Articles from 16/04/2014:

Architectural Works
Sasanbell and Cooper Cromar to Design £200m Exhibition Center in Aberdeen
Sasanbell  and  Cooper Cromar  have been chosen to design the UK's "most sustainable facility:" the Â£200 million Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre (AECC). The new center will relocate [...] Read »
Today's archidose #748
Here are some photos of SEB Bank and Pension Headquarters (2011) in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects , photographed by Ximo Michavila .To contribute your Flickr images [...] Read »
Rijksmuseum Revisited: The Dutch National Museum One Year On
The Rijksmuseum& , which reopened last year after a decade of restoration and remodelling, is a museum dedicated to “the Dutchness of Dutchness.” Pierre Cuypers, the buildings original architect, [...] Read »
Visual Arts School  / Barclay & Crousse
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VIDEO: Raising the Bar in Desk Design
It seems to be part of the architects daily life: hunching over drawing or model making, uncomfortably crouching to try get that perfect shot through your 1:100 model. Javier Cuñado, designer [...] Read »
When Buildings React: An Interview with MIT Media Lab’s Joseph Paradiso
Not so far in the future, smartphones and laptops will go the way of the beeper and fax machine, fading into obsolescence. Soon, according to MIT Media Labs Joseph Paradiso, we will interface [...] Read »
Itatiba Residence / RoccoVidal P+W
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Architecture Critic Inga Saffron Wins Pulitzer
The Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic  Inga Saffron  has won journalism’s most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize, for her “distinguished criticism of architecture that [...] Read »
AD Classics: New York State Pavillion / Philip Johnson
It is rare to find an architectural project whose history makes such strange bedfellows as the New York State Pavilion: a master architect and millions of exhibition patrons, roller skaters and [...] Read »
Ambient 30 60 – YAP CONSTRUCTO 2014 / UMWELT
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Housing Laimburggasse / Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten
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View Terrace and Pavilion / Didzis Jaunzems  + Laura Laudere  + Jaunromans and Abele
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Youth-Club Extension  / Bernd Zimmermann Architekten
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MIT’s Thresholds Launches New Website
In time with the release of the 42nd issue,  Human,  Thresholds Journal — MIT’s peer-reviewed journal of art, architecture and culture — has launched a new website. The new  [...] Read »
Architecture Studio in Wujigeng Building / ISO workshop
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Maroin Office Building / Architects Group RAUM
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Tyree Energy Technologies Building / Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp
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from dezeen
Villa Kettukallio by Playa Architects provides a woodland holiday home
A clay-based black paint forms a protective layer across the facade of this woodland cabin in Finland , designed by Playa Architects as the second home for a Finnish family living abroad (+ slideshow). [...] Read »
Christoph Gielen’s “Ciphers”: Aerial Views of American Sprawl
From the Publisher. Christoph Gielen’s aerial views offer a look at America’s most aberrant and unusual sprawl forms in ways we usually don’t get to see them: from far above the ground—a [...] Read »
Carozzi Production and Research Food Center / GH+A | Guillermo Hevia
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Missed the Blood Moon? Watch the Event Unfold Through NASA’s Stunning Footage
On the off chance that you weren’t one of the many people who stayed up late to watch the blood moon, NASA has got you covered with a video of the crimson event. Last night an event known as [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Injectable Oxygen Particles Could Be the Only Way to Breathe in a World Smothered By Air Pollution
There's nothing more satisfying or more cleansing than sucking in a deep breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, clean air is increasingly hard to find. Cities, especially in quickly industrializing [...] Read »
University of Utah names new architecture dean
University of Kansas faculty member Keith Diaz Moore has been selected as the next dean of the the University of Utah's College of Architecture and Planning, university officials announced Monday. [...] Read »
New York City’s Vision Zero Arrives on Atlantic Avenue with “Arterial Slow Zones”
Vision Zero is coming to Brooklyn and Queens Atlantic Avenue. Nearly eight miles of the notoriously dangerous thoroughfare will be transformed into the first of 25 planned “arterial slow zones.” [...] Read »
Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands
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Winning Moved to Care Design Brings Mobile Healthcare to Southeast Asia
A team of American architects and public health professionals has won an international competition to design a mobile health center for impoverished communities in Southeast Asia. The Moved to [...] Read »
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Green Public and Residential Space Merge in Sydney’s Loopy Infinity by Crown Skyscraper
Infinity by Crown is a new multi-residential complex in Sydney that uses pedestrian movement and traffic flow around the building to create a fluid architectural form. Designed by Koichi Takada [...] Read »
from Inhabit
Forming part of the Future Food District project curated by Carlo Ratti Associati, the Urban Algae Canopy marks the culmination of six years worth of research. A custom designed ETFE cladding [...] Read »
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To dispel the image of shipping container architecture as cramped and uncomfortable, Room11 painted the interior bone-white to create the illusion of space. Abundant floor-to-ceiling glazing [...] Read »
One of the finest examples of French Neoclassical interior architecture in the United States
Neo-Classicism as a style made its real debut in the 1760s after several stillbirths...By the late 1770s, neo-Classicism had evolved into the graceful iteration we see in the Salon, and with [...] Read »
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Hybrid Skylys Flying Car is an Electric Vehicle, Helicopter and Plane Rolled Into One
The dream of flying cars dates back to the 1960s when the animated series "The Jetsons" envisioned a future where these airborne vehicles dominate the sky. In the past few years the flying car [...] Read »
Review> If/Then, the Musical, Follows the Life of an Urban Planner
If/Then Richard Rogers Theater 226 West 46th Street, New York Scheduled to play through October 12, 2014 THINK OF EACH PLAZA, PIER, AND PUBLIC PARK— HOW MANY SIT THERE EMPTY, LONELY, DARK— [...] Read »
Coming Soon to MoMA, Lots of Knocking Next Door
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Wheelwright Prize 2014 finalists announced
Seven finalists have been announced for the Wheelwright Prize 2014 . Established by Harvard GSD in 1935, the prize awards a $100,000 travel-based research grant to an early-career architect worldwide [...] Read »
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James Dyson Wants to Use His Famous Vacuum Technology to Clean Rivers
Beneath their spotless surfaces, rivers are often incredibly filthy and not particularly easy to clean up. After all, you can’t just bust out your vacuum and suck up all of the debris lingering [...] Read »
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Open-Source Self-Replicating FoldaRap 3D Printer Prints Objects On the Go
The FoldaRap open-source 3D printer can be folded to fit into your rucksack and prints objects on the go. French designer Emmanuel Gilloz developed the 140x140x140mm device over the course of [...] Read »
A Home That is Heated and Cooled Organically
A team of students at Waseda University in Japan have constructed a prototype for a house that can be heated by composting straw. They dubbed the dwelling the “Recipe for Life” house. Using [...] Read »
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Glow-in-the-Dark ‘Smart Highways’ Replace Street Lights in the Netherlands
Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced standard street lighting on a 500 meter stretch of highway in The Netherlands. This project is the first stage of a concept first [...] Read »
China censors sci-fi film about Hong Kong's political and social anxieties
The video reveals Hong Kongers anxieties over political and social issues, such as their increasingly crowded and materialist city and the growing numbers of mainlanders since the city's transfer [...] Read »
Corporate Design: An Energizer Versus an Eyesore
The rivalry between the South Korean tech giants Samsung and LG isn't just played out over sales of smartphones and curved television screens. Both companies are building new American headquarters, [...] Read »
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NYC’s Homeless Are Turning the Manhattan Bridge into a Makeshift Village
It looks like some of New York's homeless are trading in their ground-level digs for ones with better views. According to the New York Post, the Manhattan Bridge has become a mini shanty town [...] Read »
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NL Architects' mixed-use shopping center comprises three major layers: a network of SOHO (small office) spaces, a residential program, and approximately 100,000 square feet of retail space. Vankely's [...] Read »
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Could a Monster El Niño Wreck Havoc in 2014?
El Niño become infamous when it killed an estimated 23,000 people and caused tens of billions of dollars worth of damage in 1997 and 1998 - and according to scientists, we could experience another [...] Read »
Inquirer's architecture critic Inga Saffron wins Pulitzer Prize for criticism
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0 bths, 1 br – great views! Vagrants hole up on Manhattan Bridge
One of the coffin-sized living spaces  which have been built into the bridge frame near the Manhattan entrance  is secured with a flimsy bike lock and bolted to a metal beam by its inhabitant. [...] Read »
Boris Johnson must build a proper case for transforming London's skyline
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American Academy in Rome Announces the 2014-2015 Rome Prize Winners
The American Academy in Rome has announced the winners of the 118th annual Rome Prize Competition at a festive ceremony in New York City. Among many other fields, the two 2014-15 Rome Prize winners [...] Read »
David Chipperfield, Rebuild by Design finalists, and AIA Housing Award recipients are among this week's winners
Every Monday, we highlight some of the most recent competition-winning projects, commissions, and awards on Bustler from the previous week that we think are worth checking out. Here's Recap #4 [...] Read »
Connecting Cities Network
from Inhabit
Designed by SCAD fibers alumna Trish Andersen, SCADpad Europe is clad in large wooden panels painted with a diamond pattern and vibrant blue lacquer finish. The SCADpad roof is covered with scalloped [...] Read »
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Studio Makkink & Bey designed a cheese maker for Imperfect Design, which consists of 9 different elements crafted of wood, ceramics, copper, and iron, respectively. The designers worked with [...] Read »
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Architecture for a Change: Cooking Up Community Spirit in Zandspruit, Johannesburg
Johannesburg-based architecture firm Architecture for a Change helped to create a low-cost community bakery in the Zandspruit region. Comprised of several friends who met at school, the firm [...] Read »
The Siblings Lighting by Frederik Delbart