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Gehry dropped for Ellerbe Beckett
The developer of Atlantic Yards, Bruce C. Ratner scrapped Mr. Gehry�s plans for the Barclays Center arena primarily for economic reasons. The $4 billion project has been hobbled by lawsuits, [...] Read »
Caroma Dual-Flush Colonial Toilet
Forest Classics Portable Cabins
What happened to the Office of Urban Policy? After 100 days, Obama�s shiny-new dream for our cities is looking more like a bureaucratic nightmare. theRoot Read »
Harvest Architecture seeking Intermediate Architect in South Pasadena, CA Harvest Architecture is looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic, Intermediate Project Architect, who can work with [...] Read »
Press release: See Crown Hall in a Whole New Light Lighting Crown Hall · Thursday, June 11 · 9pm – midnight 3360 South State Street Lawn outside S. R. Crown Hall Free public outdoor event [...] Read »
"EPA scientists are worried that they don't have enough information about potential health risks from chemicals in the rubber material, which is popular because it decreases playground injuries [...] Read »
Industrial Antiques
on the boards:  Vlaamse Baaien 2100
The Vlaamse Baaien 2100 is a proposal for a series of new islands along the North sea, extending across the French and Dutch boundaries of the Belgian coast. The island belt when complete will [...] Read »
Brussels snapshots | La Femme & Parking58
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Ascending a stair - in Thom Mayne / Morphosis' Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Caltech in Pasadena
In mainly conservative Pasadena, a town with many red tile Mediterranean-style roofs, you see it from afar: Thom Mayne and Morphosis' building on the campus of Caltech. This being Pasadena Mayne [...] Read »
A Great Show and a Great Storyteller:  Tim Samuelson on the art of John T. McCutcheon today at 12:15
Here's a show you shouldn't miss: The Cartoons of John T. McCutcheon: Chronicles of A Changing World , at the Chicago Cultural Center through September 27th. The Pulitzer-Prize-winning artist, [...] Read »
I was stopped today by a news article that suggested that GM would require its surviving dealerships to sign "participation agreements" governing the quality and character of their stores. The [...] Read »
Interiors and Furniture
Future Perfect 2009
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gaa architects
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‘404 H’ by Stefan Diez for Thonet
Colo concept merges the dishwasher with the sink
Buckminster Knows 055
I tend to easily forget how much I enjoy Gothic Cathedrals. Lincoln Cathedral (1280). I have always held and am prepared against all evidence to maintain that the cathedral of Lincoln is out [...] Read »
Apple's 2nd Beijing store to use classic Chinese design
An architect's portfolio has purportedly revealed a very different design Apple's second retail store for China's capital city -- one that would embrace ancient traditions while thriving on the [...] Read »
My Verona
We all know of Verona thanks to “Romeo and Juliet” but trust me when I tell you there’s more to the city than the story of those star-crossed lovers.  It’s a beautiful city situated [...] Read »
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Umm el-Fahem Museum for Contemporary Arab Art | SO Architecture
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Last projects of Achitecture Office "ODU Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism" Read »
Ravelo Medical Clinic | gpy arquitectos
This small outpatient clinic is located in the town of Ravelo, a small community in a distinctively rural environment that occupies an outstanding hillside position, on the island of Tenerife.The [...] Read »
A Steel Prefab Treads Lightly on a Desert Floor
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Australian architect Andrew Maynard , previously profiled UpStart and ShowCase , and one of my personal favorite residential architects, has shared with us a recently completed house in Anglesea, [...] Read »
Colleges Look to the Light in LED Technology
Le Moyne College, in particular, is experimenting with LED bulb replacements that fit into the standard 2-by-4 fixtures one sees in every office. Read »
An Indiana University vice president is retiring after six presidencies and 661 construction projects. Read »
Renovation: A Modern Science Facility in Victorian Garb
The aim was to preserve the Victorian Gothic character of the campus while creating a modern science facility that meets LEED sustainability standards. Read »
In Her Shoes
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Maison Equis by Barclay and Crousse Architecture
AEG-Electrolux auto-cook oven
KCET Local: Departures L.A. River
KCET teamed up with Friends of the LA River and the Los Angeles Leadership Academy, to produce Departures L.A. River . Journey with them down the 52-mile stretch of the L.A. River Read »
We know you love the gossip. AN aims to satisfy that itch in print, online, East Coast, West Coast, whatever, wherever, whenever. So here comes Eavesdrop to our blog so you can get it faster, [...] Read »
Cubic Woodstove / Fireplace from Wittus
More Bonaire beach houses by Piet Boon Studio
from Inhabit
Sony Ericsson Debuts New Eco-Phones: C901 and Naite
There were whispers all week that Sony Ericsson would be releasing a line of eco-friendly cellphones today - and it turns out that the rumors were true. The telecom giant debuted 2 new green [...] Read »
on the boards: Embassy of Finland, Tokyo
Lahdelma + Mahlamaki Architects , has taken first prize in the invited architectural competition for the design of the Finnish Tokyo Embassy in Japan arranged by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. [...] Read »
Building Outline.
image by helmut k. lackner Switzerland is the country of direct democracy. Citizens have the rights to challenge the government's decisions and may overturn parliamentary decisions. Likewise, [...] Read »
Stephanie Brooks
See Stephanie Brooks' website Read »
As architecture firms struggle through the recession many are diversifying their service offerings. LA-based Marmol Radziner has made a smart move in it's new Marmol Radziner Shops venture, [...] Read »
The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada just announced the recipients of the 2009 RAIC Awards of Excellence. Bustler Read »
Drinks, Dancing, and DIY
The Architectural League’s Beaux Arts Ball 2009 this Saturday night has a dress code, but not the kind you might expect. “No stilettos please,” warns the invite, because in addition [...] Read »
Maison M by Barclay and Crousse Architecture
Midwest Wildflower Seed Bombs
If you're like many architects out there right now... work is slow and connections are more important than ever. No better time to get out and network! Here are some suggestions this week for [...] Read »
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There is Taste that is bad because it is defined by people who conform to or are active within a given taste (taste here being distinct from sensibility, since many tastes can together form an [...] Read »
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Seoul Performing Arts Center | dmp Architects
Korea-based dmp Architects has proposed an iconic building for Seoul Performing Arts Center located in Nodul Island, Seoul, Korea. The goal of the project is to bring a new life to Han River [...] Read »
Living and working in a Turin warehouse
Piet Boon's Kas Bonchi on Bonaire is for rent
Not to worry. The era of marine communities springing up with Toll Brothers-like efficiency is years away. NYT Read »
LA architecture firm Marmol Radziner founded their own fabrication shops to fulfill their high quality custom wood and metal modern designs in-house. Now they are offering these custom services [...] Read »
Aliens left another calling card? Read »
Daybed roundup
Sunsquare: architecture for shade
Architectural Works
GR House / Bernardes Jacobsen
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Eric Ku - Chair/Chair
Designer, or better described as an 'ideaist' Eric Ku has designed a chair made of the letters that make the word chair. His other work includes a pornographic coloring book and a remote control shark fin..... Read »
The Haworth Merchandise Mart showroom was chosen as one of 104 projects to participate in the U.S. Green Building Council’s nationwide LEED-CI pilot program. In 2005, the Haworth showroom became [...] Read »
Yazdani Studio - Ordos Villa
Los Angeles based Yazdani Studio's Ordos Villa for the Ordos 100 project in Mongolia is a triangular house with a central courtyard. From one corner the width disappears and it has a very slim [...] Read »
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House in Binningen by Luca Selva Architects
Basel firm Luca Selva Architects have completed a house for an art collector in Binningen, Switzerland. Read »
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Benozzo Gozzoli Museum by Massimo Mariani
Italian architects Massimo Mariani have completed the Benozzo Gozzoli Museum in Castelfiorentino, Italy. Read »
Talca Hotel & Casino / Rodrigo Duque Motta + Rafael Hevia García-Huidobro
[...] Read »
Tools for Productivity Increase
I've been researching tools for getting more out of less time and to have a more productive day, month, year, and life. If you can get a full day's work done in 3 hours, why sit around at your [...] Read »
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Praça Do Natal by ZerOgroup and Unique
Belgian architect Laurent Troost of zerOgroup in collaboration with Brazilian architects Unique have won a competition to redesign Praça Do Natal (Christmas Square) in Natal, Brazil. Read »
Research Library in Hradec Kralove / Projektil Architekti
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Andrea Salvini’s Light Filled Modern American Cabin
The cabin is an American icon - a place of retreat, relaxation, and respite. In the past, cabins have been of rough construction and hardly efficient, however this project by New York architect [...] Read »
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Tom Price’s Melted Polyester Fleece Chairs
London-born designer Tom Price was commissioned by Arts Co. to produce a piece of work for ‘From Now to Eternity’, an exhibition celebrating design, and focusing on plastic as a versatile [...] Read »
Chorong Type-2 by Joongho Choi
Joongho Choi's newest lamp designs are reinterpretations of traditional Korean 'chong-sa-chorong' lamps. Both the new and the traditional lamp are hung from a pole, the new one though is all [...] Read »
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World Wildlife Fund Builds Carbon Neutral Headquarters
The World Wildlife Fund has been making huge waves in the environmental movement since it was established five decades ago, and is now taking its mission yet another step further by applying [...] Read »
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Text-ile: Chair Made from Discarded Computer Keyboards
If you just can’t get enough of computer keyboards during the work day, the Text-ile chair might be for you. Created by designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm for UMUL 2009 (Use More, Use Less), [...] Read »
AAmp, Singapore
AAamp (architectural advertising amplifier) artistic low resolution media facade installation augmenting a commercial LED billboard. In close cooperation with WOHA architects for the A.AMP project [...] Read »
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The Zuidkas - A Sustainable City in a Skyscraper
Among the most innovative, noteworthy green designs are those which transform and upgrade ubiquitous existing structures, such as skyscrapers, by making them sustainable in composition and eco-friendly [...] Read »