from dezeen
House in Sakuragawa by Suppose Design Office
Another residential project from Japanese studio Suppose Design Office, who designed the House in Kamakura in our previous story: located in Sakuragawa, Japan, this family home has been designed [...] Read »
Outpost / OSKA Architects
[...] Read »
[...] Read »
CSI: Connections, Surfaces, Infrastructures
[...] Read »
Bubble Wrap
This space, by Davidson Rafailidis was designed to help insulate a small space, rather than an entire home, which would have been cost prohibitive. A simple wooden framework was wrapped in two-ply [...] Read »
from Pruned
Year 5
(Very briefly, Pruned turns 4 today. Or to inflate that number a bit, we are starting Year 5 today! Here's to 4 more years! Oh, no. The image above, meanwhile, comes from UK-based Earth Images [...] Read »
Coco Tiles from Kirei include reclaimed coconut shells
Architecture, Landscape & Location Photography Read »
8.5 CH by Katsutoshi Sasaki
from Inhabit
The Best of Kids Design @ the Pratt Student Show 2009
With the chaotic lineup of professional design events that take place throughout the year, student shows are always such a refreshing reminder of the raw talent and ingenuity that future designers [...] Read »
High time for a High Line? in Seattle? I hope not. I agree that it would be unwise to save the SEattle Viaduct as a linear park as it is far more valuable for movement of vehicles — and will [...] Read »
a twisty twisty world
It is not often that scrolls of this architecture blog are taken over by modern interiors (we leave that to the talents of more officious blogs...) However the recent sculptural works of Belgian [...] Read »
by Bauhaus Kolleg IX What's about the northern periphery of Europe? How post-communist countries handled the transition from a collective economy to a liberal one? What imply transnational dynamics [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 133
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Rabble Overtakes Trib Tower Aerie - with the right kind of cash, you're invited, too.
In case you've ever wondered about the accommodations the Chicago Tribune aristocrats carved out for themselves below the soaring buttresses and behind the Gothic tracery atop Hood and Howells' [...] Read »
Better living through archeology: Sustainable Preservation Initiative is all about taking architectural sites in poor countries and making them generate cash for the locals — thereby giving [...] Read »
Thank you!
I owe a big thank you to interior designer Charlotte Moss for featuring me on her blog Tete-a-Tete last month! I was very excited to buy the neoclassical cachepot I spotted in her Chic Garden [...] Read »
The Rest of Florence
With half days Friday and Monday bracketing the weekend we spent about 3 days in Florence. It was enough time to see most of what Florence has to offer the tourist. I provided you a taste of [...] Read »
Cork Mosaic Tile
Lockwood Clad Timber Building Panels
J House by Isolation Unit and Yosuke Ichii
251 : Ruth (not quite) Reedy
What a strange world we live in. The AJ , Building , and the RIBAJ all drop on my desk on the same day and one of them features RIBA President-Elect Ruth Reed on the cover. But which one? Well [...] Read »
Around the nation, decades of environmental regulation, conservation efforts and changing land use have brought many species, like beavers, so far back from the brink that they are viewed as nuisances. NYT Read »
Things Magazine
Joe Moran's Blog is a fine companion to Moran's new book, On Roads: A Hidden History , which we're enjoying enormously. While there are literally hundreds of roads enthusiasts online, chronicling [...] Read »
Atlantic Yards: The First Post
Atlantic Yards by Frank O. Gehry: we never liked it. It might be too big. It was a stadium for basketball, a sport we just don't care about and whose only reference point for us is "Madison" [...] Read »
UF-Mashup #5: P2P CONTEST "Let's complete Anders's project" (this  week "Expecting visitors")
by Anders Simonsen* "Let's complete Anders's project" is a P2P contest aimed to complete Anders Simonsen's research on mass culture, consume, and decadence in post-socialist countries in Europe. [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 136
Location in google maps Browse all of PaD Shanghai here at …or here on the PaD Shanghai Flickr Set Read »
Extension to Waldorf School | SHL Architects
schmidt hammer lassen architects has unveiled their new addition to The Rudolf Steiner School in Aarhus, Denmark. The innovative new building, which reflects an interdisciplinary approach to [...] Read »
Winners of Where's the Square
The summer is here, the posts are few and sporadic... A few days ago the winners of the Where's the Square competition were announced and that saga has ended. For me it was the locations that [...] Read »
The Department of Architecture, Assiut University - Egypt presents the 8th International Architectural Conference under the theme Contemporary Issues in Architecture & the Built Environment Conference [...] Read »
Pit In !
pasti sadelnya Selle Royal. kalo nggak ya, sakit tuh bokong :) Orang - orang Jepun memang sudah masyhur jadi gila karena terbatasnya tempat di negeri mereka. Otak jadi berputar dan tadaa..their [...] Read »
Cheese Grater Gets Built in Dubai
New York based reiser + umemoto has decided to really push the design envelope with their very unorthodox building, 0-14 which has just been topped out in Dubai. The skin of the building is of [...] Read »
The company saved about $300,000 in trucking costs, and the university got a welcome, if unusual, donation. Read »
A roundup of building projects that are under way across the country. Read »
Fast company has just released its list of the top 13 most creative and innovative cities in the world, most of which are within the United States which I must admit is a little surprising. In [...] Read »