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New hMa blog: Cultural Conversations
Cultural Conversations is a new blog from architect Victoria Meyers dedicated to aspects of culture and life as experienced in the American Landscape. Here's a sampling if what's to come: www.culturalconversatio [...] Read »
Fleeting Image
Today we got an email from the fine folks at Archphoto announcing that one of its trio of photographers, Eduard Hueber, has been featured in the current issue of the Japanese architecture magazine, [...] Read »
modeLab is the research entity of Studio Mode. It is conceived of as a laboratory and serves as a knowledge base for design research and experimentation. The laboratory is distributed in nature [...] Read »
Meet 12 California classics -- are these the Golden State's finest modern steel houses?
from Inhabit
Michel Bussien’s Growing Chair is Deep-Seated in Nature
More ironic than practical, Swiss designer Michel Bussien’s Growing Chair evokes pertinent ideas for the 21st century: nature trapped within the confines of man, manicured at his whim, or a [...] Read »
Lunch with Felix Salmon Felix asked me who were the three greatest living contemporary artists. Although we had never discussed this question before (and we had barely met before), we agreed [...] Read »
Florence: Day 1
I don’t like having expectations because that only leads to being let down.  But in the back of my mind I expected Florence to be my favorite Italian destination.  I’m not exactly sure [...] Read »
Architecture from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo .narrated by Cameron Sinclair (AFH) Read »
from Inhabit
Father’s Day is just two weeks away, and finding the perfect eco-smart gift for dad may seem like a daunting task. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a Green Gift Guide chock full of [...] Read »
Brussels >> Stockholm
[...] Read »
Pardon the Disruption
Just a quick note that I'm off to Turin tomorrow to participate in a conference called I Realize: The Art of Disruption , if any readers out there are near that city of long shadows and the automobile. [...] Read »
from Pruned
Flemish Island Constellation
(Vlaamse Baaien 2100, a project by Office of Permanent Modernity in collaboration with the engineers Arcadis, AT&M, IMDC, and the dredging companies Deme and Denul. Image by Office of Permanent [...] Read »
[...] Read »
Prefab Homes Get Fabulous. "While they don't really fulfill the promise of a Wal-Mart-priced house, they are far less expensive than an original design by, say, Richard Meier," says Arieff. Just [...] Read »
I will not be able to post this week due to a competition deadline (I'm not very good at time management). In the meantime I leave you with this overview which was put together at USC. The painting [...] Read »
Architect's Questionnaire: Brett Laurila
A few months ago Portland Architecture began a new, occasional series called "The Architect's Questionnaire", in which a local architect answers a prepared set of simple questions about his or [...] Read »
from lewism
Flood control systems in the Netherlands are built to withstand storms of a severity seen once in 10,000 years, in the US the levees are built to stand up to storms of a severity anticipated [...] Read »
OneLessOffice Series
VitroHue Recycled Tumbled Glass from Bedrock Industries
The Field Lab, a sustainable homestead (awesome)
Comment from a reader on a post by Felix Salmon on Car ownership. That was a world of 3-car garages in exurban McMansions; we’re moving into a more sustainable way of living, which involves [...] Read »
Red Earth & Earth Architecture
David Gissen explores Ron Rael's Earth Architecture and expands on the ideas of the earth's soil as an archive and as particularly situated set of conditions, versus earth as abstracted particles [...] Read »
Oh Baby Update
The best part of any project is when it all finally comes together and we're almost finished with the baby's room that I decorated! I won't be able to show you the completely installed room until [...] Read »
Justin Davidson explores the twin pleasures of the High Line: a petite new park, and a district of lively architecture. NYMagazine Read »
A reader-picked favorites list of homes featured in the LA Times. (via LA Times) Read »
Water Lillies
[...] Read »
from Inhabit
With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be stressing to find an eco-smart gift that your dad will actually like. Don’t fear! Our Green Gift Guide is packed with earth-friendly [...] Read »
Architectural Works
from dezeen
House in Kamakura by Suppose Design Office
Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed a house in Kamakura, Japan, which consists of a steel frame constructed between two concrete shafts. Read »
Tulou Housing Guangzhou / URBANUS Architects by Iwan Baan
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METROFARM's bed comes in both 2 and 3-sided versions with walnut or teak veneer. They are like huge lounge chairs, get a group together and veg out! Read »
zerOgroup + Unique / Iconic Christmas Square
Natal, Brazil created a national competition for the design of an iconic Christmas Square.  The objective of the competition, which was organized with the support of the Brazilian Institute [...] Read »
My friends over at Build LLC have put together an awesome guide to starting a design firm for young (or old) architects and designers who need some direction and want to take the plunge. Build [...] Read »
Urban Parasite / Bostjan Gabrijelcic
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Group Home in Noboribetsu / Sou Fujimoto
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Today's archidose #321
Green , originally uploaded by The Irish Samurai . Mercy Housing 's Margot and Harold Schiffer Residences in Chicago, Illinois by Murphy/Jahn Architects , 2007. To contribute your Flickr [...] Read »
'Bad news from the past': The Hope Chest chronicling gruesome crime reporting from grainy newsprint (thanks, Chicagoland ) / which magazine would you revive ? / Spacesick , if weblogs had been [...] Read »
[Image: Photo by Moises Saman for The New York Times ]. A New York Times article today about Stephen Colbert 's recent trip to Iraq – where he filmed four new shows "in a former palace of Saddam [...] Read »
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Architecture Party
Saturday night’s Beaux Arts Ball was a smash! Hundreds of architectural enthusiasts and even the Dosa guy from Washington Square Park trekked to Brooklyn to attend the Architectural League’s [...] Read »
KEO International Consultants seeking Design Review Architect in Abu Dhabi The position to be filled is with the Abu Dhabi based �Technical Services Team�, a specialist unit operating within [...] Read »
Ginger by Katsutoshi Sasaki
Previously mentioned speech by HRH Prince Charles for the 175 RIBA celebrations Read »
Eva’s bed by h2o architectes
Fantasy Towers Make the Biggest Noise
Put the violins away. Reading today's story in the Inquirer about how the would-be developers of World Trade Center on Delaware Avenue were supposedly thwarted by the city's big bad bureaucracy [...] Read »
Living Lounge Chair
Urban X-Ray / Ancient Orchard
[Image: A Roman Triumph following the sack of Jerusalem]. Amongst the many books I'm reading here in Rome this month – including Tobias Jones's surprisingly good Dark Heart of Italy , the incredible [...] Read »
Monday, Monday
My weekly page update: Melbourne Grammar School in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia by John Wardle Architects. This week's book review is Volume: John Wardle Architects by Leon van Schaik, et [...] Read »
Seminar Report
Our June 5, 2009 Climate Change and Architectural Responses seminar (a co-production of AIA-SWO and the Northwest Eco-Building Guild ) was a great success. Forty-eight architects, interns, engineers, [...] Read »
from Inhabit
‘Re-Juicer’ Gets More Juice Out of Plastic Water Bottles
Simple yet clever, we’re raising our glasses to the inventive repurposing behind the Re-Juicer. The Re-Juicer turns an orange into OJ with the twist of a wrist and a plastic water bottle. Another [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Co-Op Canyon: Ecotopia Inspired by Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
Inspired by the cliff-side villages of Anasazi Indians, Co Op Canyon is a terraced urban oasis full of vertical gardens and lush spaces that aims to create a holistic, community-centered, sustainable [...] Read »
Mobile Street Furniture
Note: This is a guest post by Nicola Twilley. Over the past two weeks, in two separate cities, multiple sightings of IDEO -like user-generated adaptations have reframed the motorbike as an intriguing [...] Read »
denver-modern: the blog
always on the lookout for good blogs about modern architecture in our area, we were able to get in touch with angelo marasco--an architect and fellow blogger in the denver area who has been tenaciously [...] Read »
ECO by Cosentino Green Countertops
Haus Wucher Raggal by maaars architektuur
Workroom New Zealand recycled wood goods
from Inhabit
Inhabitots, Inhabitat’s sibling site bringing you the best in green design for the next generation, is having an eco-cutey photo contest this week! If you have the cutest eco-tot on the whole [...] Read »
The trailer for a new film capturing three generations of West Coast Modern architecture in America, from the early 20th century, through the post-war and unto the modernist renaissance today. [...] Read »
[...] Bureau d'architecture, entreprise g�n�rale, activit�s de promotions immobili�res et de financement : aujourd'hui, la signature Christian-Constantin a gagn� en envergure. Elle [...] Read »
The official release of the results from Le Grand Pari(s) competition. With preface by President Sarkozy. PDF Read »
Airborne Interiority
After a two-month hiatus, a456 is back with an interesting post about the design history of the airplane cabin . [Images: A £300-million private jet, complete with onboard car park; via a456 [...] Read »
We are an Architecture firm with offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Milwaukee (USA). Read »
Sensual Baroque
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Back in Los Angeles for the second time, the modern design showcase will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 26 through 28. If those dates ring a bell, that's because CA Boom [...] Read »
This year you have the ultimate decision... to CA Boom 2009 or to Dwell on Design ? Yes, this year CA Boom is a bit later than usual, but it promises to be the best one yet. So make your decision [...] Read »