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Eavesdrop: Bueller? Bueller!
Part of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) renown as a classic truancy film and Chicago landmark travelogue is the über-Mondernist glass and steel house with the disaster-inviting garage from [...] Read »
There’s A Hole In Dubai
Construction projects are dropping like flies everywhere you look, falling in the water deader than Air France Flight 447. It’s gotten to the point that when a major milestone is met on a significant [...] Read »
In another odd piece of research, LifeWay asked about 1,000 Protestant pastors whether, in their opinion, adding a worship service or expanding a building had positively affected attendance. [...] Read »
Tile Stove Project by Dick van Hoff for Royal Tichelaar Makkum
Lower Merion has waterfront troubles too.
June 5, 2009 - Philadelphia's struggle to coax walkable, urban neighborhoods from the fallow land near its two rivers is a much-told tale, filled more with disappointment than triumph. But it's [...] Read »
Victoria Meyers featured in ArchNewsNow
hMa partner Victoria Meyers was quoted in an article by Norman Weinstein entitled, "WORDS THAT BUILD: Translate Images Into Touching Performances". The following is an excerpt from the article, [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 132
Location in google maps Browse all of PaD Shanghai here at …or here on the PaD Shanghai Flickr Set Read »
from Pruned
The Wetland Machine of Sidwell
(The wetland machine of Sidwell Friends School by Andropogon Associates, Kieran Timberlake Associates and Natural Systems International . Image by Andropogon Associates.) Reading an ASLA interview [...] Read »
No college degrees either! via Businessweek. Read »
A MASterwork Outing
We just got our invitation to the Municipal Art Society’s annual MASterworks awards. Contained therein are the heretofore unannounced winners, as well. (You can find all four after the jump.) [...] Read »
Kinetix [business ecology] seeking Senior Consultant - High Performance Design in New York, NY View thousands of active job listings in our jobs section | Post a Job Read »
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Links Roundup of the Week: Public Space
If you live in a city, you know that the apartments are tiny and there isn’t a lot of green. That means you have to rely on the public, open spaces for a little breathing room. We <3 public [...] Read »
Portable Carpentry Workshop
Tom Stoppard's Traveling Bookcase
[...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 129
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The Civic Value of a Bold Statement
We�ll have to wait to find out exactly what the end of the Age of Excess means for architecture in New York. Yes, the glut of high-concept luxury towers was wearisome. But some great civic [...] Read »
Architectural Works
from dezeen
Harajuku Box House by Daniel Statham Architects
Daniel Statham Architects have designed Harajuku Box House, a residential and retail project in Tokyo. Read »
An impressive stadium may be well known around the world. The latest example is the Bird’s Nest in Beijing. So to finish this week’s Round Up, we bring you our second part of previously featured [...] Read »
House of Diffusion / FORM | Kouichi Kimura
[...] Read »
Delft City Hall and Train Station / Mecanoo Architects
Mecanoo Architects, a Dutch firm, recently designed a city hall and train station for the city of Delft.  The new station design intends to weave the past of the city with its future in [...] Read »
Sapphire Gallery / XTEN Architecture
Our friends from XTEN Architecture just sent us one of their latest projects. The Saphire Gallery is a residential gallery addition to a private residente in Los Angeles, California. It is designed [...] Read »
Civivox / AH Asociados
[...] Read »
House 02 / za bor Architects
[...] Read »
Today's archidose #320
Illa de la Llum, Barcelona, Espanha , originally uploaded by pedro kok . Illa de la Llum in Barcelona, Spain by Lluís Clotet & Ignacio Paricio, 2005. To contribute your Flickr images for [...] Read »
Ann K. Newman: With Each Early Retirement, Colleges Lose Knowledge
Each college is losing hundreds, if not thousands of collective years’ worth of knowledge of how things run. Read »
Landscape: A Walk at Bates College Encourages Spontaneous Gatherings
A new pedestrian landscape at Bates College reconnects previously severed academic, social, and cultural venues. Read »
Hickory Chair Factory Tour: Day 2
We visited the Hickory Chair upholstery factory on the second day of our tour. Before we could see them actually upholstering the furniture, we were able to see how they cut the wood frames and [...] Read »
Welcome to Biodome
[...] Read »
Manifold is a journal of architectural theory founded on the premise that philosophical inquiry in design has become increasingly marginalized in recent years. Manifold responds to the current [...] Read »
Total Cooktop by Troy Adams Design
Light in Architecture
Designing With Light by Victoria Meyers on Read »
CraftAnimations freeware addons
On http://www.craftanimati tid=86E1B03E-EBF3-C495- 703D3F30099FF423 you can register to download a series of free plugins (+ demo versions of commercial plugins) which work [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 131
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Hickory Chair Factory Tour: Day One
The most fun part of visting Hickory Chair were the factory tours which we quickly learned were as much about the people who make the furniture as it was the furniture being made. More than [...] Read »
Oregon's 150th at AIA Center for Architecture
Tonight's First Thursday walk will mark the opening of "150 Years of Oregon Architecture" at the American Institute of Architects/Portland chapter's Center for Architecture in the Pearl District [...] Read »
National Donut/Doughnut Day is today so celebrate yerself in a manner you find befitting.Image ganked from American Greetings website somewhere (via the Google), go buy a card from them and support [...] Read »
City & Urbanism
Urban Studies Conference Alerts provides a useful list of opportunities to present your research. But the list is dominated by international events. Can we create (crowdsourcing?) a similar list [...] Read »
Linsdale Residence by Herbst Architects
Parametric Design Workshop HTWK Leipzig
[...] Read »
Waterpod Demonstrates Self-Sufficient, Sustainable Living
These days, green is the name of the game. There has never been so much interest in the ecological impact of buildings as there is today. This is not a negligible fact in the struggle to control [...] Read »
Water, Water Everywhere
Venice is truly a wonder.  Words don’t do it justice.  Photos don’t do it justice.  So it looks like you’ll have to make a visit.  But I’ll use a few words and a handful of [...] Read »
blog wunderlust: 05 June 2009
The blog wunderlust is a weekly round up summarizing the architectural highlights, news and web links, that don't otherwise fit the format of this blog. If you have any to share feel free to [...] Read »
PaD Shanghai: 130
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No Room for the Inn: Mondrian Stateless; Waterview "Worthless"
Two stories this week in Crain's Chicago Business underscored how the current slump in hotel fortunes is affecting the city's architecture. On Wednesday, Crain's reported that it's now official: [...] Read »
from Inhabit
RESIDENCE: Studio 804’s Off-Grid House
Designing and building a LEED Platinum house is reason enough for us to take notice. When the house is also the work of graduate students at the University of Kansas and it is designed to function [...] Read »
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PREFAB FRIDAY: “Box Office” Shipping Container Office
Thinking inside of the box may become the newest trend for creative thinkers thanks to this new 12-unit office and studio building called the “Box Office.” Constructed of 32 shipping containers, [...] Read »