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Not Your Grandmother's Hickory Chair
The original motto of Hickory Chair was "chairs made better than seems necessary" and the motto today could be "furniture made better than seems necessary." I wasn't that familiar with Hickory [...] Read »
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Atlas Obscura is a growing compendium of “out-of-the-way places that are singular, eccentric, bizarre, fantastical, and strange” from Dylan Thuras, of Curious Expedition , and Joshua Foer, [...] Read »
10 wall-mounted showers
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OLGGA’s Portable Log Cabin Conceals a Sleek Modern Interior
The mention of log cabins usually brings to mind thoughts of Abraham Lincoln chopping wood in a flannel shirt - hardly the image of sleek modern design. So, when we heard about OLGGA Architect’s [...] Read »
About 1,150 families in FEMA housing live in units the agency classifies as mobile homes and park models, which will be offered for sale at $5 and $1, respectively as a part of Katrina Housing [...] Read »
House of the Week 025: Grangegorman
Built among a row of traditional terraced housing in Ireland, the 150 sm Grangegorman residence is the home of a motor-cycle enthusiast designed by ODOS architects . The house is finished in [...] Read »
Portable Kitchen by Targa Italia
Sanna Annukka for Marimekko
Fleischmann-Ossa House by Mas y Fernández Arquitectos
I don’t usually advertise jobs on the blog but this is an opportunity to work with the Bartlett Interactive Architecture Workshop! Its a 2 year position and available for the right candidate [...] Read »
I'm Back Y'all!
I'm back from visiting Hickory Chair in North Carolina and I had a great time! If anyone has the opportunity to tour their factories, you should jump at the chance! It was such a great learning [...] Read »
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Pole Farm
(Get out your 3D glasses for this anaglyph image of the pole farm. See also this panorama . Both images by Jay Yarm .) Another testing grounds is this field of telephone poles located in Chester [...] Read »
Architectural Works
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Renewable Cork Eco-Furniture and Accessories by Corque
If you’re looking for unique home accessories that are environmentally friendly and have a clean and elegant design quality, you’ll want to check out Corque’s new collection crafted [...] Read »
House Gross / EM2N
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Ewha Univeristy’s Campus Center / Dominique Perrault
This past April, Dominique Perrault completed the campus center for Ewha University in Seoul, Korea.  The new ‘campus valley’ provides both Ewhaians and prospective female students with [...] Read »
Tham & Widegärd Hansson Arkitekter - House K
Stockholm's Tham & Widegärd Hansson Arkitekter 's House K Project is a concrete structure with a unique facade of stained black plywood panels, essentialy giant shingles. Very cool. Read »
AD Futures #7: JaJa
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Sofie Collin & Gustav Lanberg - Carpet Alarm Clock
The Carpet Alarm Clock by Sofie Collin & Gustav Lanberg follows the simple idea of getting up & out of bed to wake up. Smart, simple, excellent. via yankodesign Read »
Museum of Luz / Pedro Pacheco + Marie Clément
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University of Melbourne Architecture Building Competition: finalists announced
The University of Melbourne recently selected six finalists for the second phase of designing the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning building.  The new building will consist [...] Read »
Florida architect Sergio Santos is riding out the recession in his new $150/month, 77 sq/ft closet-turned-apartment. Santos invested $64 to convert the closet into an apartment using found materials. [...] Read »
Sprawling Los Angeles may never be considered a walking city, but this concise handbook organizes one hundred must-see architectural highlights into three downtown walkable tours and two delightful [...] Read »
Rough Poetry
Yesterday I had the opportunity to make a quick visit to Park Hill in Sheffield. Much has been written about this building lately and it was the subject of a recent BBC documentary following [...] Read »
Buckminster Knows 054
The Hadrinaeum (139) or Castel Sant'Angelo was commissioned and designed by Emperor Hadrian (76-138) as his mausoleum, but wasn't completed until one year after his death by Antonius Pius (86-161). [...] Read »
TRI:AR is a fresh thinking team of architects, designers and artists based in Kyiv City, Ukraine. The workshop focuses on contemporary architecture, interior design and urban planning. Read »
Finn Juhl
German architect Moritz Kock is among the presumed dead in recent disappearance of France Flight 447. Kock was returning from meeting with Oscar Niemeyer's office in Rio de Janeiro. LA Times Read »
The Water Menu
[Image: The water selection at Claridge's , curated by Renaud Grégoire, food and beverage director]. Note: This is a guest post by Nicola Twilley. The concept of terroir has its origins in French [...] Read »
Ultra Touch Insulation by Bonded Logic
Leeper-Bueno Residence by Briggs Knowles Architecture and Design
Modern nostalgia
Why are ruins so inherently fascinating? Is it really about rampant nostaglia? How you can be nostalgic for something you've never experienced? The romance of ruins applies equally to the creeper-strewn [...] Read »
Colleges agree to a 50-year plan to fell diseased trees and replant the Backs. King's College, Cambridge Read »
Crossing | publication
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An illustrated chronicle of the one-hundred-year transformation of a rarefied private library into an acclaimed public museum. With the 2006 opening of its expansion designed by the Renzo Piano [...] Read »
Lamino by Swedese
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Stone House Club: Spa and Restaurant
3six0 was commissioned to restore and renovate the much loved but well worn Stone House Inn in Little Compton, Rhode Island into an authentic destination hotel. The renovated project is comprised [...] Read »
Anges Poirier takes a first look inside the impressive Venice home of billionaire Fran�ois Pinault's contemporary art collection. Guardian Read »
A man who falsely called himself an architect has been fined £1,500 and ordered to pay 4,500 in costs after being pleading guilty to misusing the title architect. It is the second time David [...] Read »
Stucco Italiano: Venetian Plaster materials, training and support
Tea set by Leo Livshetz
Textured Reclaimed Wood from Stone Source
Diversity in Design: The Diversity Pipeline
to readers of architectural record this article is redundant...but i feel it only natural to post this spotlight on design education. we soooo wanted one of these in chicago. i think the thunder [...] Read »
Tracing the parallel histories of the American megachurch and the corporate-organizational complex. Triple Canopy Read »
Winners of 2009, 26 th. Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition announced. First place goes to Alessandro Gatto, Italy. Radikal , 2008 , 2007 Read »
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U.S. Largest Solar Power Facility Approved for Austin
Texas is famous for having the biggest of everything, from the biggest capitol in the nation, to the largest population of livestock cattle. And while one may not immediately think of Texas as [...] Read »
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Pyramid Farm: Vertical Agriculture for 2060
The Pyramid Farm is an incredible concept for the future of agriculture envisioned by professors Eric Ellingsen and Dickson Despommier. The design is based on the growing belief (is it fact yet?) [...] Read »
Aurora by Kyeok Kim
Last week we had a glimpse of Kyeok Kim's Soap Rings , a concept that is designed to create a second skin through scent. Aurora, Kim's line of lighting, has been designed to provide a different [...] Read »
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Pitched to be this year’s most talked-about climate change film, The Age of Stupid is a new movie from director Franny Armstrong (of McLibel) and producer John Battsek (of One Day In September). [...] Read »
Riverdale preservationists offer alternative design that saves Doyle building
Preserve Riverdale, the grassroots group that came together in an effort to save the A.E. Doyle-designed (with later contributions from the great Pietro Belluschi) Riverdale School, lost a potential [...] Read »
03 Chair by Vitra
House with Crest by EASTERN design office
Inside a pier somewhere in Malm�, Nils-Petter L�fstedt and Erik Vestman created a room . Perhaps you have walked on it. Surely you would never have guessed that underneath the stone and concrete [...] Read »
On 7 July, a memorial to the 52 people who died in London in the 7/7 suicide bombings of 2005 will be unveiled in Hyde Park. It has been designed by Kevin Carmody (34) and Andrew Groarke (38) [...] Read »
The RIAI has announced that the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has appointed Richard Humphreys as Chairperson of the Admissions Board and Cliona Kimber as Chairperson [...] Read »
Mod Moroccan Cement Tiles by Popham Design
Beckel Canvas Products
bear with me, any exclusively design oriented friends. here's another tangential post about how i process things in my world-view and filter through my identity as a designer, educator, reformer [...] Read »
My friend JoAnn Locktov had fun at ICFF...
Balconies and Eaves, Laurel and Hardy in Chicago and Madrid
Our roving correspondent, architect Iker Gil of MAS Studio , brings to our attention this striking building in Madrid . . . which, of course, puts us in mind of a slightly taller Chicago variant, [...] Read »
Edwin Heathcote samples a cocktail of the fun and the functional at an exhibition of designs aimed at lightening or enhancing the everyday experience of London�s streets. Read »
U. of California at San Francisco Opens Lab Building Designed by Rafael Vinoly
A San Francisco Chronicle critic says that the building is more successful inside than out. Read »
New Building: A Community College's Library Is Also the Community's
The building is not only a library and classroom building for the college, but also a branch of the Elyria, Ohio, public library. Read »
Due: August 14, 20095pmCleveland Public Arts Office1951 W 26th St. #101Call For EntriesSee Also is an annual program of the Cleveland Public Library in partnership with Cleveland Public Art that [...] Read »